The Essence for 2 June 2011: Drawing Strength, Avoiding Pitfalls


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'Girl with a Hay Rake' Winslow Homer 1878 {{PD-Art}}

3 AM PDT sees the Moon trine Vesta; we are bolstered by home, by communion with those intimate to us, and by those things to which we’re dedicated. It’s as if we draw strength and support from our choices–a nice feeling, with an unusual direction of ‘flow.’ Just before 1 PM PDT the Moon makes a square to Ceres as she conjuncts the South Node. The big danger is that we will fall back to old ways of reacting to authorities, or to the challenges of nature. To use past methods of coping or of approaching problems (and dealing with authorities will feel like a problem) would be highly ineffective. We need to avoid knee-jerk responses, and draw on what we’ve learned from our history without feeling (and so reacting and thinking) like we’re children again.

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The Essence for the Solar Eclipse of 1 June 2011: Making Manifest the Desire


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Thomas Cole 'The Architect's Dream' 1840 {{PD-Art}}

Solar eclipse occurs at 2:02 PM PDT at 11 Gemini 01. Using our usual 2 degree orb, we have only two aspects for this eclipse: trines to Saturn and h.Zeus. A Solar eclipse is, in a symbolic sense, a big, bright birth, where the intuition and emotional factor, for a short interval, blocks the Solar principle, which is all that’s open, conscious, and life-giving–but in the blocking is a symbolic absorption, and thus a powerful combination of the unconscious and intuitive with the conscious and worldly–and a new level of understanding is born.

With the Sun/ Moon conjunction we see a strong, positive relationship to time, constraint, form, reality, and what’s solid (Saturn) and we see the eclipse energy contacting the concepts of ambition and desire (h.Zeus)–this marries the ‘birth’ energy, ‘what is,’ and the push of goals and desires in a powerful three-way relationship, making for an eclipse that rides on a swell of highly perceptible and highly charged energy. In particular, the input of h.Zeus is one of desiring, asserting, and working to gain, and may be the ‘secret’ engine behind the Solar eclipse impetus.

We’ll bring into the reality only those things we’ve invested with a serious desire energy and in some sense released into the Collective. This is in part because 1) the h.Zeus involved is the transiting body, not the natal one, and 2) because an eclipse involves the current transiting Moon, symbol of the Collective unconscious and the emotion that is ‘stored’ in the Akashic Records (briefly, that’s an energy record of all that has ever been) where our ‘energy investment’ is recorded–and from which it will be manifested by the eclipse contact to Saturn. So, what comes must meet these conditions–and will be related directly to the natal House where the eclipse occurs.

The Sabian for the Solar Eclipse echoes what the planetary scheme already spelled out–with the important addition that this will occur in an area for each individual where we feel either at a disadvantage, or where we have been struggling for our personal independence, but where we are somewhat sophisticated. To begin something we’ve dreamed of, independent of others (or of previous restraints or restrictions), something we’ve been striving for and for which we’ve put energy, consciously or not, into the Collective–this is the essence of the Solar eclipse for June 2011 at a personal level.

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The Essence for 31 May 2011: ‘Open Mind, Allow Input’


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You'll do a lot better if you open that mental window Carl Holsoe c.1900 {{PD-Art}}

Moon conjuncts Mercury at 7:30 AM Pacific; in Taurus this might be both comforting (we are somehow reassured by our own thoughts, and by our material circumstances) and may encourage a kind of closed minded-ness–we are snug within our mental worlds, why leave, or let anything contrary in? The trick is to enjoy the comfort without wallowing in it; to close off our minds at this point, on the verge of a Void (beginning at 8:37 AM PDT), is to invite difficulties that come with a lack of tolerance, flexibility, and openness to change and the new. So try to stay open, best you can.

It’s a long Void; the Moon enters Gemini at 4:56 PM PDT. Of course, we have an immediate square to Neptune, which will play directly off the Void period–it can be rough territory, peopled with delusion, fantasy, and deception, if we did not manage the ‘open mind, allow input’ required previously. For those who did, this may put them back in touch strongly with a prior dream–suddenly it’s back on our minds, and we may begin to hatch a plan, or at least put it on the front burner (where we can get it cooking!) once again.

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The Essence for 30 May 2011: The Pleasure Principle


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James Tissot 'Holyday' c.1876

Just before noon Pacific the Moon squares Pallas; what feels good may not be wise–don’t ignore this in favor of devotion to the pleasure principle–take a very conservative course at this time–wait if possible. Prior to 2 PM PDT the Moon trines Juno, showing us the truly empowering choice–NOW go! 4 PM PDT and the Moon squares Vesta. This points out precisely how our choices (indulgences?) have been inconsistent with our most sacred needs–pay attention and put what we honor back in the forefront.

5:30 PM the Taurus Moon conjuncts Venus–NOW we celebrate, now we enjoy the luxuries, the relationships, the assets and talents–appreciation for the material, for one’s state of abundance, permeates all; it’s soothing, it’s enjoyable, it’s fun–no reason not to appreciate life–for appreciation of what is, and of all that we have, is a prayer of thanks, whether we know we are praying or not.

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The Essence for 29 May 2011: Down to the Bone



19th century playing card

Just before 4 PM Pacific the Moon sextiles Chiron; the sense is of almost an insistence on seeing hurt via our relationships to others through material things. We need to realize that our perspective on this issue is not an objective one, but one that has invested objects or assets with an exaggerated meaning; we seem to see the objects as making a statement about how much we are loved (or how much more someone else is loved than we!) A conscious decision to utilize our most unique skills at this point will keep us out of the prickly quagmire, and perhaps even heal an emotional wound that’s been hanging open for some time (and this was probably something we were not too aware of until the Moon came along and brushed up against it, causing the sting!)

The Taurus Moon trines Pluto, 7:30-ish PM PDT, and we have either transformed the emotional outlook or we are picking away furiously at that wound. Ow! Here’s your therapy: Stop it! I joke; if it were that easy we’d all refrain, wouldn’t we? At least don’t dig down to the bone–it’s pointless, and only leaves you exhausted. Instead embrace the Plutonian energy contacted as the energy that will clean out the dross, change things, set you free–and embrace it without fear of oblivion; that’s the only way to access the regenerative qualities of the phoenix.

The Essence for 28 May: Mostly Placid


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View of Donner Lake by Bierstadt pre-1902 {{PD-Art}}

Just before 4 PM PDT the Moon trines the North Node in Fire, lighting up the emotional consequences of the life direction; suddenly we see where we’re headed, for better or worse :)

It’s a slow day, Lunar-ly speaking.

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The Essence for 27 May 2011: Follow the Will


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Brick wall Graffiti-art in Milan, Italy, in Viale San Michele del Carso street. Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto, January 23 2008 Thank you, Giovanni!

Brick Wall Graffiti-art in Milan, Italy, in Viale San Michele del Carso street. Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto, January 23 2008 Thank you, Giovanni!

1:30 PM PDT and the Moon opposes Saturn; either we put on the brakes ourselves, or someone does it for us. Saturn is virtually at a standstill in prep for direction on June 12th, making it feel like we’re hitting a brick wall. The intuition can’t seem to get around it, and the emotional perceptions feel frustrated by the unfeeling nature of the Saturnian block: rules, time, authority, all just exist, in this instance, and we are lucky if we realize that the way out is to follow the Will. That’s rarely an appropriate answer, but this time, it works.

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The Essence for 26 May 2011: Relaxing Into the Void


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There’s a Void that lasts through 5:36 PM PDT when the Moon enters Aries; until then, know that things are unlikely to go as anticipated and unexpected events, no-shows, and disinterest will be the order of the day. A Void Pisces Moon is about as void-y as we can get, with distraction, dreaming, and chillin’ almost unavoidable–might as well relax~

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The Essence for 25 May 2011: Nature is a Woman


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Bierstadt 1886 'Storm in the Rocky Mountains' {{PD-Art}}

Here are the two most exciting Lunar periods for the 25th; since one is very early, I thought I should publish early, so you can take full advantage of it.

3 AM is the Moon’s sextile to Venus; Venus is in her dignity (a sign she rules) and the Moon is in the sign of Venus’ exaltation–is this meaningful? Perhaps only in that the energies are especially open to each other; the flow of emotional perceptions and intuition keyed to the Collective, the Universe, and the creative depths (Pisces) moves easily into relationship matters, the attaining of assets, especially those that comfort (Taurus), and into artistic endeavors, particularly those of an artisanal or crafts nature. This is the energy US East Coasters and Midwesterners start their day with, doubling the effect and allowing them to extend the effect; they ‘carry it with them,’ so to speak, as the energy that launches our day can linger, influencing our mentality and approach. Poor West Coasters! This happens when most are sleeping–but early risers catch the tail end and ride it out. A beautiful opportunity–make the most of it.

1 PM Pacific the Moon conjuncts Ceres in Pisces, bringing two strong female symbols together. Intensely felt intuition and even stronger instincts (Ceres) are tuned to nature (Ceres) and the Collective/ Universe (Pisces). This is an almost magical window for the anima in us all; an immense knowing is possible, one where the intuition and all instincts align and can tell us anything about the natural world, or the other Beings in it, we’d like to know. Also hugely healing, and powerful for all female related functions: reproduction, nurture, receptivity–open to the Universe and go with it!

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The Essence for 24 May 2011: Open, Honest Healing


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Whistler's 'Caprice in Purple and Gold' 1903 or before {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

Moon enters Pisces at 5:24 AM Pacific, and immediately is conjunct Neptune. What should we expect when our emotions and intuition meet the imagination, the mystical, the Collective, or lies? Obviously, it depends greatly on which of these we encounter–and this will be determined at this point by how open, honest, and above-board is our own relationship with Neptunian energies. It will be a ‘like attracts like’ encounter, with Neptune’s current presence in our life brought forward and put front and center in our perceptions. We will receive the full emotional brunt of this; the gift of this is that we can intuit precisely how to handle things, and if need be, how to change them for the better.

Post 3 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Chiron, melding the emotions with either one’s sense of primal wound, or one’s initiative to heal–your choice. If you find yourself hurting, it  suggests you may be too attuned to your own pain–something that can only be remedied by finding something else to put your attention on, while at the same time being willing to heal the wound; together those should allow you to take specific steps to move forward, away from the hurt you may have been carrying for quite some time.

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