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20 November 2010: Watching Our Words


The energies are in little clusters, like tiny bombs, waiting to surprise us. Merc/ Mars in Sag, Venus quincunx Uranus=everyone may feel the urge to reach out and tell it ‘like it is,’ at least from their point of view. It makes for exuberant communication that can pass on a great deal of knowledge, whether the one communicating knows it or not! So, the danger is cheerful verbal diarrhea, or some really effective (possibly in ways not anticipated) teaching, preaching, or travel plans. If you’re in a vulnerable position, information-wise, take some care to protect yourself. The indiviudal can feel open to the group, to love, and to big earning scenarios that take an extreme amount of caution and finesse to negotiate.

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Post-Direction November

One facet of the 19th: By the end of the day the Sun and Earth are planets of latest degree, suggesting we will be very much ‘on point’ with issues–we’ll want to take care of business, and may do some serious thinking about who we are and what we’ve surrounded ourselves with–all in harmony with the prevailing material-focused influences.

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18 November 2010: We Turn It Around


. . . but immediate effects will be subtle (unless Venus or Jupiter has been squatting on one of your precious points, in which case you may see something free-up noticeably in the positive–but whether this event looks positive to you will be another matter!) There’s lots of talk about the effects of this on the Private Pages–get access and more here

Caveat for the day, from those very same Private Pages:

By 6 PM Pacific on the 18th the Moon quincunxes the Sun and sextiles Chiron, with Uranus bracketed in between. This suggests the emotions are out of sync with ‘what is’ and that they are seeking sensation, likely through negative means. The emotions may fix on hurt of the Self or the wounding of others and indulge in shock, given or received; or, in some rare cases, we will muster the gifts again in benefiting the group. It’s not so much our choice as an expression of certain inclinations–and if you find yourself drifting toward the negative form of this energy, you must deliberately contemplate the Chirotic nature and pull forward that thing you can do for others that you can’t do for yourself, and offer it.

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17 November 2010: Venus Speaks


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'The Birth of Venus' Cabanel 1863 {{PD-Art}}

While we’re waiting around for those all-powerful Directions of Venus and Jupiter, let’s take a look at what lovely Venus is trying to tell us. She acts right now as the apex of a Finger of God, with base of Uranus sextile Earth (and, by the 6 PM PST hour of the 18th, a stationary Venus receives the opposing light of the Aries Moon, adding emotional revelation and resistance to the picture). The config suggests that, no matter what preceded it, the end of the Venus retro brings shocking, surprising, or just plain unusual material/ physical results. This outcome may be centered in the matters Venus has resurrected from 8 years ago, or may combine the matters of the Houses where Earth and Uranus are situated currently in the natal chart–in any case, the typical channeling of the sextile out through the apex occurs, but is then reversed with Venus’ station–and we can expect that the biggest jolt, shock, or moment of understanding is presented in terms of our values, relationships, or earning capacity/ assets and the way these alter the material reality, physical circumstances, and/ or have an intellectual or group-focused impact. We likely get our first taste of the true meaning of this with the Moon’s opposition to Venus, which introduces us to the way we feel about what’s going on, offers intuitive understanding of developments, and may bring temper or Willfulness to the fore (Aries). The brief Void that follows opposition unleashes a bit of chaos, which is fully implemented with Venus’ Direct motion. Of course, all this may be internal (or, if the 12th is involved, or either apex or all or part of the sextile sits below the horizon for you), some or all of the effect may be unconscious, and so perhaps not recognized as the change or conclusion that it is until well after the fact.

16 November 2010: It Gets Messy

From here it’s all just waiting for the Direction of Venus and Jupiter, on the 18th (see the Evolving November Forecast for more detail), followed by the Full Moon of the 21st–but there are some highlights along the way, starting with the Moon’s square to the Nodal axis and Pluto, 9:30-ish PM the 16th. This says emotional tension, the kind that’s totally under control until it’s not! Pluto likes to speak softly and carry that big stick, and he will be taking names. Sticking up for ourselves is not an option–we’ll be in Aries Moon territory, which for Pluto is little brother territory–he will not take kindly to an assertive (or aggressive) upstart. Check the way this hooks into the natal for details on how you might be vulnerable. For myself, this config fills in a Grand Cross with my Mercury; my mouth is liable to fly open, with Pluto inserting every foot he can find and me going on a destructive tear that leaves me nailed to the Cross but good! Like Carly said, Anticipation Anyway, more than caution is in order; this is one of those times I for one will be chaining myself to the radiator, so that no one is injured as I go emotionally werewolf.

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15 November 2010: Awash in Emotion



The Sun is trine Jupiter in Water; we will either love the feeling of being awash in perception and emotion, or may feel like we’re drowning. In the first case, enjoy it, and in the latter, the attention must go to allowing a kind of surrender to emotional realities. In both cases the outcome can be positive if we have the humility to recognize forces at work in the Universe and in ourselves that are larger than individual consciousness.

Moon square Pallas on the 15th in the 9 AM Pacific hour may bring flashes of brilliance (possibly even in the midst of conflict!) or wise (though perhaps not easy to swallow) guidance. Don’t be too proud to do what’s best.

The 7 PM hour sees the Moon trine Vesta in Water. This is a wonderful influence to mend or reinforce emotional fences, particularly in the home, with the intimate partner, or in areas sacred to you. A little kindness and gentle, accepting demeanor will go miles.

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14 November 2010: Invisible Touch



Sitting back and enjoying the senses might not be as easy as usual Edmund Tarbell 1894 {{PD-Art}} Arrangement in Pink and Gray

Today the Earth and Sedna join up in Taurus (and of course, this means the Sun is opposed Sedna) and the effect may be one of being unable to connect with our surroundings and our material situation. Considering this occurs in the sign of the bull, we may be very frustrated, seeking to really experience the material (which would be the likely inclination with Moon in Pisces) or we could  immerse ourselves in the sensual and physical (especially in terms of enjoyment or indulgence) and not truly notice what it is we’re involved in, at least not in any way where the experience will hold our awareness. Not really a day to expect to keep our minds from drifting; for more on the influences today, read If you still need the password, get it here Thanks!

13 November 2010: Confusion or Creation


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The remainder of the 13th sees the Aquarius Moon conjunct both Neptune and Chiron–do we feel confused with this, or laser-focused on our creative, imaginative, or healing and/ or hurting energies? It’s both our choice and an expression of our inclinations, what results from this–but we can train things in a positive direction if we’ll only concentrate on putting the energy out; if we should instead be inclined to sit back and be too passive, we may brood about our injuries–and that will waste the strong potential for smart creative choices with this influence.

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12 November 2010: A Little Night Music


by M. Hondecoeter 1670 {{PD-Art}}

It’s all intellectual music, thanks to the Aquarius Moon. It skims along through the evening hours Pacific without a lot of contact (though a 7:30 PM sextile to Pallas says we will use our evening wisely). There is music, and magic, to be had, with Chiron still conjunct Neptune, it’s just that we may not see it easily, with Sedna square the two. That, plus Sun opposed Sedna (and so coming to square with Chiron and Neptune) suggests that we must look to an inner light for inspiration (as Sedna ‘blocks the Sun’ in some important way). So, think about how you’d most like to spend the time, and the mind will create it, as long as you are open to taking an original (semi-sextile to Uranus), spontaneous (ditto), and creative tack.

Have a great night!


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