Just a Little Lunar Essence for 26-27 September 2012: ‘The Magic Word is ‘Moderation”


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‘Allegory of Modesty and Vanity’ or ‘The Conversion of the Magdalene’ Apparently, it’s your choice. By Bernardo Luini c1560 {{PD-Art}}

For today, the 26th of September:

Void begins at 8:35 PM PDT; the Moon enters Pisces at 10:24 PM PDT.

Right away the Moon joins with Neptune and trines Ceres. The aspect picture is one of unreliable emotional perceptions, misleading or distorted intuitions, creativity inspired by nature, or emotional reactions to the assertions of authorities or Mom. We may feel ‘drugged up’ without the actual drugs, zoned out, or overwhelmed by feeling or fog. There’s not much to be done, except to avoid commitment or contracts for the active window of this contact and perhaps to allow ourselves to enter a creative zone that accesses things we are often too connected to reality to observe or enjoy.

And for tomorrow, the 27th:

9 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts Chiron, sextiles Pluto, and semi-sextiles Uranus. We have the choice to wallow in hurts from the past, stew over revenge, and exhaust ourselves, or we can allow healing, try to change the world, and exhaust ourselves. Moderation is the magic word at this time.

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Just a Little AstroEssence for 24-25 September 2012: ‘Empowerment: What it Looks Like, How to Get It’


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‘Two Geisha Girls’ EA Hornel 1894 {{PD-Art}}

The 24th of September the Sun sextiles Juno and Earth conjuncts Pallas. These are highly positive, offering a spotlight that points out exactly what our empowerment should look like, and how to get it, while wisdom is found in the messages contained in our surroundings, and in skillful employment of material assets at our disposal. Can be a big day, one that can ‘set us up’ positively for some time to come. While on the 25th . . .

. . . Mercury conjuncts Zeus–we are confident and express ambitions and desires well, at this time–which only raises our chances of having them fulfilled. A few warnings: Venus sesquiquadrates Uranus–though spontaneous changes can come to relationships or finances, it’s best not to push; and Mars is semi-square Pluto, priming the temper pump, in a way that will probably take victims (both expressers and targets) by surprise.

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Just a Little AstroEssence for Your Weekend 21-23 September 2012: ‘It All Feels a Little ‘Alice”


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‘A Mad Tea Party’ One of a series of brilliant illustrations Arthur Rackham 1907 {{PD}}

The 21st of September is a rough day for successful communication: Mercury sesquiquadrates Sedna, suggesting that much of what’s communicated is done without any awareness of what’s truly shared, and the Sun-Earth axis creates a T-square with Ceres, making for an ongoing atmosphere of tension between those who believe they should hold power and command, and the material reality, ‘what is’.

On the 22nd:

Void begins at 11:07 AM PDT; the Moon enters Capricorn at 12:21 PM PDT.

Immediately the Moon creates a T-square with the Sun-Earth axis and sextiles Neptune. We could feel put on the spot, facing a bit of a crisis, and creativity, imagination, or some careful dissembling (not lying, exactly, more like diplomatically avoiding the hard-line Capricorn reality) may be the way out. Keep in mind that just because someone applies pressure, it doesn’t mean we are under some kind of obligation to respond to it.

And the 23rd promises:

The Sun in Libra wants to co-operate, to shine a light on what may be deceptive, hidden in fog, mysterious, illusive, imaginative, creative, dreamlike–and Neptune will have none of it, pulling his Piscean curtain of fog and mirrors and video installations and shimmery, shiny things even tighter. This may feel like, hard as we try to see the facts, the ‘Truth’, or how to assemble the creative alternative, we may be left with little concrete or understandable to grasp. It all may feel a little ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

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On the Current State of the Uranus-Pluto Square


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We can’t be so distracted by loss that we forget the living. ‘La Toussaint’ Friant 1888 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

We note that Pallas is still within conjunction to Uranus, imbuing the urge to rebellion, individuality, to group membership, and to originality with native wisdom that is difficult to beat. The gift Pallas offers is wisdom based in common sense and attained skills that we can also call maturity; added to Uranus, this makes for a powerfully useful and astute combination that spurs truly practical innovation and inventiveness. So we’re already on track with that (and have been for some time); with Pluto’s direction, whatever may not have been evident development-wise in this regard comes forward and is easily accessed–and we should expect another result, as well: we will begin to see what’s ‘dead’, what must go–and the positive part is, there will be no regret, just a chance for renewal of purpose, and especially of those things we take (Pluto-deadly) seriously.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 18 September 2012: ‘Spreading the Love’


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‘Mound of Butter’ Vollon c1850 {{PD-Art}}

By 6 PM PDT the Scorpio Moon is trining Chiron with Pluto at the midpoint, and also quincunxing Uranus. You might be able to cut the tension with a knife, but really, it’s a butter knife, better used to spread that easily accessible transformative and healing energy. The one thing guaranteed to rankle will be either our inherent rebelliousness or our urge to be recognized either for our uniqueness or our intellectual capacity; our Uranian ‘live wire’ could make for some shocks and discomfort, unless we employ our inventive or innovative energies to help facilitate healing change–if we do that, we’ll be more than fine.

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Just a Little AstroEssence for Your Weekend 15-16 September 2012: ‘The Magic Formula’


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King Solomon and His Court, India, Artist Unknown late 19th century {{PD-Art}}

For 15 September:

It’s in communications, and our own thought processes, where we may run into trouble. We may be over-focused on details, hyper-critical, or too concerned with accounting and/ or lists–and so miss the point entirely. We also may be highly resistant to taking suggestions from anyone, if we see them as holding some sort of authority over us. Falling into old ways of being and seeing are, as they say, easy as falling off a log. Try to remain astride yours. (Mercury square Ceres, trine SN).

And for the 16th:

Authorities and those who felt they had nature on their side may find that their path isn’t as clear as they thought (Ceres quincunx NN), and acting as an individual, or a leader, will definitely have social pitfalls (Mars quincunx Jupiter). Those who are willing, however, to think with others in mind (who are willing to give them equal weight to the Self) will gain both co-operation and empowerment through the social sphere. That’s really the magic formula for today, and is accessible if we can keep cynicism to a minimum (Mercury into Libra, sextile Juno, Juno into Sagittarius).

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This Dark of the Moon

Hans Holbein the Younger 16th century {{PD-Art}}

This evening Pacific time we begin the Dark of the Moon period that precedes every New Moon. It’s always a time of contemplation, when the spirit does best to retreat from the world, just a little, and live more within the inner life than the outer one. This spiritual withdrawal is possible, no matter what your daily life is like; it’s purely seated in a mental stance that allows us some distance from the whirl and stress and demands that surround us. It is a practice of inner awareness, and so requires a shift of attention, even though one may continue involvement in the everyday; it’s a chance to practice calm within, no matter what is happening in our world.

To see this period as requiring physical retreat from the world is to miss the point, and to squander its effectiveness at allowing us to be in the world but not of it. Anyone can sit in a quiet place with calming music and chimes and incense and drift inward; a true meditative spirit carries that state of serenity within, and presents it in the check-out line, in dealing with a squalling child, in speaking with the credit card company, in traffic. The Dark of the Moon offers an influence that makes that internal drift much easier with the conscious mind employed than it usually would–and that is the point: practice the very difficult balancing act of summoning serenity and internal quiet in the midst of worldly chaos when the Universe encourages us to, and it becomes easier to summon that calm anytime we need it.

It seems to me especially important that we pursue this spiritual exercise before this New Moon in Virgo, as what begins with it is likely to ask us to use our powers of discernment, our critical faculties, and our ‘mission’ in life as guides from which to respond to events, specifically to whatever is conceived at this point. The Sabian Symbol is ‘Mary And Her Little Lamb’, suggesting, at least in part, that guradianship of, and possible loss of, resources could be at stake–and that means we need to be centered within ourselves and our values in order to deal with challenges presented effectively.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 10 September 2012: ‘A Unique Window’


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‘Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunshine’ Hammershoi 1900 {{PD-Art}}

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9 PM PDT of the 10th the Cancer Moon trines Earth in Pisces, followed by a sextile of Moon to Mercury in Virgo. We have a unique window in which to ‘sense’ material matters and then successfully bring them to the conscious mentality. This offers an excellent point at which to understand what is surrounding us and why, and to bring it fully into the mind, with nothing obscured or left out. We can be sure of what we perceive, if we are open to the Truth of our reality.

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Just a Little Astro Essence for 9 September 2012: ‘Outlook: Burny, and Really Unpleasant’


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‘Madame Liotard and Her Eldest Son’ by J-E Liotard 1766 {{PD-Art}}

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The 9th of September sees perfection of one, very spicy aspect: Mars sesquiquadrate Ceres. This may stir an enormous amount of upset, as the ego and the temper just can’t hold back when it comes to confronting authority, Mother Nature (and we know how much good yelling at Mother Nature does!) or actual Mom. The urge to express will be like hot sauce on the tongue: burny, and really unpleasant, but it would do us good to realize that our attention is really on ourselves–we’re thinking about what we want to say, what we mean, so that Mom or the person in charge is more than likely nothing more than a convenient target. Think twice before you open your mouth.

Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 7 September 2012: ‘Abdication’


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Don’t be this fella. ‘Three Studies of a Donkey’ Gerard ter Borch the Elder 1612

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9 AM PDT 7 September Luna squares Chiron, sextiles Pallas, and quincunxes Pluto. We try to adjust but it still hurts–we have to accept that a little pain is inevitable, and maybe it’s smart to open arms to the adjustment, the acceptance, and the hurt, as a reminder that we’re human. A few will take the fleeting and wide Finger of God with Gemini Moon apex and base of Mars-Pluto to heart and lash out, show real anger, or have a tantrum. The rest of us will let it glide by, abdicating the opportunity to act like an ass.


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