All About Juno

The Queen of Olympus reflected in real-life roles


His Juno on Her Ascendant

On Juno/ Venus synastry (and a lot more!)

Chiron/ Juno, and a little bit o’Aries

Juno in the charts of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

An Open Letter on Juno and Marriage

Juno in Relationship, an overview with an example


At last! A book on this major asteroid that covers natal meaning for both women and men, and synastry in relationships–contents include:

What Does Juno Want? / The Nature of Natal Juno: Empowerment from Within / The Formation of Juno Energies: the Female Point of View /   The Birth of a Co-operative Arrangement: Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus /  What Juno Means to a Woman, and the 300 Year Honeymoon /  Juno House Associations, and the Empowerment Role Within Partnership /  Juno as a Social Archetype /  Juno’s Symbols /  Juno’s Historic Meanings /   Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Woman’s Chart /   Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Man’s Chart /  Juno Interaction with Other Energies /  Juno in Aspect, Within a Woman’s Natal Chart and Within a Man’s Natal Chart /   Some examples: Juno in Action /   Juno in Relationship / Synastry: Juno in Cross-Chart Aspect /  Juno and Transits /  Juno in Role Definition /  Juno and Anger, Rage, and Vengeance /  Attitudes Toward Power: Key Concepts PLUS  an Internet Reprint:  ’Juno: of Dandies and Dictators’

102 pages, PDF, emailed to you within 12 hours of purchase, $13.95 USD
Order here

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