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BAL11062 Charon and Psyche (oil on canvas) by Stanhope, John Roddam Spencer (1829-1908) oil on canvas 95.2x138.4 Private Collection Roy Miles Fine Paintings English, out of copyright

Here’s Pluto’s boatman and the representative of consciousness. ‘Charon and Psyche’ by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope 1882 {{PD}}

A little weekend reading for you, a sample from my latest, ‘We Are All Vessels: VESTA IN THE NATAL CHART’ with Vesta indicating what we revere in life and dedicate our energies to, as well as describing the attitude toward the home and the mate:

Vesta in Aspect to Pluto—power is what’s really revered, though in hard aspect the individual may rebuke power or see those in authority as abusive—but still be striving to hold some form of power, if only over him- or herself. They may be genuinely interested in reform, or could simply overthrow the current system and install one of their own. This person could truly understand and embrace the idea that change is the way of the Universe—and they could act as a powerful example to others because of it. Sex may be especially intense for and with these individuals, even when it’s casual.

These people may create major transformations, either through their own agency or by changing elements within their environment; witness the impact of ‘Father of the Atom Bomb’, nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer (22 April 1904 8:15 AM-time may not be correct- New York New York USA/ Whole Sign). Pluto and Vesta are only 39 minutes apart in Gemini; transformative ideas, ones in this case involving actual generation of power, the splitting of the atom, is what this man was dedicated to. Not enough symbolism for you? Ceres opposes this pairing and Saturn trines it (and that trine contact is exact, to the minute, to Vesta); that puts Oppenheimer tuned-in to reality but in opposition to Mother Nature, at least in terms of her relationship to humans. She’ll split her own atoms, thank you, in our Sun and other stars—not in a lab, or a bomb.

An interesting side note: The natal Sun is in Taurus, square Aquarian Chiron and quincunx Pallas in Sagittarius. This suggests a Soul Purpose (the Sun) that may have compelled him to do things he didn’t actually think wise (Pallas) or far-sighted (Sagittarius) in terms of effect, intellectual exercises (Aquarius) made reality, that may wound (Chiron) the earth (Taurus) and possibly Oppenheimer’s own psyche (Aquarius, with the sign also holding Black Moon Lilith at 29 degrees=things hidden or ignored are uncovered under stress, and Juno-Saturn as mentioned previously, which makes the empowerment Oppenheimer accesses literal). Of course, this is read with hindsight—it’s unlikely we could’ve discerned this possibility before the Manhattan Project—but after seeing the explosion of the first atomic bomb, mid-July 1945, Oppenheimer said he thought of words from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” An appropriately reverent thought for Pluto-Vesta.

A Pluto-Vesta contact could also make for an individual who reveres renewal and re-birth, and so someone who either takes on the unpleasant tasks of destruction for the Collective (anything from trash collector to mortician) or who compulsively destroys situations or relationships, not from a lack of Self-esteem or a penchant for Self-sabotage, but because for them a sense of a ‘clean slate’ carries something of the holy about it. This person may also be too quick to honor a ‘might makes right’ mentality, or to use extremes in temperament as a mechanism to exert control over people or situations. It’s like a statement: “My temper is a sign I’m dealing with sacred territory, therefore what enrages me must not be questioned or ignored”.

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Mercury and Pallas, Co-Conspirators 16-20 October 2015



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Johann Heinrich Füssli - Sketch for 'The Three Conspirators Swear an Oath on the Rüthli Meadow' 1779 {{PD}}

Johann Heinrich Füssli – Sketch for ‘The Three Conspirators Swear an Oath on the Rüthli Meadow’ 1779 {{PD}}

Mercury and Pallas are players during this period, though certainly Vesta, Neptune, and Jupiter have something to say, as well. The prominence of these entities suggests we’ll expend a lot of energy trying to discover if our thoughts and ideas are wise ones–and our values, our imaginations, and our social sphere all play a part. Today, Friday the 16th, the emphasis is on sorting the influence of hurt or unprocessed material from the mental processes, and attempting to pinpoint whether or not we are reasonable in our assumptions will not be easy. There is the chance we’ll delude ourselves, especially if our financial state or our relationship status benefits if we do so; instincts and/ or ‘blind spot’ materials may muddy the waters further, making us unsure of what’s smart and what isn’t. The answer comes in keeping our eye on the future. Where we’re headed, or should I say, where we want to be headed, is the most accurate marker guiding us at this point. Keep goals in mind and measure everything against that; ask yourself, will this get me closer to where I want to be? If not, put it aside for now. (Pallas qnx Sedna, Venus opp Neptune, Merc parallel Chiron and the NN)

By the 17th we find we must deal with neglected or denied material, and it ain’t easy. Our empowerment, however, depends on it, along with a requirement that we sort what’s wise from what we merely want. Face head-on whatever dark or dredged-from-the-depths issues arise, and use instincts to guide actions and choices in dealing with the social sphere, or in expanding your world. (Juno parallel and Merc conjunct Black Moon Lilith, Pallas contra-parallel Zeus, Mars conjunct Jupiter and parallel Sedna)

18 October and we experience a rush of creative energy–but it’s not meant to be channeled through the mind, and doing so will only make problems. This is a ‘zone out and tune in’ kind of day–enjoy it. (Merc qnx Neptune, Sun parallel Neptune and qnx Sedna)

Monday the 19th we are chiefly concerned with aligning highest values with what’s smart; secondary to this is how and where we will express these within the social scene. Expect the unexpected when evaluating what we consider wise; we may be a little too driven by instincts linked to material comforts, benefits, or results, and so may inadvertently skew our actions and choices toward physical interests, especially ones supported by the social sphere. To serve both goals and material interests adequately, let material matters and your surroundings ‘speak’ to you–what you learn by observing will tell you where you have been ‘investing’, and how you might like to alter that. (Uranus parallel Pallas, Mars parallel Jupiter, Venus parallel Sedna, Sun sextile Pallas and parallel Vesta/ Earth trine Pallas and contra-parallel Vesta)

20 October we may spend a good deal of time considering how our values and commitments in the past have formed where we are now, all in service to fine-tuning actions to support ambitions and to making the most of ideas, which are keyed to empower us, to handle what has been ignored, and so to eliminate ‘blind spots’ in our reasoning. This is a powerful force for realizing goals and setting us on our chosen Path; we can sense that the benefits that await us if we implement what we’re thinking are far greater than we may currently imagine. (Vesta conjunct the SN, Mars contra-parallel Zeus, Venus parallel Jupiter, Merc seq Sedna, parallel Juno and BML)

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On Horary Questions, Juno, and the Moon in Scorpio



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Sidney Hall - Urania's Mirror 1825 [[PD]]

Sidney Hall – Urania’s Mirror 1825 [[PD]]

Moon in Scorpio

The transiting Moon in the Scorpion’s sign adds depth to the atmosphere, so that those who are comfortable with emotion and with the way things are, are most ‘at home’ in the world right now; everyone else, the thinkers and doers and those ready for change may feel they’re moving through mud (or is it quicksand?) Just something to keep in mind during Luna’s journey–and of course this is the sign that holds part of the ancient Via Combusta (‘The Burning Way’). The Moon sited between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio (Tropical) was considered a malefic placement in Horary, and some Horary Astrologers still use this in delineation. The reputation for this area may derive from fixed stars found there in ancient times, or from the way the Sun and Moon do not flourish in signs associated with the traditional malefics Saturn –Libra–and Mars–Scorpio. You may ask, does this area hold negative implications for natal placements found there? The answer is, no.

Juno at the midpoint of Mercury-Zeus 14 October

Obscure, I know, but an interesting set of contacts, especially when we note that Juno is also sesquiquadrate Sedna. Mind games may be the order of the day, not with others, but with ourselves! There will be a scratching, scrabbling, underlying need to feel empowered that could permeate thinking and communications, and be driven by desires, ambitions, instincts, and those matters in our ‘blind spot’ (issues that we carry that are plain as day to everyone else, but of which we remain blithely unaware!) This means we may be very vulnerable today, and possibly not even know we are (this could last through the 18th)–and that suggests hypersensitivity springing from what we’re not conscious of, from what we have hidden even from ourselves (or most especially from ourselves, that everyone else sees). Communicate with care, and realize that what we want may be exerting a much stronger influence on how we deal with others than we are aware–and that true cooperation will flourish only when we have as much regard for others’ wants and needs as we have for our own.

On Asking Horary Questions

When we ask about some matter using astrology, we need to understand that astrology can lay out the possibilities, but can’t be anymore definite about the outcome than we are at the moment of asking. By that I mean, if we are examining several alternatives through a horary question for the feasibility of each potential choice, we can only expect some generalities to show themselves, an outline of potentials, rather than a full-color, detailed portrait of guaranteed outcomes. It’s the difference between saying, “I’m hungry; where shall we go eat?” and so considering several potential places, and saying “I’m hungry; I’ll go to Fred’s and have the Chili-Cheese Conquistador for one!” With the first we haven’t decided anything but that we have a need and will consider alternatives–we wouldn’t reasonably expect to know the quality of the meal or the service, and anything that might happen there, at this stage; with the second we recognize the need and commit ourselves in a particular direction, from which we can extrapolate what the experience may be like, indigestion and all–and so with astrology, the first approach will tell us a little something about the experience we can expect with each restaurant, while the second will be much more specific, telling us what to expect with that particular meal experience at that place at this time.

This is something I’ve encountered many times working with querents (those asking the question): there is an expectation that astrology will not just tell them what to do, but will promise the success of a particular choice or venture. There is a kind of passive attitude that says astrology will give a definitive answer that not only makes the choice for them, but that also guarantees everything will develop along what they consider optimal lines. It just doesn’t work like that.

First, astrology does not tell us what to do: it shows us the probable circumstances resulting from a choice–and second, it doesn’t necessarily comment on the results, unless the choice itself brings immediate results. We can’t sit in the back seat and say, “I’ll climb into the front and turn left at the next crossroads, but only if the car will then turn into a Maserati and I’m guaranteed to arrive safely at my destination with a magically appearing pile of money in the trunk!” In this case, the querent is looking for a promise that taking responsibility and making a choice will insure that things go perfectly–beyond perfectly, really, to a kind of magical reward outcome–but a question can only address the next step, and the ripples this might cause, with potential ripples to the step after that moving out in ever-widening circles, and so being impossible to determine at the current, first-step point.

One more example: we ask, “Will my house sell by June?”, in one instance having it already listed for sale, and asking the same before having listed it. How could it possibly sell by June, or at all, if you haven’t taken the step of first listing it? The assumption that we can leap over necessary steps to find the ultimate outcome is detrimental to the asking process in that one then approaches the entire matter with the idea that no energy will be expended in a direction unless that direction is guaranteed to pan out positively–and yet, consider how many times something that didn’t work out sent you in a different direction, and so sparked a later success.

That old saying about a journey beginning with a single step truly applies to asking questions in horary astrology. It’s the next step we see in the chart, and as with everything in life, there are just no guarantees about how it will all come out.


New Moon in Libra 2015: What We Want



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Viktor M. Vasnetsov 'The Flying Carpet', a depiction of the hero of Russian folklore, Ivan Tsarevich Русский: «Ковёр-самолёт» 1880 {{PD}}

Viktor M. Vasnetsov ‘The Flying Carpet’, a depiction of the hero of Russian folklore, Ivan Tsarevich
Русский: «Ковёр-самолёт» 1880 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs on the 12th at 5:05 PM Pacific time at 19 Libra 20, conjoined Zeus, opposed Uranus-Earth, semi-square Venus, and quincunx Chiron. New Moons start things, spark things, and may represent something that is just coalescing out of the ether, or that is born from the death of or letting go of something else (so in some cases may feel much more like Full Moons). They mark the moment that the seminal idea or impetus takes discernible shape, or attains prominence over the old, marking it as no longer valid, and so shifting our attention. This New Moon in Libra offers something fresh with an aesthetic, partnership, or cooperative flavor, with whatever’s born naming the emergence of an ambition, desire, appetite, or goal (Zeus). This may describe a change within an already-established interaction, relationship, or artistic endeavor, or may see a new one arise; with something new, we may be given the grace of a diplomatic approach to getting what we want, at least initially, or may see that a partner or cooperative other may be instrumental in achieving our ends.

Be aware, though, that we may be surprised or shocked with events, especially if what arrives new materializes through the unconscious; this can be the case when we pull something to us but can’t admit to the desire in the first place! Like the broken leg that finally allows us to rest, it can be a blessing in disguise. Or, it may come through the group or through our own rebellion from something else. What happens could spring from taking an inventive or innovative approach toward something else, with the New Moon event an off-shoot from what’s already well under way, or it could be original, allowing us to show a creativity (of a kind, or for who we are) we never have before.

What we need to be aware of is that in some way, this will cost (Venus); it may hurt, or it may allow healing, but only after we’ve paid something of a price (Venus-Chiron). This isn’t a penalty so much as an immediate way to keep the world in balance. There’s no deferral of karma: we must do the work, pay the piper, reap the benefit, balance the books, all in one brief event or New Moon period (let’s define that as the time through about 1 AM of the 13th Pacific time, when the Moon definitely enters orb for her next major aspect, a sextile to the asteroid Pallas).

Will this feel like a major event? Probably not. It may be very subtle, a short ‘Me vs. Them’ or ‘Us vs. Them’ scenario (the activity across the Aries-Libra axis), an accident, shock, surprise, or something as subtle as a new understanding that coincides with the event period. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘A Rabbi Performing His Duties’, which suggests nothing so much as the event coming in the course of our everyday activities, or perhaps arising from some role or authority-form we take on. While doing what we must, what it is our duty to perform, we meet our New Moon new start. That points, very gently, toward revelation (Uranus).

Since anxiety may center on the Uranian component of things, let’s look at the Sabian for Uranus: ‘The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery’. While this speaks of the place the imagination can take us, it also describes the kind of fancy that comes from knowing something only through symbols, images, isolated glimpses, stereotypes, and suppositions–so, not really knowing something at all. What the New Moon brings might disabuse us of some quaint and thoroughly outdated ideas, ones that may require we give up romanticism in favor of allowing others, particularly culturally, the dimensionality, and so the regard, they deserve. This may also suggest serendipity, that blessing in disguise I spoke of earlier: the accident or shock that takes us somewhere (the magic carpet) we’ve in our imaginations been longing to go, even if we didn’t know it (the ineffectiveness of ‘oriental imagery’ in conveying the true nature of the place). And, since the New Moon occurs in Libra, this may speak of getting to know something about the partner or mate, or those with whom we cooperate–a revelation that starts something entirely new, something we truly want.

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New Moon October 2015

Contra-Indicators: 8-12 October 2015



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Carrières de Lumières (English: Quarries of Lights), Les Baux-de-Provence. An old bauxite mine now a tourist attraction and art space in the Val d'Enfer. Taken 2013-09. Date 23 September 2013, by Rhododendrites Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Carrières de Lumières (English: Quarries of Lights), Les Baux-de-Provence. An old bauxite mine now a tourist attraction and art space in the Val d’Enfer. Taken 2013-09.
Date 23 September 2013, by Rhododendrites Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Contraparallels are the aspects of the week, it seems; this is when two bodies or points are at the same degree of declination with one north of the celestial equator, one south (see an excellent summary of the potential meaning of this here.) This aspect creates a kind of ‘force field’, but one that over time actually pushes the intent or action of the bodies in opposing directions. You’ve probably experienced this in reaction to someone else: the air is charged when the two of you are together, but not necessarily with a sense of attraction; in these instances we note that a repelling energy is as compelling as a more harmonious one. A contraparallel suggests a state of electrified awareness that grabs our attention and can be interpreted by the individual, and so acted on, in an endless number of ways.

With one exception, each of the coming days, through Monday the 12th, features one or more contraparallels that may describe real-world effects more accurately  than any of the perfecting aspects. We start with Thursday the 8th: we may act in contradiction to our ideals, values, and dreams, trashing what we care about, including relationships, and we might blame that on some seed planted by retro Mercury in Libra conjuncting the North Node, which almost guarantees that the problem is seated in some wrong-headed notion about the future of our relationships that we decide to embrace. Illusions can be heady things; we need to see that all ‘creative’ ideas aren’t necessarily equal. (Mars and Venus contraparallel both Vesta and Neptune, Mercury conjunct NN)

By Friday the 9th we may find ourselves in denial about some past hurt or, more perversely, in denial of some skill we’ve shown plenty of aptitude for in the past but now insist we don’t have. We do, however, find a good balance between outgoing energies and incoming ones, within male-female (or dominant-submissive, or animus-anima) relationships (hint: look to a combination of matters of the Houses ruled by Mars and Venus to see where harmony will prevail or cooperation will flourish, despite a rocky relationship or financial past). (Chiron contraparallel the South Node, Venus parallel Mars and quincunx the South Node)

Saturday the 10th comes pre-packaged shining a light on our ambitions and desires, and we can see how to make them happen–it’s just that reality, the material world/ circumstances, or actual physical circumstances encourage our rebellion–or is it our originality?–as a valid response. The test is this: if our response broadens our own or another’s understanding, then it’s the right one. (Sun conjunct and parallel Zeus, and semi-square, and  contraparallel Uranus, Earth in corresponding ‘reverse’ aspect to all the Sun’s contacts, and Mercury once again conjunct the NN)

Sunday the 11th is the exception. Though relationships and/ or the ego may still be smarting from choices that didn’t respect our own standards and values, we have the chance to recover, to heal, if we’re open to both opportunity and change–or maybe that’s opportunity that we can only take advantage of if we’ll allow or instigate change. Conceding that adjustments are needed, along with a respect for the needs of the group, may open the way for real transformation, on both a big (societal) and small (individual) scale. (Jupiter trine Pluto, Venus quincunx Vesta, Sun quincunx Chiron and opposed Uranus)

Monday the 12th, real-world opportunities present themselves, and we would be wise to take them; only rebelliousness in the relationship or financial realms, resistance to the social sphere, or an ego that resents what the instincts are telling us, can sink this chance for making positive, expansive changes to our world. (Pallas parallel Jupiter and Earth, contraparallel the Sun, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun contraparallel Sedna)

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Focus On: The Hard and the Soft–Neptune and Pluto 6-7 October 2015



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"Seljalandsfoss, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-16, DD 201-203 HDR" by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -,_Su%C3%B0urland,_Islandia,_2014-08-16,_DD_201-203_HDR.JPG#/media/File:Seljalandsfoss,_Su%C3%B0urland,_Islandia,_2014-08-16,_DD_201-203_HDR.JPG CC BY-SA 4.0

“Seljalandsfoss, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-16, DD 201-203 HDR” by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons –,_Su%C3%B0urland,_Islandia,_2014-08-16,_DD_201-203_HDR.JPG CC BY-SA 4.0

We may be angry or want to take action, but what are we responding to (because this is a response, even if we think we’re being original): is it our delusions that have us so reactive, our ideals (either at their violation or the possibility of bringing them to reality), or are we misperceiving or being totally mislead? We may see the world divided into ‘hard and soft’, a dream or the harshest of realities, a beautiful fantasy or a dark dance of obliteration, drifting versus the sharp edges of our own particular hell. And we are especially prone to less productive reactions if our empowerment position or status is being threatened. What to do?

First, stick to reality as it is right now, to the facts, to what we consider knowledge; using these to guide our thoughts is the only way we can sort what’s true from fantasy and fiction (even normally trustworthy partners can’t be counted on, only because they may be as misinformed or mislead as we). Second, be aware that our attention is currently being drawn to darker and more destructive alternatives; change or decay may seem inevitable at this point, but knowing this is simply a perceptual window may allow us to gain some distance, and so some perspective. Power may also be in focus, and to those of us who struggle needlessly to prove our ‘independence’, or who jockey for supremacy within any interaction, this might be a particularly difficult period, if only because we’ll be sure power machinations are behind everything–an exhausting stance that diverts our energy to a crisis that likely doesn’t exist.

We can create the basis for change that embodies our dreams or ideals, if we avoid fear-based thinking and also tune in to reality–without both components operating, we may go seriously off-track–and then would have to devote far too much energy to recovery, if we do go astray. Think of power wrangling, fear, and anger as distractions, and you’ll be halfway to giving the prevailing influences a positive shape.

This is all in preparation for the chance on the 7th to bring one or more of our highest ideals into reality, to embody it, to manifest it, to act it out–but we have to be willing to give up the need for individual attention or ambition realization–this puts the success of the idea ahead of our personal sense of achievement–so only those truly Selfless causes gain ground. Too, we are aware that the wrong thing can cost us–and so may lose because we don’t move forward. Choices today form the contours for the future–keep that in mind as you go through your day, because you’ll make better choices by remembering that–and have a great couple of October days!

(Perfecting over these two days: Neptune opposed Mars, quincunx Juno, parallel Vesta; Mercury sextile Saturn and parallel NN, Chiron, and Juno; Uranus contra-parallel Zeus; Earth sesquiquadrate Venus)

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Relationships, Instincts, and Power: 2-5 October 2015



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"Gone are the shockingly bright pinks, yellows and purples of summer, replaced by deeper and darker reds, yellows, greens and the beginnings of brown, all of equal vibrancy and beauty. And soon, as the 34 degree weather and diminishing daylight would lead us to believe, a blanket of white will fall upon the landscape. Enjoy the change of seasons wherever you may be!" NPS Photo / Katie Cullen 8 September 2012,19:18 Stunning fall colors at Serpentine Hot Springs, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

“Gone are the shockingly bright pinks, yellows and purples of summer, replaced by deeper and darker reds, yellows, greens and the beginnings of brown, all of equal vibrancy and beauty. And soon, as the 34 degree weather and diminishing daylight would lead us to believe, a blanket of white will fall upon the landscape. Enjoy the change of seasons wherever you may be!” NPS Photo / Katie Cullen 8 September 2012,19:18
Stunning fall colors at Serpentine Hot Springs, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Our interactions, what we treasure, and perhaps our finances, are severely challenged this weekend by authorities or the power structure–and by challenged, I mean we are put in a position where we may have to choose between our values/ what we care about and complying with a demand, probably delivered obliquely, so we don’t see that there’s no room for negotiation. This power play may be subtle, and we may question ourselves rather than the ‘request’ or requirement; instincts may stir in protest, but we could be tempted–or encouraged–to see this as our own unreasonable or selfish nature. We’ll recognize the situation by the way we become very uncomfortable–accept this warning, as one of the things we may not see is how this will cost us, once it all plays out (Venus perfecting hard aspect to Ceres, Pluto, and Sedna). Staying empowered calls for both clarity on our ideals and a willingness to face the unpleasant or ignored. Do this and you’re likely to come out the other side of this transit period personally much stronger, and with a small wound healed, one you didn’t even know you had.

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The AstroEssence 1 October 2015



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Martin Johnson Heade -'Blue Morpho Butterfly ATC' c1865 {{PD}}

Martin Johnson Heade -‘Blue Morpho Butterfly ATC’ c1865 {{PD}}

I just had to talk about today–why? Because we’ll be thinking a great deal about ourselves, our viewpoint–so much so that we might lose perspective on the things and people that surround us. Somehow we’ll see situations where our highest values are contradicted by what’s wise in the moment–and our urge to act and do, to make ‘it’ happen, may not mesh with our need for more refined, unique expression, to be our own beautiful butterfly (as we say around here, when someone needs to feel special!) Our thoughts may be fixed on empowerment and status no matter what we’re actually thinking about, and for many of us that’s not our usual priority–and that means thoughts and intentions may be more competitive and Self-centered than we typically want or need them to be. The result may be a terrible myopia that could short-change the future and our relationships, with our focus so firmly on the present. Give others a pass (they’re just as susceptible to excessive Self-concern as you), and concentrate today on those things where intent Self-interest is actually appropriate, even necessary, for best results. Perfecting today: Vesta contra-parallel Pallas, Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury conjunct Juno

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Focus On: Neptune, 29-30 September 2015



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Neptune can lure us through the idea of rescue--our own or that of another--if we eschew responsibility for ourselves, or if we need to see ourselves as rescuers, feeling our armor could use a little shine. Giulio Aristide Sartorio - La Sirena, 1893 {{PD}}

Neptune can lure us through the idea of rescue–our own or that of another–if we eschew responsibility for ourselves, in the first case, or if we need to see ourselves as rescuers, in the other case, when the ego feels our armor could use a little shine. Giulio Aristide Sartorio – La Sirena, 1893 {{PD}}

Neptune is currently transiting through the sign it resonates most strongly to (and along with Jupiter, rules), making it as characteristic of Neptunian energies as it can get; by this I mean there’s a purity to it to which, when we ‘tune in’, we have access to–but even inadvertently, we absorb or otherwise allow that Neptunian fog to permeate the atmosphere–and today’s contacts tell a story. Neptune receives a quincunx from retro transiting Mercury in Libra, and contraparallels Pallas. This suggests a few things: messages, communications, even our own thoughts might be difficult to fathom–or perhaps it will be the hidden messages, the ideas beneath the words and thoughts, that are tough to discern–so that we somehow miss at least some of the meaning of all that’s conveyed. Our own cogitations might not go any better, as the mind obscures what’s really motivating our conclusions and compelling our thoughts to go ‘here’ not ‘there’. We may be moved by the spiritual, the imaginative and the imaginal (in both the positive and negative senses), and Collective mind influences to think along certain lines or to believe certain things, and bouncing ideas off others (Libra) doesn’t really help–but know consciously that you have only part of the story (or that you have the story but are missing some important element), and your ability to respond and think effectively jumps markedly.

The contraparallel to Pallas just piles on the uncertainty, and brings to the party an inspiration to recklessness and impracticality. How do you behave when you know you’re teetering dangerously close to making a series of bad decisions? Do you listen to your more cautious nature, and pull back, or do you plunge in, out of an addiction to drama, an inclination to make the internal chaos visible, or an urge to fan the spark of Self-destruction? The current state of your natal Saturn and Uranus (what transits they’re receiving, where they are by Solar Arc), and secondarily what those transiting bodies may be contacting in your chart will tell the story of your current responsive nature (that, and the Moon) or susceptibility to unwise behavior based on a Neptunian fantasy, delusion, or awareness of one’s individual speck-ness within the Cosmos.

Neptune can beckon to us, inviting us toward doing something decidedly unwise, through illusion, through something that can appear perfectly reasonable–and that’s where we must remember, that between today’s contacts and the Merc retro, we are unable to perceive clearly–no matter how clear the matter seems to be.

Tomorrow, the 30th, we see the Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction, with the Sun quincunx Neptune. This suggests that what is seeded with the Inferior Conjunction has an element of fantasy, imagination, or the unreal that will need adjustment as the matter grows.

Just to let you know, I won’t be posting much forecast material, anymore–review of my practices during this Merc retro makes me feel that this is a maw that can never be filled–and that kind of Sisyphean effort is not for me, much as some of you may appreciate it. So, I’ll post on focused topics like this, or in a broader observational vein when I’m moved to, and you can sign up to follow the blog and be notified if and when it happens. See my books here; the ones on the asteroids Chiron, Juno, and Vesta are very much like having a class with me, if that would interest you.

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Lunar Eclipse 27 September 2015: A New Vestal Path



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I've been obsessed with doves the past few days--I'm taking it as a symbol for the Lunar event. 'Le Jeune Fille Aux Colombes' 1874 Charles Joshua Chaplin {{PD}}

I’ve been obsessed with doves the past few days–I’m taking it as a symbol for the Lunar event. ‘Le Jeune Fille Aux Colombes’ 1874 Charles Joshua Chaplin {{PD}}

There’s a total Lunar eclipse on the 27th at 4 Aries 40, beginning at 5:11 PM Pacific time when the Moon is still below the horizon in that Western time zone; it reaches maximum at 7:47 PM PDT, though my software shows it completing closer to 7:50 PM, which is the chart I used. The eclipse is completely over by 10:22 PM Pacific. As you know, a Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon, with a Total eclipse caused by the perfect alignment of all three bodies along the ecliptic. The Earth blocks the light of the Sun from reflecting off the Moon; still some light from the Sun passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, which bends it toward the Moon, with most colors of the spectrum blocked or scattered (known as Rayleigh scattering) and red the only color that makes it through. This gives the Moon a reddish hue during a total eclipse, prompting the descriptor, ‘Blood Moon’.

This is also a Super Moon, which is the point on the Moon’s orbit when it’s closest to the Earth, known as perigee, making it appear larger from our vantage point, especially when it’s near the horizon. As to those end times prophecies about this combination being an unprecedented event (including the way we’ve had a series of these, not just one), check out this overview and scroll down to ‘Media Attention and Critics’ to see why it’s much ado.

This Full Moon is opposed Juno and Black Moon Lilith, is squine to Pallas (that’s an aspect halfway between a square and a trine, 105 degrees, that carries contradictory influences), sesquiquadrate to Venus, in wide square to Saturn, and in conjunction to Vesta. Full Moons are endings, culminations, conclusions–but as we know, in the endings lie the seeds of beginnings, and an eclipse goes one better, promising obliteration–in this case, obliteration of the emotions or short-circuiting the intuitive flow (Moon), specifically those things related to our highest values, or the home or mate (Vesta), by material considerations (the Earth), with the aspects describing how this will play out.

The Lunar eclipse conjunct Vesta, both in Aries, suggests that old values and priorities, especially those based on emotion or that have been passed down without examination, will be eclipsed through the mechanism of the material world; new leaders will be looked to, and independence and assertiveness may gain prominence. The individual cause may become paramount within the home, in the mate relationship, or in the causes to which we dedicate our energy; with this latter, what we get out of our commitment, and what we can do to make it happen, become the prime motivating forces (Vesta in Aries).

What causes the change is symbolized by the Sun (which casts the light that makes the eclipse phenomenon visible in the first place) and its conjunction to Juno and Black Moon Lilith. What triggers the change is a personal need for empowerment or to establish status, with this need motivated by matters hidden, ignore, denied, or that bring rage to the surface. The contact to Pallas suggests this can be wise and practical, but also impractical or unwise, all at once, perhaps in a ‘means vs. ends’ way, and the contacts to Saturn and Venus imply the reality picture may not be easily altered, while the effects of what transpires will be tough on relationships and/ or finances.

The Sabian for the eclipse is, ‘A Triangle With Wings’. This tells us that anything ‘in balance’, but most especially that which is Vestal and in balance (so related to the home, the mate, or the causes to which we’re dedicated) will be elevated, or perhaps set free, by what transpires with the eclipse. When we look at the Sun symbol, we get, ‘A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A “New World” Could Be Built’. This is the idea of revelation, of realization, and suggests that what we ‘see’ at the eclipse, literally or psychically, shows us the possibilities, where those wings can take us.

Generally, what we find at the eclipse is that we will be motivated to look after our own interests, to listen to the still, small voice within (as Edgar Cayce used to say), in order to blaze a new path as the potentials are revealed to us. We will see an assessment and re-establishing of our own Vestal priorities–and from this, all other changes emanate.

This is a great time to learn more about your Vesta–see my new book here–it covers all the signs and placements, offers lots of examples of Vesta active in the life, discusses possible origins of Vestal symbolism, and gives questions and exercises that will help reveal Vesta’s role in your life.

Lunar Eclipse September 2015


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