17 November 2010: Venus Speaks


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'The Birth of Venus' Cabanel 1863 {{PD-Art}}

While we’re waiting around for those all-powerful Directions of Venus and Jupiter, let’s take a look at what lovely Venus is trying to tell us. She acts right now as the apex of a Finger of God, with base of Uranus sextile Earth (and, by the 6 PM PST hour of the 18th, a stationary Venus receives the opposing light of the Aries Moon, adding emotional revelation and resistance to the picture). The config suggests that, no matter what preceded it, the end of the Venus retro brings shocking, surprising, or just plain unusual material/ physical results. This outcome may be centered in the matters Venus has resurrected from 8 years ago, or may combine the matters of the Houses where Earth and Uranus are situated currently in the natal chart–in any case, the typical channeling of the sextile out through the apex occurs, but is then reversed with Venus’ station–and we can expect that the biggest jolt, shock, or moment of understanding is presented in terms of our values, relationships, or earning capacity/ assets and the way these alter the material reality, physical circumstances, and/ or have an intellectual or group-focused impact. We likely get our first taste of the true meaning of this with the Moon’s opposition to Venus, which introduces us to the way we feel about what’s going on, offers intuitive understanding of developments, and may bring temper or Willfulness to the fore (Aries). The brief Void that follows opposition unleashes a bit of chaos, which is fully implemented with Venus’ Direct motion. Of course, all this may be internal (or, if the 12th is involved, or either apex or all or part of the sextile sits below the horizon for you), some or all of the effect may be unconscious, and so perhaps not recognized as the change or conclusion that it is until well after the fact.

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16 November 2010: It Gets Messy

From here it’s all just waiting for the Direction of Venus and Jupiter, on the 18th (see the Evolving November Forecast for more detail), followed by the Full Moon of the 21st–but there are some highlights along the way, starting with the Moon’s square to the Nodal axis and Pluto, 9:30-ish PM the 16th. This says emotional tension, the kind that’s totally under control until it’s not! Pluto likes to speak softly and carry that big stick, and he will be taking names. Sticking up for ourselves is not an option–we’ll be in Aries Moon territory, which for Pluto is little brother territory–he will not take kindly to an assertive (or aggressive) upstart. Check the way this hooks into the natal for details on how you might be vulnerable. For myself, this config fills in a Grand Cross with my Mercury; my mouth is liable to fly open, with Pluto inserting every foot he can find and me going on a destructive tear that leaves me nailed to the Cross but good! Like Carly said, Anticipation Anyway, more than caution is in order; this is one of those times I for one will be chaining myself to the radiator, so that no one is injured as I go emotionally werewolf.

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15 November 2010: Awash in Emotion



The Sun is trine Jupiter in Water; we will either love the feeling of being awash in perception and emotion, or may feel like we’re drowning. In the first case, enjoy it, and in the latter, the attention must go to allowing a kind of surrender to emotional realities. In both cases the outcome can be positive if we have the humility to recognize forces at work in the Universe and in ourselves that are larger than individual consciousness.

Moon square Pallas on the 15th in the 9 AM Pacific hour may bring flashes of brilliance (possibly even in the midst of conflict!) or wise (though perhaps not easy to swallow) guidance. Don’t be too proud to do what’s best.

The 7 PM hour sees the Moon trine Vesta in Water. This is a wonderful influence to mend or reinforce emotional fences, particularly in the home, with the intimate partner, or in areas sacred to you. A little kindness and gentle, accepting demeanor will go miles.

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14 November 2010: Invisible Touch



Sitting back and enjoying the senses might not be as easy as usual Edmund Tarbell 1894 {{PD-Art}} Arrangement in Pink and Gray

Today the Earth and Sedna join up in Taurus (and of course, this means the Sun is opposed Sedna) and the effect may be one of being unable to connect with our surroundings and our material situation. Considering this occurs in the sign of the bull, we may be very frustrated, seeking to really experience the material (which would be the likely inclination with Moon in Pisces) or we could  immerse ourselves in the sensual and physical (especially in terms of enjoyment or indulgence) and not truly notice what it is we’re involved in, at least not in any way where the experience will hold our awareness. Not really a day to expect to keep our minds from drifting; for more on the influences today, read http://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/only-for-fall-2010-eclipse-readers/ If you still need the password, get it here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/the-latest-new-fall-2010-eclipse/ Thanks!

13 November 2010: Confusion or Creation


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The remainder of the 13th sees the Aquarius Moon conjunct both Neptune and Chiron–do we feel confused with this, or laser-focused on our creative, imaginative, or healing and/ or hurting energies? It’s both our choice and an expression of our inclinations, what results from this–but we can train things in a positive direction if we’ll only concentrate on putting the energy out; if we should instead be inclined to sit back and be too passive, we may brood about our injuries–and that will waste the strong potential for smart creative choices with this influence.

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12 November 2010: A Little Night Music


by M. Hondecoeter 1670 {{PD-Art}}

It’s all intellectual music, thanks to the Aquarius Moon. It skims along through the evening hours Pacific without a lot of contact (though a 7:30 PM sextile to Pallas says we will use our evening wisely). There is music, and magic, to be had, with Chiron still conjunct Neptune, it’s just that we may not see it easily, with Sedna square the two. That, plus Sun opposed Sedna (and so coming to square with Chiron and Neptune) suggests that we must look to an inner light for inspiration (as Sedna ‘blocks the Sun’ in some important way). So, think about how you’d most like to spend the time, and the mind will create it, as long as you are open to taking an original (semi-sextile to Uranus), spontaneous (ditto), and creative tack.

Have a great night!

11 November 2010: From Sunny Canada

It actually stopped being sunny this morning (though it was spectacular yesterday, bright and crisp, the crowds dotted with Remembrance Day poppies–now Veteran’s Day in the US); the harbor here in Victoria is foggy and this hotel, an old dowager called ‘The Empress’ is really quiet. So I’m sending you a virtual postcard and wave, with no real astrology (but the Sun is approaching opp to Sedna, which of course means the Earth is approaching conjunct, and this may obscure the very things we’re placing our attention on–a kind of compulsion to examine something we really can’t see! So whatever your eye is drawn to over the next three or four days, know that it deserves–or needs–your input and examination, but that you are supremely unsuited to analyze that particular thing now! Time to ask a friend for help). Have an excellent day–I’m off to coffee!

November 10-12: Sacred and Solar


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By evening of the 9th we see the Sun and Vesta still very close together in Scorpio, and this continues through the 12th; the melding of the Solar energy and the sacred principles of life makes for a monolithic sense of authority to those things that are illuminated in our lives–look to the natal House where this meeting is occuring (around 17 Scorpio) to know where that idea of sacredness is applying. For instance, in the 1st House this may imply a feeling that you have the answers to what’s most important now, while in the 8th House the assets of others may seem to be the thing that must be respected. It’s a feeling that will permeate the next few days, so take a moment to pinpoint it and work it out.

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9 November 2010: Authentic Feeling

Moon enters Capricorn on the 9th at 5:36 AM PST, contacting Pluto and the North Node, and illuminating that config (explained in detail in the Private Pages). What we may feel at this point may not be authentic to ourselves; when the Moon’s involved, we could be reflecting a darkness that is familiar but not a true read of our own depths. Keep this in mind as it may be easy to take on a tragic tone as the day begins for Pacific coast denizens (and this may settle on others at corresponding points in their day).

By 11 PM PST of the 9th the Moon will meet Ceres and both will be semi-sextile Mars. The struggle here may be subtle, with maternal or feminine instincts pitted quietly against ego, Will, aggression, or masculine drives. Once you can accept that there’s room for both inclinations, both internally and externally, then the way is opened to co-operation.

For more (particularly on that unusual config in evidence at this time) see the Private Pages on for ECLIPSE readers–purchase gives you access to the full picture http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/the-latest-new-fall-2010-eclipse  Thanks to all who are supporting, reading, participating. As you may have noticed, the public postings have been very truncated as of late–this is thanks to the handful of persistent thieves who continue to take my and my colleagues’ work. I’ve just received personal communications from someone who had massive amounts of her work stolen and posted without her consent. To the thieves: I don’t understand how you can be so totally disrespectful of others’ efforts (because so often, you hide behind the idea that you are benefiting others, both seekers and authors, by stealing–a real bunch of new age Robin Hoods!) The belief that you are ‘helping’ us by taking our writing and ‘sharing’ it is ludicrous–does the thief help the baker by taking his bread? No. Copyright means we decide when and how our work is used–it is not solely about attribution or payment–it is about what we want to do with what we’ve created. I’m very close to ending public posting for myself altogether, and my friend has already withdrawn a great deal of her work. It would be a shame if what is given freely at present disappears because certain people insist they have the ‘right’ to take whatever they want. I’m very near naming names of those who persistently steal from this blog–though it’s obvious that some knowthat what they’re doing is wrong because they hide behind screen names. I’ve discovered the identity of some of you, and others I’ve got a short list of possiblities; the ill-will you’re breeding in the astrological community is monumental–this has been a major topic of late, as it happens to more and more of us–and I believe it will come back to haunt you–not here, as you slink about in the shadows (or even act friendly toward we astrologers, under another guise), but in life, where karma will make sure the scales are balanced, and you have something personally important and meaningful taken from you. That’s my authentic feeling on this chill autumn night.

8 November 2010: Embracing Discretion


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Here’s the tip for the day:  In the early morning hours of the 8th Mercury moves into the 29th degree of Scorpio, semi-sextile Venus, taking the lady of love’s tension and giving it a ready outlet in communications. Yikes! Control is even more important than ususal with this influence; discretion, especially choosing to hold back rather than speak out, is in this instance very much the better part of valor. Venus is not herself nowadays–she’ll appreciate that you held back (and so will you) once she goes direct.

For a more detailed forecast, try ECLIPSE magazine, purchase of which offers access to the Private Pages here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/the-latest-new-fall-2010-eclipse/ and get a comprehensive look at Juno, including the details on her role in synastry, her http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com Thanks, and enjoy your Monday!


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