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‘Saint Cecilia’ Waterhouse 1895 {{PD-Art}}

For your Saturday, from ECLIPSE:

The 25th sees Mars most active body, with a sesquiquadrate to Vesta and a trine to Neptune. After yesterday, today may seem downright tranquil–but don’t be deceived–it’s really easy to be when our egos are so open to the potentials of fantasy and delusion. The ‘I Am’ may have a hard time today accepting that our most sacred values just. cannot. be. compromised–and some of us will surely figuratively die trying.

And then on Sunday:

The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:59 AM PDT of the 26th.

Immediately upon entering Capricorn the Moon  quincunxes the South Node, then by 9 AM PDT  has placed herself at the midpoint of the Mars-Neptune trine (not yet perfected). We get intuitive info about how to act to fulfill our dreams, but we’re under a kind of warning about following an emotional lead: it will result in the same results we got in the past. This says that we’ve not altered our accustomed means of operating sufficiently to make dreams a reality. This is both putting us on notice (that what we’re doing won’t get us where we want to go) and that we are not viewing our choices as consciously as possible at this time.

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