The Essence for 22 July 2011: Pursued and Pursuer


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Even if we study this picture, it remains mysterious. Rimmer 'Flight and Pursuit' 1872 {{PD-Art}}

8 PM PDT brings the Moon square the Sun–fundamental differences among allies may come to light–though the Sun pulls ahead before the aspect perfects, and moves into Leo (9:12 PM Pacific), which, I suppose, begins the Void–but a backward one, with the pursued object outpacing the pursuer! Hmm, I wonder if that says anything about the current situation–because I think it does. Look for sudden reversals of situations that we assume to be a particular way, and especially look for a significant ‘drawing away’ of energy in a capacity that previously appeared set.

The Lunar orb enters Taurus, 9:58 PM PDT, and immediately aspects our friends: the Sun/ Earth axis by T, Neptune by sextile, and Ceres by semi-sextile–which latter two, technically, put Ceres at the midpoint of Neptune and the Moon. The T, as usual, asks us to examine the life direction; these are typically moments of reflection that help to keep our emotional outlook in line with our life efforts and the material situation we’re creating. The midpoint picture suggests that the place where our ideals, imagination, creativity, and fantasy meet our emotional and intuitive abilities is the place where we find our authority, connection to nature, and our ‘power role’–this can be a point where we see our way clear to express our primal creative intent–this can provide a great deal of vital information about our internal ‘power set-up’ and the ways we can successfully manifest/ access it.

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The Essence for 21 July 2011: Coming Clean


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Degas pre-1917 {{PD-Art}}

7:30 AM PDT the Moon opposes Saturn, likely prompting us to state our case or assert ourselves in partnership or relationship. This may be something of a culmination of this energy; there is a need for us to make clear who we are within the interaction dynamic–and we can do so at this point with unusual clarity, and with the very healthy option of putting our own needs and interests, especially emotional ones, first. By 9:30 AM Pacific the Moon opposes h.Zeus, suggesting that we have a good chance of feeling empowered by the way we handled the Saturn contact, and now we may put our desires and ambitions on the table. This is a ‘come clean’ series of contacts, and if handled well, could propel us to a higher level of honesty with others and ourselves.

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The Essence for 20 July 2011: Paperwork, Then Soul Searching


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The Semper Augustus tulip was the most expensive tulip sold during Tulipmania in the Netherlands, 17th century drawing in the Norton Simon collection, Los Angeles {{PD}}

3:30 AM PDT of the 20th the Moon trines the Sun and opposes Juno. We know who we are, but have some difficulty empowering ourselves–it seems others are critical or require specific paperwork (Virgo) and we thought our positive intention toward the Universe would be enough (Pisces). There’s really no arguing to be done here; believe in yourself and gather your papers and credentials. Void begins at 5:03 AM PDT as the Moon begins to pull away from Juno, with the Moon entering Aries, 9:25 AM PDT.

7:30 PM PDT the Moon squares Pluto, either heaping fuel on the Arian Fire (and perhaps supplying the resolve, via Capricorn, to act, condemn, confirm, or end the matter) or resulting in some active, deep, and possibly intrusive Soul searching–intrusive because the Soul we may be prompted to search might not be our own! Again, tread with care, and consider channeling this energy into cleaning out something, whether that’s internal or external. Taking the energy in hand positively can give us the vigor and perspective to re-generate, reform, or re-birth something important.

Hints for job seekers from Diane Lang

The Essence for 19 July 2011: Love Transmitted, & One’s Own Little Corner of Hell


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Love transmitted in, what else? A Love Letter, by Pedro Lira pre-1912 {{PD-Art}} I almost went with a picture of hell by Bosch, but it looked a little too much like an unpleasant farmer's market!

9:30 AM PDT of the 19th the Moon trines Venus in Water, offering a tremendous opening for harmonious emotional outreach in relationships–take advantage, and plan something, even a small note or event, to coincide with this time–the feeling of love transmitted will be unmistakable.

1:30 PM PDT the Moon squares Mars; we may burst with emotional, aggressive talk, some (or all) of which will be streaming from the unconscious–or we may feel agitated and go looking for someone to talk it out with. Outrage could center on large institutions–they’re easy targets anyway, and this transit may make us feel our righteous attitude needs expression! In this instance, what you’re saying is probably right–but it’s likely to be a mad cacophony out there, as everyone may have steam to blow off. Don’t take angry words too seriously; many will be just a little bit tormented at this point, shouting out from their own little corner of hell, but not really meaning what they say.

The Essence for 18 July 2011: God’s Divining Rod


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God as Architect/ Builder from the frontispiece of the Moralisee Bible mid-13th century French

Prior to noon Pacific time the Moon sextiles Jupiter. At this point, what we feel will be exaggerated; if you happen to have a natal placement at 7 Libra or very close to it, then this placement will be the apex to a magnifying Finger of God–and like a divining rod the natal energy will receive the Piscean emotional energy in concert with the god-like Jupiterian energy and begin to ‘vibrate’–making the essence of this placement THE driving force for a considerable period (I’m guessing 24-48 hours) that will significantly overshadow anything else active at present. The better you know this energy, the more effectively you can command it. For those who don’t have a natal placement at this spot, the sextile will jump start emotional contact with the social scene, signifying a lively time or encounter.

By 9:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes h.Zeus–and if we’ve harnessed Saturn we can apply it to the ambitions and desires–the Pisces Moon energy has given us a creative way to think of accomplishing, and we can target something we seriously want or want to accomplish.

The Essence for 17 July 2011: Focus on Empowerment


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Here is a most unusual picture: 'Freyja, Cats, and Angels' You figure it out. {{PD-Art}} Blommer 1852

8:30 AM PDT sees the Moon square Sedna and trine the South Node; even when we’re unable to pinpoint our feelings, we are able to draw from the past, from memory at all levels, and move in the right direction. Next comes the Moon’s quincunx to the Sun, 10 AM-ish Pacific, and the effect may be like having a bright light shone on matters–we’ll see just how we need to adjust, especially emotionally. At this point the Moon effectively forms a Finger of God with the Sun’s sextile to Juno in Virgo. Here we see the need to focus on empowerment and the scenario that will allow us to express our sense of personal authority; once this is in our sights, we will feel a strong ‘hit’ of intuitive power and emotional clarity. Excellent.

Adept astrologer Elaine Kalantarian offers us this perceptive re-telling of the Skeleton Woman story, applicable not just to the eclipse for which this was originally posted at Blue Moon Astrology

The Essence for 16 July 2011: Work Hard, Then Call It A Night


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Breton 1887 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

Just after 10:00 AM PDT the Moon trines Saturn. Is this a working Saturday for you? It might seem like it, even if you’re off–but if we’ll embrace constructive activity of any kind, it will go easily and make us feel we’ve gotten an immense amount accomplished. Noonish the Moon trines h.Zeus, and energies play right into the efforts of those of us who used the Saturn energy well–everyone else may feel frustrated, spending the time thinking about their ambitions and dreams, but doing nothing effective about them. Notice who in your world falls on which side of the Saturn/ h.Zeus divide–it’ll tell you a lot about attitudes, whose words you can believe and who you can trust, as those who end up grousing and doing little will also have a tendency to make promises they can’t keep, out of disorganization or weakness of character–better to know this now than later.

9:30 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Vesta, putting us firmly in touch with our most sacred values, with home and our most intimate partners. West Coasters, make it an early evening; de-stressing at home, and maybe in the arms of the one you love, is the way to go! Just after 11 PM PDT the Moon trines Mars, giving us a second reason to go home early; it’s just too easy to over-assert, and altercations will be a dime a dozen. It also might be one of those unfortunate times when strangers are targeted by the unwell and the unbalanced. I’m not trying to scare anyone, just pointing out that (and I think this is no secret) those who are weak-minded, polluted somehow, or lacking an active spiritual consciousness are more prone to respond unthinkingly to prevalent energies–and with mind (Gemini, Aquarius), emotion (Moon), and aggression (Mars) the entirety of the Lunar transitory mix, responses will play on mental difficulties others suffer.

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The Essence for 14-15 July 2011: The Capricorn Full Moon ‘The End’


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Landseer 1835 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

The Full Moon occurs on the 14th Pacific time 11:39 PM at 22 Capricorn 27. We only have two perfected (within 2 degrees) aspects of the Full Moon/ Earth combination: a trine to Sedna, and a quincunx to the South Node. In short, we are looking at endings that we won’t know are endings at the time. These will involve ideas or discussions from the past and the material assets, values, skills, and all structures upon which we’ve come to rely in our world; these factors will mix and in some way produce an ending, probably centered in the issues of the Houses where these placements lie in the natal chart (SN is at 23 Gemini 17 and Sedna is at 22 Taurus 59, Full Moon 22 Capricorn 27).

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The Essence for 13 July 2011: A Challenge Worth Pursuing


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Romako pre-1889 {{PD-Art}}

Just after 2 PM Pacific the Moon sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus, possibly opening the emotions to hurt by the group; or will we be confronted by emotional dissonance created by our own rebellious urges? If we’re too afraid of being hurt, chaos could be the result, as we abdicate responsibility in the hope that it will shield us from sudden upset. If we throw ourselves into this energy combination, we can be hugely creative, by bringing our most unique skills to bear on our most original ideas–it’s a challenge worth pursuing.

By 4 PM PDT the Moon is conjunct Pluto. This aspect brings an emotional read to the ongoing Plutonian journey through Capricorn–and lets us get a measure of how we feel about changes to the structures of our lives. We may find ourselves surprisingly emotional about changes not just in our personal lives but to things that affect many (especially to things we counted on: jobs, laws, government stipends, pensions, ordinances, and even to the relationships among the governments of countries, and other establishment entities). Will likely be a time of review, and may bring surprising revelations and choices about your true feelings.

The Essence for 12 July 2011: Ouroboros


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The Ouroboros, from an ancient Greek text {{PD}} via Wikimedia Commons

1:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes the Sun–it’s a moment of adjustment, where we see that the emotions are in some way misaligned with our direction and purpose. This aspect to the Sun initiates a Finger of God with Moon as apex and a base of Sun sextile Sedna. Even as we are discerning differences between our emotional reactions and our direction, we become caught up in a desire to fully realize the emotions (and perhaps fully access the intuition). We feel we need our Lunar energies as a guide–but we are in some fundamental way prevented from complete understanding–and this likely comes in the form of the matters of whatever is drawing our attention at this time (likely where the transiting Sun is). It may feel that the current concerns are overwhelming; the real problem, however, is that we are trying to apply the wrong measure (the emotions) to the current problems–we must solve the problems first, in order to understand how we’re feeling about things, and that’s just not to be, as things are obscured (by Sedna). So, we are set on a course that is like the ancient Ouroboros, the snake that is perpetually eating its own tail; where does one difficulty begin, and the others end? The energies misdirect us like a clever magician. Better to take a stance of indifference and non-interference; it’s in inaction that we make the right move.

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