Just a Little Lunar Essence 31 October 2012: ‘Feeling We Must Be Heard’


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‘The Gossip’ Gestel c1905 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Gemini at 11:41 AM PDT.

Right away the Moon forms a T-square with a square to Neptune and an opposition to Mercury. It may be tempting for those so inclined to drive communications off into a ditch full of tall tales and outright lies; everyone else will be frustrated in getting their message across and everyone will be prone to misunderstandings. Though with Merc going retro soon the sense that we must  be heard (or make the agreement, or draw the contract) immediately strong, insisting at this time will only cause difficulties. Relax, retreat, and re-group before going forward.

8 PM PDT the Moon trines Venus; we can enjoy ourselves at this point, though the question is, will money be flowing to us or through our fingers? You know who you are, so you know which one it will be–proceed accordingly.

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On the Sabian for the Taurus Full Moon of 29 October 2012: ‘Never Thirst Again’


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‘Well, Millstone, and Cistern Under Trees’ Cezanne c1870 {{PD-Art}}

The Full Moon arrives at 12:48PM PDT of the 29th at 6 Taurus 47. Commentary on the meaning of the Full Moon is from the latest issue of ECLIPSE; this particular excerpt discusses the Sabian symbol for the meeting of Moon and Earth:

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘The Woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well’. In the New Testament of the Bible, this is the woman who goes to the well as Jesus sits near it, and since he has no equipment with which to reach into the well and pull up water, he asks her for a drink. Apparently this surprises her, as the Jews and the Samaritans did not at that time interact; they begin a conversation, where Jesus talks of the power of knowing God as water, and famously tells her that if she drinks from the well, she’ll be thirsty again, while if she drinks in the spiritual sense, she’ll never thirst again. It’s notable, though, that she’s only convinced that Jesus knows what he’s talking about when he speaks of her 5 previous husbands, and that she lives now with a man she’s not married to–then she declares Jesus a prophet. She knows of the prophecy of the Messiah who will be called the Christ, and Jesus declares himself to be this figure. The suggestion may be that in some way we are, at this Full Moon, the woman of Samaria in spirit, lead to spiritual enlightenment (and this is not specifically a Christian enlightenment–I’m simply playing off the symbol and the story) by someone we would not usually encounter or have an exchange with, who ‘sees’ into us in a way we don’t think is possible, and who in some way acts as a spiritual example for us.

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Just a Little AstroEssence for Your Weekend 26-28 October 2012: ‘Need to Know’


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‘The Lesson’ Renoir 1906 {{PD-Art}}

In the 26th of October at 7 AM Pacific time brings the Moon opposed Venus and trine Mercury. If you’re thinking of making a purchase, make it now, and if you’re contracting for something, paying as little as possible is on the current agenda. If, however, you are negotiating to be paid in some form, or are hoping your words will fall sweetly on a loved one’s ear, think again–you will likely not be paid what you’re worth (or what you could get elsewhere) and your loved one may not be feeling the love behind the message.

October 27th features the Sun trine Chiron and Mars sextile Zeus. It’s a day for healing, and this might either apply to the restoration of some dream or desire that had in the past been damaged and upon which we can now act (the dream itself healed) or that by pursuing our ambitions and desires we may find this a healing action. The suggestion is that there is something within our ambitions that can correct our own misperception about ourselves, whether that misperception comes from external or internal feedback.

On the 28th at 11:30 AM PDT the Moon hits the midpoint of Pallas-Sedna, suggesting that our emotions and ‘intuitions’ may right now just be expressions of Will (Moon in Aries) and so not at all trustworthy. We won’t recognize wisdom at this point if we fall in a bucket of it–so chill and wait a few hours, then take the emotional temperature again.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 24 October 2012: ‘Doing What’s Wise’


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Created and generously released into the public domain by Evan-Amos http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos

October 24th sees Venus oppose Pallas and square Vesta, while Mercury trines Pallas and quincunxes Vesta. We may be juggling relationships, finances, or values as we try to do what’s wise, and though we can think it through, our perception may be that, when it comes to actually applying what we’ve decided, it could appear to threaten the very relationship, financial situation, or life-value it’s meant to correct or benefit. It’s a time when it may be very difficult to put our money (or relationship, or choices) where our mouth is, as the saying goes–but we would be wise to grit our teeth and do it anyway, as anything that doesn’t survive this episode needed to go, anyway–even if we didn’t think so.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 23 October 2012: ‘Lash Out or Clam Up’


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‘A Basket of Clams’ Winslow Homer 1873 {{PD-Art}}

3 PM PDT the Aquarius Moon squares Sedna, then goes on to quincunx Venus and square Mercury. In effect we get a T-square wherein we ‘lose’ both feelings and our ability to articulate them, even as relationships, finances, or values are requiring us to make adjustments. Depending on how much your Self-image rests on being able to express yourself, you will in exact proportion find yourself frustrated and prone to lash out (or clam up). It’s not the time to deal with anything, simply because everything we encounter will feel as if it’s exerting pressure–and when we can’t even say ‘Ow!’ we’ll be feeling stymied, indeed.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 22 October 2012: Introspection, Change’


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Feuerbach 1864 {{PD-Art}}

On the 22nd the Sun enters Scorpio and Earth enters Taurus, while Venus trines Sedna and Mercury opposes it. Our attention turns to what we don’t know, something of a built-in prompt to worry–but about what? As long as we remember that this time of year is keyed to emotional introspection, into inspection of the dark corners, and into digging for the truth, we’ll embrace that darkness as part of the natural cycle, seeing it as coming forward in the ‘right’ time.

We’ll also see feelings (and even relationships) exposed, and words and thoughts shared in spite of our wishes not to; it’s a day to learn all about others, and to minimize our own exposure, as we may blurt out something better kept to ourselves.

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The Harp of the Soul


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Schneider 1906 {{PD-Art}}

Many of us ‘live’ more fully within other charts energies with which we identify more strongly than we do within the Sun. We may be highly sensitive, preferring the changeable shelter of our Moon, we may be highly attuned to the ‘face’ we present to the world and identify strongly with our Ascendant or with our chart ruler (which is another name for the Ascendant ruler), or we may vibe to Venus if we closely identify with our role as a woman, or Mars if we are a man, or the Moon if we carry the label of ‘Mother’ as primary identity. There’s nothing wrong with this, and sometimes an ‘alternate’ identity is what we need at a certain point in life (the sensitivity, dignity, and orientation toward study of our Chiron may get us through school, for example, our Mars may get us through our time in the Army, our Jupiter may help us through a time of social demands and scrutiny–think high school!–or our Pluto may get us through a major death or loss), though it should be said that we’re all not comfortable ‘living’ just any energy in any situation. For instance, a zeitgeist that calls for cool and laid back may not be an easy fit for the Jupiter in Capricorn individual, and wearing our Mars in Leo to a meditation circle won’t fly well, either!  All the energies play at identity issues, to some degree, but we must always re-orient ourselves to the Sun; it’s our core, indeed, it represents our Purpose, and the essence of our Beingness, and as such has a special role, indicating specific notes that the harp of our Soul must strike.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 18 October 2012: ‘Our Emotional Approach’


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Toulmouche c1890 {{PD-Art}}

7:30 PM PDT the Moon opposes Jupiter, and by 10:30 PM PDT squares Venus. These two contacts signal a long period of clash with the social sphere, pessimism, and potential loss of assets or love. Oh don’t cry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Our own negative emotional approach will be the real problem; if we can recognize our own ‘down’ attitude, we are halfway home in preventing any negative consequences.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 17 October 2012: ‘Adjust to Nature’


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‘Les Demoiselles Schwartz’ Anders Zorn before 1920 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 17th of October at 5:26 PM PDT

Right away the Moon squares Neptune to kick off his transit through Sag–why get all, ‘I have to get out of here!’ and ruin that creative endeavor or inspired effort? Stepping back for a bit, rather than running off, is the better course.

10:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Ceres. Adjustment to Mom, authorities, Mother Nature, or the need to negotiate comes forward. Resistance is futile; just do it, and worry about your own feelings later.

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