Getting in the Swing: 4 August 2015



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"To my hammer's swing / Hitherward sweep / Vapours and fogs! / Hovering mists! / Donner, your lord, summons his hosts!" Arthur Rackham  (illustrator) 'The Rhinegold & the Valkyrie'  (1910) {{PD}}

“To my hammer’s swing / Hitherward sweep / Vapours and fogs! / Hovering mists! / Donner, your lord, summons his hosts!” Arthur Rackham (illustrator) ‘The Rhinegold & the Valkyrie’ (1910) {{PD}}

Tuesday, August 4th, gaining a sense of personal effectiveness and power seems to run contrary to our beliefs and values; it’s as if what we need to do to make an impact is something we don’t really want to consider. The fact is, we may want and not understand what it will take to get it. Our desires are exaggerated, and making a beeline toward their fulfillment won’t get us the clout we’d like, either, no matter how obstacle-free the distance from ‘here’ to ‘there’ seems to be. If we pause for a moment, we realize we know the smart approach–it’s the practical one, the one for which we have the skills–and even if it doesn’t get us the flashy influence that would’ve tested our morals, it does bring us something that arises from our own understanding and wisdom–and so can bring us our wants without violating our beliefs or standards. Some will receive bursts of reward, knowledge, or praise over how they’ve shined in the world, and this can foster big changes–and those willing to see will have full access to the facts and the wise alternatives. (Vesta qnx Juno, Venus conj Jupiter both sesq Pluto, Sun trine Pallas)

Featured configuration: a Fist of God (also known as Thor’s Hammer, for Asgardians), consisting of Venus-Jupiter square Saturn, all sesquiquadrate Pluto=the reality picture for Love and/ or Money is based on facts/ what we know–that’s the only way to successfully make changes happen, at this point.

The Children of Odin The Book of Northern Myths 'The Children of Odin for the Book of Northern Myths' Padraic Colum (author) Willy Pogany (illustrator) 1916 {{PD}}

The Children of Odin The Book of Northern Myths
‘The Children of Odin for the Book of Northern Myths’ Padraic Colum (author) Willy Pogany (illustrator) 1916 {{PD}}

Working at a mad pace on the Vesta book, which just keeps growing. Thought I’d have it done by now, but since I’m acting as my own editor, well, let’s just say transiting Pluto square my Sun, and t Neptune quincunx my Mars, keeps me up at night, wondering, “Am I doing the right thing?” That same combo is likely what’s giving me some amazing dreams–I should preface this tale with the way I see words as I say (or type) them, almost like a banner that runs by. I cannot recognize a spoken word unless I have some concept of how to spell it (even if that’s a phonetic version). In this dream I was speaking a language I didn’t know, and I remember only vaguely seeing one very long word that began ‘oexti’  and ended ‘putl’. I was speaking with a man in a big feather cape, with a round hat. It felt as if something really momentous was about to happen. And then I woke up; the dream left only a lingering picture. Maybe, as has happened before, I’ll get a second installment to that dream image sometime in the future. Have a great week!


The Aquarius Full Moon July 2015: Reviving Ideals



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What has become stiff, false, unreal must be awaken and revitalized. Henri Rousseau - 'La zingara addormentata' 1920 {{PD}}

What has become stiff, false, unreal must be awakened and revitalized. Henri Rousseau – ‘La zingara addormentata’ 1920 {{PD}}

Just a side note to my readers: Blue Moons are neither astrological nor astronomical events, and so they hold no significance in these arenas; they are only a ‘thing’ because two Full Moons happen to fall in a (man-made) calendar month.

The Full Moon occurs on 31 July 2015 at 3:42 AM Pacific time at 7 Aquarius 55. Unless we allow an orb of more than 4 degrees for aspects, which we won’t, we get no contacts for this Moon. That’s okay–it places all the emphasis, and pinpoints the culmination, to matters of the House axis in the natal chart across which this Full Moon lies. We have an ending, reach a peak or goal, a revelation or understanding, in the area of the chart where Aquarius falls. We can look to the opposite House, the one that holds the Leo Sun, for some sense of where this came from, for explanation. Since the Sun is the originating light, we should be able to draw a line from those Leonine or House related circumstances that led to our Aquarian event, culmination, or ending; in the beginnings, we see the seeds of our result.

The Sabian for the Sun, the originating light, is ‘A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals’. As individuals, at some point in life we in some way rebelled from what was and declared our new goals and ideals; this is what has spurred developments along the path to today, toward the specific result we get at the Full Moon. Our own radical choices, our own idealism, our own need to be different, apart, independent, modern, or ‘new’ has compelled a particular kinetic energy through time, and here we see the outcome. We may note that the Full Moon occurs just before Venus dips back into Leo; there may be more than a little connection between this Full Moon outcome and what went down 8 years ago. What happens is no one’s responsibility but our own, born in our declaration of our values, and our insistence on letting everyone know what embodies our ideal.

The Full Moon Sabian is: ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures On Display’. The image is a little eerie, as wax can have a hauntingly translucent quality that resembles skin, but skin seen in dreams or airbrushed to downy opacity. This offers the figures a kind of mocking resemblance to living Beings, but in no way can they be confused with humans–and that may be the point: real life and living isn’t something done for display, isn’t about being ‘beautifully gowned’ to no point or effect, and this Full Moon may show us where our own version of living for the way it looks must end.

The implication is that something unusual, idealistic, radical we chose in the past led us, no matter our intentions, to a stance or way of Being that is artificial, inflexible, that is for show only–and we must let it go now. In some way what we found so perfect in the past has become something fake; we must reconnect with the inspired, wild origins of what has become lifeless, and give it life once again.

Aquarius Full Moon 31 July 2015

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Feeling Retrograde Ourselves: late July 2015



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You may feel helpless as the little figure in the tin side car. Photo by D J Shin 2010  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Thanks, DJ!

You may feel helpless as the little figure in the tin side car. Photo by D J Shin 2010 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Thanks, DJ!

Oh! Venus and Uranus are just sitting there, at 00 Virgo and 20 Aries, respectively–and if you’ve got anything in the region (no more than a degree or two either side) of 00 of the Mutables or 20 of the Cardinals, then it may have been a little like having an elephant make himself comfortable on your lap–so, not comfortable at all. Venus and the Mutable contacts (they’ll be playing the lounge at the Paramus Holiday Inn on Friday!) are the lesser of the two stressors, moving from Virgo to Leo and taking our minds, well, right back to ourselves, but the improvement will be that we’ll have the lens of our own needs, ego, and our sense of generosity through which to gauge things.

Uranus, however, has been at this spot since late June–giving us plenty of time to see matters involving those related Cardinal points grind to a halt. Now, with the Uranus retrogradation, what we’ll observe will likely be our own Will doing an about-face, a kind of reticence where we once pushed forward so confidently. Add to this that Pluto is less than a degree from the point where he will go direct in late September, and you have a patchwork of energies in stop and go mode, mostly stop (or lingering painfully, maybe inching forward).

Be glad; this is a chance to really, truly, get yourself right with these energies and the points they’re contacting in the personal chart. They’ve slowed it down so we can catch up, ponder, really learn how to control this specific point of contact, and/ or are offering us a chance to refine what we’re trying to rush forward with. We’ve been feeling frustrated, thinking we know what we want and how to get it–this slowing is the Universe tutoring us on all we don’t know that we thought we did. Think about what you’ve been dealing with, and consider what it means to you (Venus), how original or inventive your urges, or how well they serve the individuality (Uranus), think about what really needs to change (don’t worry about how you’ll make it happen–Pluto), and for good measure let’s acknowledge Neptune, which is dragging the creative energies along the highway like tin cans tied to the bridal car. It’s time for a sort of Zen contemplation that can happen even as we go about our daily tasks. And we can look forward to at least a small denouement with the Full Moon of the 31st.

See a previous post for more on the Venus retrograde. My books are here, and the Vesta book is almost wrapped up. Enjoy your week!

A Tactical Retrograde: Venus Retreats 25 July 2015



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Venus Retrograde July 2015Our Lady of Love and Money has been lingering at the 00 Virgo mark for a bit now, and tomorrow (the 25th) at 2:29 AM Pacific time, she begins her apparent backward motion. ‘Tactical Retrograde’ is a military term meaning ‘retreat’, and this retro period may be centered in an examination of Venus and chart-area themed euphemisms, all continuations in one form or another of circumstances 8 years ago. Virgo is mutable earth, connecting us to practical matters, but the shift into Leo’s fixed fire narrows the attention and subject matter to ourselves and our wants–and initial aspects suggest we will have to work in symbols, euphemisms, metaphors, to look indirectly at our subjects, because to do otherwise would be too harsh to allow for much progress.

We’ll start out the retro period with a critical (Virgo) mindset; we want to set things right, correct, account for, and otherwise get matters of Love and Money on track. Keeping our usual close orbs, the turnaround point makes no contacts. The first aspect completed is a square to Saturn (other than a square from the Moon, which is likely to kick things off emotionally), and that only when Venus proceeds into Leo. The implication may be that for all our good intentions, reality comes along and delivers some hard facts–and those facts are about ourselves and our egos (Leo), and whether we successfully ‘shine’ within our own lives–or not. And we’ll be given some illuminating feedback from the social circle when Venus hits Jupiter–so, like it or loathe it, what we have to look forward to is illumination of the things within our own attitudes and expectations that have created our current Love and Money circumstances.

Of course, a Venus retro distorts our usual Venusian standards and perceptions; we’re willing to experiment in these areas in ways we would typically find unappealing, too costly, below our standards, or even repulsive. We are also prone to alterations to taste and fancies in both literal and figurative senses; the trick, though, is not to avoid trying something new, it’s just to make sure that, as long as Venus moves backward, we don’t take steps in Venusian areas that can’t be easily undone later. Dye your hair–yes, shave your head and tattoo hair on it–no; try new foods–yes, insist on preparing the blowfish yourself–no; date someone you wouldn’t usually look twice at–yes, marry them on your first date–no; paint a wall purple–yes, paint the entire house inside and out purple, no; decide to open a savings account–yes, decide to empty your 401K and dump it all in the stock market, no; jet to Spain for four days–yes, abandon your current life and jet to Spain with no intention of ever returning, oh no. It’s not that you won’t like what you’ve done after direction–maybe you will–it’s that the retro period is for shifting your perceptions, allowing a new viewpoint that can allow experimentation and a broadening of horizons, not for making definitive life changes. You may wake up when it’s over and find it wasn’t for you–that’s why it’s so important you don’t do anything irrevocable. Venereal risks of all kinds are a problem at this time, because we just aren’t assessing things the usual way. Just be aware.

We can get a lot of clues about what we’ll be dealing with by looking back 8 years. That’s the last time Venus retrograded in this spot, and circumstances, topics, and dilemmas will often simply re-appear, sometimes just as they were, other times in new guises–but still posing the same fundamental questions and challenges. Of note: a Fist of God in effect on turnaround day made up of a square between Jupiter and Saturn, apex Vesta=this may signal that our efforts and ideas oriented toward expansion clash with the reality picture–the only thing that may survive are those matters we honor, and what we find sacred, especially in the home life or in the relationship with the mate. Since Saturn and Jupiter are the two first contacts of retro Venus (not counting Luna), this might describe our retro experience. Out of the conflict comes what really matters–if you become overwhelmed, make a strategic tactical retrograde, and deal with it when the pressure subsides. Happy Venus Retrograde!

See books and services–and to those waiting for the Vesta book, it’s on its way, though I may not make the promised end-of-July deadline. Thanks for making me so busy!

This has lots to ponder, from the excellent Jude Cowell over at ‘Stars Over Washington’

Just a Little AstroEssence 21-24 July 2015: Think About It



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Memento mori, Napoli {{PD}} Photo courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen, reproduced from Wikimedia Commons with Thanks--

Memento mori, Napoli {{PD}} Photo courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen, reproduced from Wikimedia Commons with Thanks–

The 21st Matters are very solidly delineated; rules are firm and obvious, obstacles have clearly defined outlines, restrictions are out in the open, and what it takes to accomplish is enumerated definitively. It all seems to be above-board and laid out for our perusal–but seems is the operative word. Our own wounds have a voice in what we choose to ignore or deny, and we may not be aware of this, as thinking, though intuitively following our inner wisdom, still manages to skirt those issues we’re in denial of or feel we must avoid. We won’t be conscious of it, but we’ll go out of our way to hide from ourselves what’s unpleasant, and that will obscure our path to empowerment. If we can deal with facts and what is in an equitable way, not allowing ourselves to shy away out of vague feelings of unease, we can accomplish a lot–otherwise the main activity might be spinning our wheels. (Chiron parallel Black Moon Lilith, Neptune contra-parallel Juno, Mercury parallel and sesq Pallas while falling at the midpt of Sedna-Black Moon Lilith, Sun tr/ Earth sxt Saturn)

By the 22nd it’s all about the facts, and we’re able to see (and are firmly connected to) the reality picture–and that means it’s a good time to make decisions, to maneuver, or assess circumstances. Our attention will shift more toward ourselves, and we’ll likely get a little more objectivity concerning material matters at this point, paving the way for the Superior Conjunction of Merc and the Sun, the seed moment for plans and ideas, on the 23rd. (The 22nd: Merc tr Saturn, Sun enters Leo/ Earth enters Aquarius)

The 23rd Self examination goes well; we know what we want and need, and are cogitatin’ how to get it. With Merc entering Leo to join up with the Sun, we enjoy a clear mandate for promoting ourselves and our causes, as expressing highest values is just naturally the smart thing to do. Be prepared, though: nothing really worthwhile comes completely free, at this point–getting what we want will cost. (Vesta tr Pallas, Earth qnx Venus)

The 24th we’re nostalgic for the past, probably for some sense of autonomy we once had, as our ideas are opposed (or just not supported) by authorities or Mother Nature. We’re out of balance, looking too intently to others for permission; remember you’re in charge of you, of your accomplishments, efforts, and the arbiter of your choices and level of Self-control, and you’ll make excellent progress. (Merc opp Ceres and tr SN)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 20 July 2015: The Natural Choice



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If you hear something in the reeds, go check it out--trust yourself.  Frederick Goodall 'The Finding of Moses' 1862

If you hear something in the reeds, go check it out–trust yourself.
Frederick Goodall ‘The Finding of Moses’ 1862

20 July we hold the personal authority at this time to shape our Path just as we’d like–but somehow the social sphere, or the opportunities offered us, or the facts, don’t support our choices. We are disconnected from our ideals, our thinking is deluded or confused (a rare few will stumble on good creative ideas, out in the weeds), and we’re just not able, no matter how hard we try, to see the wise choice. Dealing with today’s energies requires a sense of Self-trust that doesn’t shut down incoming data because it threatens illusions–those who are defensive tell themselves others are just messing with their dreams, but they actually may need to reassess what they value–the real worth of things is hidden beneath ideals and illusions, at this time–and all of us are almost certainly missing something in our assessment of what is and what we want. Use Nature as a guide, and be completely willing to accept responsibility for your own choices–at this point what we choose is no one’s fault but our own. (Perfecting today: Ceres tr NN, Jupiter sq Sedna, Neptune contra-parallel Venus and sesq Mercury, Sun sesq Pallas)

Bonus: for everyone with placements at 00 degrees of all signs except Leo and Libra: Venus is speaking, in relation to that placement or point she’s contacting–are you listening? She talks of Love, Money, and what you left unfinished, 8 years ago.

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Your Weekend Outlook 18-19 July 2015: Not What It Seems



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'L'Illusion' Auguste Rodin. photo by Paul Gsell, Grasset, 1911 {{PD}}

‘L’Illusion’ Auguste Rodin. photo by Paul Gsell, Grasset, 1911 {{PD}}

Saturday the 18th we become horribly willful about our ambitions and desires, and those things we admire, love, or value suddenly seem to warrant criticism. Why? It could be that our minds are in rebellious mode; we’re resisting every group expectation and progressive call out of sheer pique–but we may also be dealing with our own deep need for freedom–and we may not see any other way of feeling our independence except by pushing away others or by refusing to conform–even when that’s what we want. Instincts, driven by matters we’ve ignored or denied, may drive us in the wrong direction, and both messages we receive and our own thoughts are erratic–we’re only getting part of the story at any one time. Take it easy, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and try not to be too aggressive with others–if we can’t divine our own best actions, we certainly can’t divine theirs!

Sunday the 19th we enjoy healing communications and a sense of empowerment brought forward by exercising our values, and by interaction in relationships or by earning. Material matters are serious, may bring about great and irrevocable change, and may not seem to be as intense or life-changing as they really are. Tread with care.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 16-17 July 2015: Facts Won’t Help



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By George Grie wikidata:Q4160484 'Ice Age Premonition or Infinite Iceberg Synthesizer' Date 2007 Source/Photographer  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

By George Grie wikidata:Q4160484
‘Ice Age Premonition or Infinite Iceberg Synthesizer’
Date 2007
Source/Photographer Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

For everyone, finances and relationships can be very strained at this point; or, reality introduces some new and unexpected twists and turns to the Money or Love picture. You’re on the verge of big shifts in one or both of these areas–and if you’ve put in your time and energy, the results could be excellent.

On the 16th our own ambitions and wants get in the way of clear thinking and communicating–not what we’d like to hear after the New Moon gave us a kind of clean slate. Taking as kind a viewpoint as possible within interactions and toward others is the best way to avoid unintended damage, though don’t expect to have a great relationship with facts today–it’s just not happening.

Due to popular demand :) I’ll be adding in a word image or two as they occur to me; today it’s the Titanic, the lost ocean liner (I heard it mentioned six times in one day, and couldn’t ignore it!) What massive project is ‘going down’, and there’s nothing you can do about it, but acknowledge it? Is it the newness of the venture (the ‘maiden voyage’) that prevents you recognizing it’s just not feasible? What you may need to see is that there’s some recklessness attached, some hubris or reassurances that can’t be backed up–better to get out now than when it actually begins to sink. Or are you the iceberg, intractable, and causing difficulties for others because of it? Though it may not be a problem now, compromise will be the most effective way to keep contacts and relationships intact.

On the 17th the imagination or creativity is challenged by what we see before us. The response we need to have will be one that allows us to be in complete command of ‘the vision’–anything less, and we can be easily mislead. Bonus: know that the social circle won’t be much help, and neither will ‘what you know’–successful activity might rely more on faith or inspiration at this point.

Today’s image is the word ‘Tudor’. It’s an English Royal family, it’s a house construction style, there’s a stylized rose named for it–but all stem from a specific, ‘glory days’ time period for a particular kingdom–and that suggests a couple of things: that ‘glory days’ aren’t meant to go on forever, that styles change, that influence is a fleeting thing, that sometimes you’re prominent and then, well, you’re not. Consider too whatever associations this word brings forward for you–or it may simply be a synchronicity marker, a flag to tell you, ‘Pay attention!’

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The Cancer New Moon 15 July 2015: Healing An Imbalance



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Paul Gauguin - Vahine no te miti (Femme a la mer) (Mujer del mar) 1891 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin – Vahine no te miti (Femme a la mer) (Mujer del mar) 1891 {{PD}}

The New Moon in Cancer occurs at 6:25 PM Pacific time on the 15th at 23 Cancer 14, and makes only a few contacts, so I’ll be stretching orbs a bit so that we get some kind of picture. Usually I shy away from expansive orbs, as I feel things can get sloppy fast; this time, though, we have a loose Grand Trine that really may be the heart of the event. Too, I usually don’t pay much attention to what else is happening, preferring to focus on the New or Full Moon contacts so that we can delineate the NM or FM effects away from everything else, making it very clear what leads to what. Today I’m breaking both those rules–hold on!

Though I’m stretching those orbs, I won’t go crazy with it, and that means that the Mercury-Mars pairing that some might consider conjunct the New Moon won’t be for me–but we still need to note that aggressive speech under a banner of how much one cares may be the offering of the day. This also suggests that those not normally assertive verbally or with their ideas may find a little fire today and let everyone know what they think–and this possibly signals for them a new way of communicating or of expecting to be treated, courtesy of the New Moon.

There’s also the matter of Venus at 29 tense degrees of Leo. The poor girl is wound up tight about identity, who’s in the spotlight, about matters of generosity, about how to best shine, and about recent vicissitudes in Love or Money–and she’s preparing to retrograde soon, which implies that all this stress will find outlet in re-visiting similar topics, matters, or life areas from 8 years ago, whatever those were for you, when she last retrograded at approximately this point in the chart. Note this: whether or not current Venusian stresses seem to relate to 8 years ago, they will flow out through those life areas where Venus retros soon, the same ones visited 8 years ago–so don’t be fooled if the forms they take look new or unfamiliar.

Now, finally, the New Moon! It has sextiles to Black Moon Lilith and Sedna (though fails to fall at their midpoint), creates a loose Water Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron, and the Sun-Moon/ Earth axis forms a T-square with Uranus. What’s born at the New Moon is born from instinct, or from those things we’ve ignored or denied, or by anger stirred by matters that normally fall in our ‘blind spot’–suddenly we see them, and wow, are we upset! What’s born makes for emotional release, and that can’t help but offer healing, even if the precipitating event itself is upsetting.

The idea is that if we attended to things yesterday (see my post for the 14th) what comes forward now may be something healing and emotionally positive (the Water GT, Chiron), and that potentially results in real-world change or the lifting of restrictions (Saturn). The ‘T’ involving Uranus suggests we may be taken by surprise by what’s born–we may not have anticipated the new understanding that underpins events, and we may feel pressure to ‘modernize’, to learn new protocols, to catch up to the group, or to be original and inventive–but in any case what begins is something unusual, at least in terms of what we cared about (Cancer) previously. Likely subjects are described by the natal House where the New Moon occurs, and/ or the Houses where your natal Sun and Moon sit, or those they rule (and probably a combination of these). A few will rebel or act erratically in reaction to what happens, taking anything upsetting as an individual affront, and missing the chance for healing and removal of restrictions that events bring.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas’  Now, no matter how copacetic a scenario involving three may be, eventually someone feels like a third wheel–and that makes either a tricycle, or a really uncomfortable scene. With this image we’re told these are castaways–so involuntarily in this situation–and the implication is there’s no one else there. We should also be aware of the imbalance in energies: two representatives of the animus, doing energy and one of the being, receptive energy–and so the symbol may speak to an imbalance in our own approach that possibly precipitates the New Moon upset or change. We may be emphasizing aggression, action, ‘tackling’ a job, and using too little receptivity; the result of this kind of imbalance is typically the kind of surprises we will have at the New Moon: entirely of our own creation, we look upon them astonished, shocked that such upset, healing, and the resulting freedom, are actually of our own making.

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The New Moon in Cancer 15 July 2015

Just a Little AstroEssence 8-14 July 2015: Tiltin’



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'Le Moulin de la Galette', by Vincent van Gogh, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

‘Le Moulin de la Galette’, by Vincent van Gogh, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

8 July we suddenly feel that everyone is a lot more caring–at least, that’s what they say, what they communicate–but our attention is likely on our own ambitions and wants, and how what we’re doing in the everyday is in conflict with achieving our goals. Actions should be based on ideals, and as long as we keep the ego out of it, we can’t be led astray or deceived–but be too Willful or aggressive, and you might find yourself tilting at windmills, Quixote-style.

Take note of the Earth-Pluto, still conjunct, and the way the Sun-Earth-Pluto forms a T-square with Zeus=at this point we may get a glimpse ahead to serious material change on the horizon, with our ambition and desire picture as the tipping factor; our desires propel the shift, which is likely generated through conflict, the need to resolve tension, or a breaking away from current direction in order to make a big, dramatic push toward getting what we want.

9 July temper, irritation, and the need to choose (probably over something we’ve been torn about for some time) come forward from our ‘blind spot’ and challenge our equilibrium. Instincts can inform the direction we take, but our usual weaknesses are still in place; that means that to succeed we’ll need to recognize that we’re not infallible, and then ask for help to fill in our own skill or knowledge gap. That’s the best bet for putting ourselves in a good position, from which we can then act in the most effective way possible.

10 July action and successful Self-assertion flow from wisdom and skills, and if we can communicate our own empowerment position, we can deal with any upset concerning current life direction (we should anticipate either criticism over our independence or leadership, and/ or a lack of cooperation from others). Determine your own course at this time, and be Self-responsible–it’s the only way to have control over outcomes.

11 July talk is about power, even if it doesn’t seem to be, and material matters may make us feel less than adequately empowered. Best results come when we stay both centered and calm, no matter what.

12 July we can draw on empowerment lessons of the past to inform our present, and erratic behavior, rebelliousness, and show-offy displays of intellect or educational heft earn us a punch in the nose (figuratively or literally) and send us reeling off course. Channel contrariness into original efforts, and don’t worry about whether those efforts are propelling you closer to goals–it’s time to indulge your unique spark, to celebrate your individuality, and to find a form for it that wreaks as little havoc as possible.

We enter Dark of the Moon today–giving ourselves a little more solitude, a little more time to do things, and a little more space for contemplation and rest will benefit everything we do, and prepare us for the New Moon new beginning ahead.

13 July we could experience difficult financial or relationship situations, and though mental processes are practically-oriented and even wise, they may not adequately honor those things we value most. Communications could be fanciful, mislead us, or inspire us, and we see precisely how to go about healing troubled situations. If we can find a way to re-orient ourselves to our highest standards, we can make valuable headway in fixing what might have gone wrong, with our pocketbook or our interactions.

14 July it’s the things we’ve been ignoring, denying, and generally shoving under the rug that trip us up today. Instinct whispers to avoid those matters but odds are we will ignore the warning and plow forward–and we find ourselves tiltin’ at windmills again. And, resulting actions and choices cause unintended havoc in the reality picture. Slow down and deal with things one at a time–and don’t leave unpleasant dealings for later–attend to them now.


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