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Walk confidently this year, Pisces. Jonathan Borofsky (US-American, born 1942): Walking to the Sky, New York City, Rockefeller Center; moved to Dallas, Texas in 2005 Photo by doreen from Shanghai, China  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Walk confidently this year, Pisces. Jonathan Borofsky (US-American, born 1942): Walking to the Sky, New York City, Rockefeller Center; moved to Dallas, Texas in 2005 Photo by doreen from Shanghai, China Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Emotional vulnerability, and especially the changes and destruction it can cause, will be a big focus for you this coming year, through to your next birthday, dear Pisces. Though that might make for very tenuous going, it can also offer you new information and new ways of connecting with the world–and that’s something to be welcomed. Go forward confidently–your inner wisdom (if you listen to it!) will be flawless, though you should prepare (if that’s even possible) to deal with matters surrounding home, mate, and your highest values and commitments, in a kind of sorting out and reckoning that will bring you out the other side with a new perspective and no doubts about where you stand. And that’s really good. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!

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Original uploaded by James1011R (Transferred by Ukexpat) Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Original uploaded by James1011R (Transferred by Ukexpat) Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

The early part of your upcoming year, through to your next birthday, dear Pisces, is likely to be spent waiting, planning, imagining, and if you can get yourself together for it, creating–all with the sense that something big could drop anytime–and you’ll be right. It may take a little course-correction, specifically in the way you contact the social sphere and/ or expand your territory, but once done, you could see things take on major proportions. Be ready: there will be some big changes (there will have to be!) and you may be unclear how you feel about developments (or think you feel one way when you really feel another) for a long time to come. Use the calm before the storm (or really, before the shift) wisely, and keep ultimate values in mind (in other words, sometimes there are things more important than ambition fulfillment) and you should do very well in the year ahead. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!

Scroll down if you’re looking for material on the recent Solar eclipse. Thanks!

Total Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015: Eclipse of the Gods



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Gustave Doré 'Andromeda' 1869 {{PD}}

Gustave Doré ‘Andromeda’ 1869 {{PD}}

Moment of meeting of the Sun and Moon occurs at 2:37 AM PDT of the 20th at 29 Pisces 27, with the eclipse officially beginning just a hair after. The New Moon makes a wide sextile to Ceres, and a square to Pallas, which fills in the base of a Fist of God, apex Jupiter, and also creates a T-square with the Sun-Moon/ Earth axis; a panoply of ancient gods are involved, each having a say in what is born at this time, each contact suggesting that what came before with that energy is eclipsed, wiped out, or superseded. The NM is a conception point, the placement of which (in the 29th degree) signals that a new beginning is coming at a point of supreme stress; things must reach maximum tension in order for the new beginning to form at all. That means that some who are able to avoid that point of nearly unbearable strain may not receive the kind of wipe-out and new start that those who almost drown (this is a Water event, after all) will; theirs may be much more subtle, with changes playing out over the six months between this event and the next Solar eclipse.

The change is gentle with Ceres, which represents our personal authority, power, territory, a somewhat maternal inclination to overstep boundaries, and our capacity to negotiate (which at least in part rests in our own confidence; someone frightened or powerless surrenders or attacks—someone personally empowered negotiates). We adjust our boundaries, perhaps re-assign territories or re-claim some of our own, and we may take a step back (or forward) concerning relationships where caretaking and responsibility lie at least somewhat in our sphere. Too, the presence of Ceres in the equation can suggest that Nature itself will exert an influence, whether through external circumstances (flood or fires, for instance) or internal ones (such as hormonal changes, diet, or illness/ imbalance), and that these will play into events.

The T that Pallas forms with the Sun-Moon/ Earth is naturally tense; it takes the stress of a Solar eclipse, ups the ante with the event forming at 29 degrees, and then challenges the entire event with a question: Is this wise? The ‘this’ refers to whatever previous guidelines we navigated by and the way the eclipse brings them into question, or even obliterates them, proving them unwise or currently untenable. Pallas is in Sagittarius, so may imply that new information, facts, or exposure to another way of being or doing turns our ‘wisdom world view’ on its head; there’s also the chance that Pallas refers to practical or skill-based options that change with the eclipse event. Acquisition of new knowledge or skills may make old ones obsolete or make something that was once practical no longer so.

Remember, Pallas is a Warrior by birth, so we may come out fighting at the suggestion that what we thought was wise really isn’t, anymore; being nothing so much as skilled means that Pallas, after the first aggressive response, will likely look to her skill set to handle what comes forward. Realizing that even wisdom can be conditional, or can change with circumstances, is important in dealing with the kind of curve-ball the T will throw at us.

Pallas is also part of the base of the Fist; the T and the Fist may address two different Pallas in Sag related matters or may speak of just one that has several facets. A Fist of God can be as harsh as it sounds—it can represent a hard situation or conflict (the base square) that results in the apex, and whether that’s a positive outcome or a further frustration is often up to us. In this case, with the eclipse itself square Pallas as the initiating tension, we will likely see a New Moon event that challenges our ideas of wisdom and practicality (much like with the T), but the difference will be that resolution of this particular upset will either offer us entré to a wider social circle, will bring acquisition of new knowledge, philosophy, or belief, or could offer opportunity—the problem being that this may be forced on us, and feel more like punishment than a positive!

Jupiter is of course the supreme god, at least as far as those who gather on Mt. Olympus are concerned. As significator of the Fist outcome, this may suggest we feel very much at the mercy of some larger entity, something like society, which seems to call all the shots. It’s vital to remember at this time that this is a perception only; we are still able to fashion our individual choices and responses independent of the social sphere, should we truly want to—but making that choice holds consequences that we must be prepared to accept, should we go our own way.

This is an excerpt from the Solar eclipse article in ECLIPSE. Of course, we’re in Dark of the Moon territory right now, with Luna still to contact (by conjunction) Vesta, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron before the Solar event–and that may mean a lot of restless energy, whispers just below hearing, looking for a place to express. This can be a very creative time, for those open to manifesting the urge that usually remains quiet in the unconscious–it’s accessible now; it’s as if we’re able to see into the dark corners of the mind, sensing things, with no need for direct illumination–take a look, see what’s in there.

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PA Renoir ‘Girl with a Jump Rope (Portrait of Delphine LeGrand)’ 1878 {{PD}}

You know what to do, dear Pisces, the question is, Will you be wise enough to do it? You may hesitate to go forward for a variety of reasons, but you can’t go far wrong if you 1) stay attuned to your inner guidance system, even when it tells you something you don’t want to hear, and 2) keep your highest values in mind at all times. This latter condition will be the most difficult and the most vital, since to neglect what really matters to you could mean that home, mate, or important causes move on without you–and nobody wants that. This may be a more quiet year than most, where the action is largely internal; the biggest external demand, though, may be a significant one, where skills and their practical application may be tested repeatedly. You do get a bonus in the form of an opportunity to heal some significant wound related to the ambition and desire picture–and that’s all good. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!

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Your year won't exactly be a picnic, Pisces. George Goodwin Kilburne 'The Picnic' c1900 {{PD}}

Your year won’t exactly be a picnic, Pisces. George Goodwin Kilburne ‘The Picnic’ c1900 {{PD}}

Doing what’s smart and/ or practical, acquiring key skills, and becoming more attuned to instinct all seem to be your goals this coming year, dear Pisces, through to your next birthday, and whether those goals spring from previous problems or a desire to fine-tune the direction you’re headed doesn’t really matter–they’re worthy aims, no matter what. Don’t expect a lot of fanfare, though; this is slated to be a fairly quiet year for you, one where you can make a lot of progress if you’re content to put your head down and work. Of course, it’s not all grim effort, though there will be one or more occasions where matters of Love or Money will take what feel like fated turns. Too, matters of the Houses in the Natal Chart ruled by Venus may at some point reach crisis mode, and it may take significant attention to work them out. Still, you can end this relatively unglamorous Solar year at your next Return much stronger, more personally powerful, with complete understanding of how the world works so that you become a kind of Force of Nature–now that’s something to look forward to! Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!

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'The three Daughters of King Lear' by Gustav Pope CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons uploaded by Guerrace01

‘The three Daughters of King Lear’ by Gustav Pope CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons uploaded by Guerrace01

Power relationships in your world, and the level and reach of your personal authority, may be on the agenda for consideration, development, and change this coming year, dear Pisces. Also prominent: who nurtures who, what is really your territory and what belongs to others, and the fine art of negotiation, which you may need to practice repeatedly, through to your next birthday. If you aren’t someone who is hyper-aware of power arrangements now, you will be by the time this year is over. Also vital: learning the role instincts can play for you to not just survive but thrive, and what I can only describe as ‘emotional restraint’, where you will over time fine tune your emotional control and by doing so learn a great deal about what real power looks like. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!

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Anthonis Leemans - 'Hunting gear, Still Life'  17th century Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Anthonis Leemans – ‘Hunting gear, Still Life’ 17th century Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

What is that thing that’s been bothering you, dear Pisces? It’s been hovering around the edge of your consciousness but you can’t seem to grasp it. It may end up tormenting you for a good part of the coming year, through to your next birthday, but that’s really a good thing, as it will prompt you to learn about yourself, specifically about those things in your ‘blind spot’, which is the internal ‘place’ that influences actions and thought but where you can’t perceive that this influences is occurring, but others can. It will also cause you to get on better terms with your instincts–perhaps helping you trust them more, as well as helping you sort them from thoughts and wish-fulfillment–and all this will also aid in you dedicating your life energies to causes, to home creation, or to supporting the mate, in a way and to an extent you never have before. It’s going to be a busy year, Pisces–and a last bit of advice: the emotions are likely to be an early warning system for what’s wise and what’s not–listen to them. Happy Birthday, and good luck!

What You’re Asking–Mermaids, Mercury’s Birth, and Peacocks–Delicious!



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John William Waterhouse - 'Mermaid' {{PD}}

John William Waterhouse – ‘Mermaid’ {{PD}}

This is a re-print I thought you might find interesting, as it talks about both the Fist of God, a config involved in the upcoming Solar eclipse, and about the effects of an eclipse that conjuncts the natal South Node. ‘What You’re Asking’ is taken from search terms (shown in italics) used to bring seekers to this site, and I’ve modified the Full Moon answer below to reflect the next one that we’ll see, a Lunar eclipse.

mermaids and full moon

Let’s answer this one first, as an excuse to use that beautiful Waterhouse portrait of a mermaid: of course they exist, and if you’re lucky enough to see one, it’ll probably be under a Full Moon–just seems right. The next one comes at 5 April, 5:06 AM Pacific time, and falls at 14 Libra 24. Find the perfect beach, then when the day comes stake it out (you’ll be ‘up with the fishes’!) preferably with a picnic and someone you love to keep you company, and wait for the magic to happen.

astrology fist of god

A configuration where the base is two or more bodies square each other, with all base components sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) from the apex body. Typically this presents as an initial conflict between the base energies that, once resolved (or at least is brought to some kind of equilibrium) then results in another hurdle, described by the conflict between the disparate points of view of the base bodies and the apex body–so we officially have three viewpoints to juggle, and possibly to blend/ resolve. Often this generates both intense internal tension and stressful outward situations, and just as with a ‘regular’ square, we can’t ignore that initial clash of the base energies–they demand attention, and once they’ve gotten some, the apex energy makes demands, and this is so whether we’ve successfully resolved the base energies or not. We can really feel it’s being piled on when a Fist of God (some prefer Thor’s Hammer) is activated, but the thing to remember is this: don’t let the stress run the show; nine times out of ten, a Fist presents issues that are in some essential way unresolvable (at least, if formed or activated by transit, unresolvable in the moment and solely by you), and you’ll gain a great deal by taking a step back and recognizing that this may be a riddle that, right now, has no totally satisfying answer.

Pluto square Saturn

As a natal aspect, this is weighty; it pits the darkest and most powerful personal elements of the Self against the personal elements most slavish to custom, fearful of authority, locked into rules, hidebound, and conventional. The alchemical nature of Pluto requires almost constant change, either through destruction and resurrection or replacement, or through transformation, while Saturn is all about keeping things just as they’ve always been. So, we’re likely to see this clash as a recurring theme in the life of someone who has this in the horoscope, and this is likely to express with the individual balancing the two awkwardly (gently committing a little more to one or the other) until something forces an impossible choice or requires the two factors to work together–and the energies can be reconciled, if the individual knows both her or his own power (Pluto) and is firmly in touch with reality (Saturn) and as well has mastered at least a modicum of Self-discipline (also Saturn). We can’t overlook the fact that this unites two or more Houses of the natal chart, the ones with Scorpio and Capricorn (and possibly Aquarius, as Saturn was its ancient ruler) on the cusp; the nature of this connection will be one where some of the matters of the Houses will face this same status quo vs. regeneration challenge, possibly repeatedly, until the individual reaches a final, working relationship between the two energies, giving neither one short-shrift in the life.

pallas in scorpio

As a natal placement, this promises that one’s internalized wisdom is deep; there may be a sense of intuitive ‘knowing’ from an early age. Guidance may spring from getting to know darkness (one’s own or the workings of darkness within the world), and from a strong sense of curiosity, the kind that will research fearlessly for the answer. The person with this placement may understand emotion and the wisdom behind its expression, or may glean knowledge from emotional experience, and Pallas in Scorpio may have a kind of x-ray vision, seeing to the Truth of any matter. Positive manifestations show wisdom based in a thorough understanding and acceptance of the life-death-life scenario, while a negative expression could come in the form of the Evil Queen who offers others a poisoned apple (tainted guidance), out of malice, jealousy, or the desire to destroy.

peacock to eat

I just had to Google this myself; Juno prefers these majestic birds pulling her chariot, and would flip out if she saw a mortal eating the bird that represents her (which is, I think, why this query showed up at my site, due to some mention of Juno and her mascot). I was curious: do people eat peacock? There’s this, which describes preparation of peacock in medieval Europe. Of course, about half the answers that Google gave reversed the scenario, as if I’d asked what peacocks eat; the most entertaining (and somehow unnerving–who is this person?) was on Yahoo Answers: and I quote, ” i used to raise peacocks and lemme tell you they are some good eatin.” And end scene.

south node solar eclipse

This seems a very compelling event, with the power and intense energy of a Solar eclipse meeting the point in the natal chart that designates ‘the past’ (one’s memories, experiences, all that is residue of what was for the Soul). The result could be a breaking-free from old habits, obligations, or restrictions, especially those that are imposed through outdated roles or occurrences that no longer have resonance; residue of memory and the interference of others could fall away in a single instant. One could even have one’s memory wiped clean, through something as soap opera-y as amnesia or as life-changing as a stroke, or where a version of the past is removed from the life quite literally, as when a tornado destroys everything one owns. It could be much simpler, and entirely internal, as when the eclipse illuminates something from the past that has been unavailable or hidden; one finds out about one’s own adoption, perhaps, or learns of a family secret that lifts the veil on some important mental viewpoint or emotional response to their own origins or experience. There’s also the potential for actualizing all accumulated knowledge in some form that allows it to flow into the future and manifest in some wise and divine creation, as if lightning has struck all that was for the individual and crystallized it into a single, shimmering idea that one is destined to deliver to the world. Just remember to keep the orbs very tight; for this aspect I would prefer 1.5 degrees or less in variation from exact.

Juno’s response to Mercury’s birth

“It’s a bay-bee!”

(Possibly as spoken by Julia Sweeney’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ character, ‘Pat’)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Born Today 13 March


Stay as conscious as possible and getting from here to there won't be hard at all, Pisces. "Klopp Bridge at Remich 1925" by Nico Klopp {{PD}}

Stay as conscious as possible and getting from here to there won’t be hard at all, Pisces. “Klopp Bridge at Remich 1925″ by Nico Klopp {{PD}}

You may carry an enormous amount of internal emotional tension this coming year, dear Pisces, and not even realize it, so keenly will you be focused on doing what’s smart, being strong, and honoring what you truly care about. You are aiming to live an exemplary life, and that’s admirable, it’s just that, while you are gazing at the far horizon and the stars beyond, things can pile up at your feet and trip you. Even as you embrace inspiration and work toward making dreams a reality, you’ll need to watch your own emotional impulsiveness and the way it can drive flashes of temper, and you’ll need to be open to at least considering guidance offered by authorities and your own instinctive nature–both will have some valuable things to convey. Other than that, you are slated for some amazing and fate-determining Self-improvement, some of which could bring you a big lift in real-world status. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!

Born Today 12 March



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You have a lively year ahead, Pisces--be sure you get plenty of rest. 'Sleeping Girl with a Cat' (1880) Pierre-Auguste Renoir {{PD}}

You have a lively year ahead, Pisces–be sure you get plenty of rest. ‘Sleeping Girl with a Cat’ (1880)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir {{PD}}

I’ve got to hand it to you, Pisces: you are trying to live your highest values like never before. You’ve made a vow to make your life both rich with experience and aligned with all that truly matters to you–and this coming year, through to your next birthday, you’ll see the results of your efforts. Areas where you’ve excelled at translating what you honor into your surroundings, your character, and all that you do will be obvious; what will also show are areas that still need work–special notice goes to those things in your ‘blind spot’–you can learn about these by others’ reactions to you–and you may also find that you must re-assess some things you thought you’d already settled, specifically things related to expression of your personal power, what ‘territory’ really belongs to you, boundaries, especially those between yourself and your offspring (and that includes creative offspring), and in the need to negotiate, which may be something you thought you’d never need to do again. Watch temper and impulsiveness this year; also, take advantage of the emotional ‘reach’ you’ll have–your ability to learn, empathize, and expand your viewpoint through feeling has never been greater. Happy Birthday, dear Pisces, and good luck!


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