The Essence for 19 June 2011: The Need to Perfection


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Don't tie yourself in knots trying to be perfect Degas 1900 {{PD-Art}}

7 AM PDT and the Moon conjuncts Pallas in Aquarius. We see through the emotions and intuition just what is the wise thing–these are able to guide us at this time. Around 1 PM PDT the Moon moves through territory that is midway between Pallas and Vesta; this may be an excellent ‘decision point,’ or it may have another effect: we could feel emotionally pressured to live up to the highest ideals–and the situation we’re in may not really call for that. Be sure to measure carefully the need to perfection, and don’t impose it where it really doesn’t fit.

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The Essence for 18 June 2011: The Manic Side of Aquarius


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Tapestry detail c1400 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 1:08 AM Pacific of the 18th, with the Moon entering Aquarius at 4:48 AM PDT.

By noon PDT we have the Moon sextile Uranus and quincunx Mercury; once again communication is a crapshoot–we are likely to be too spontaneous in our utterances, too radical in our assertions, too rebellious in regard to the ideas and communications of others–how can we avoid this? It’s tough right now; with Mars as planet of latest degree, we are prone to acting and aggressing as ‘the answer’ to whatever ails us–and what ails us are some high flyin’ energies, especially of the emotional variety, that are pinballing around in our heads but that bear little relation to our current reality–such is the manic side of Aquarius. Look to the current position of transiting Saturn and to your natal Saturn–the matters of the Houses where these sit can act as anchors for us–these are the areas we can ground ourselves in and ride out the crazy (unless your Saturn is in Aquarius–then all bets are off!!)

Keep watch for a late PDT Grand Trine–should be delicious!

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The Essence for 17 June 2011: That Was Then, This Is Now


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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1889 {{PD-Art}}

2 PM-ish PDT the Capricorn Moon trines Sedna. This presents us with an emotional blind-spot that’s all the more confusing because what we’re trying to feel our way around is material or rule-oriented, and so seems as if it should be graspable–but it’s just not. Don’t commit or force a decision–just take a measured approach and see where later influences take you. Just before 4 PM PDT, however, the Moon will quincunx the South Node, and though we may be relieved that our blind spot is now filled with memory and lessons from the past (so that we can at least make our decisions based on the familiar) we can’t for a moment forget that that was then, and this is now–answers that once made sense might not anymore. Again, wait it out.

The Essence for 16 June 2011: Emotional Business


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Gauguin 1889 {{PD-Art}}

1 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Venus; we are challenged to adjust the emotions to what is communicated concerning relationships, money, and love. Just before 5 PM the Moon squares Saturn, Cardinal to Cardinal, of course, and presents us with a solid manifestation and/ or roadblock to our attempts to see to emotional business (Capricorn). It seems others, especially partners, are busy preventing our ‘smooth sailing’–but we provide the same roadblocks for them! The emotional need to impose rules and boundaries that is part and parcel of the Moon in Cappy is simply meeting the reality of trying to regulate the emotional landscape for everyone in sight–if your own boundaries are in the right places, this aspect can pass with nary a whisper–everyone else may receive a stoning, and not in a good way.

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The Essence of the Lunar Eclipse, 15 June 2011: The Power of Nature


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With this eclipse we will experience the pre-verbal power of our own nature. Fearnley c.1830 {{PD-Art}}

1:13 PM PDT of the 15th is the Lunar eclipse at 24 Sagittarius 23, with the Sun/ Earth-Moon axis conjunct the Nodal axis (Earth and Moon conjunct the North Node) and a T-square formed to the asteroid Ceres (at 26 Pisces 17), symbol of Mother Nature, of natural power and authority, of agriculture and growing things, of negotiation, and of mothering/ nurturing, and Mars is quincunx the Full Moon/ Earth conjunction, as is the asteroid Sedna, indicator of our ‘blind spot.’

The aspect picture is unusual in that we have a culmination that essentially challenges us to push forward with even more,exceptional energy that is rife with a sense of authority (Ceres), that requires us to modify our approach, actions, and efforts (the Mars quincunx), that attempts to nurture what’s important (Ceres), but that is fundamentally lacking in consciousness of the Self (the Sedna effect on Moon–the unconscious and the feelings–and the Sun–the identity)–a very tough aspect picture indeed. So, we will feel the push and pressure to put ourselves forward, to claim authority, to enact our Will, and yet will be without something so vital that it is literally the first differentiation we make as living beings; we experience our first Self-consciousness, our initial sense of ‘I,’ when we realize that Mommy/the  maternal figure is actually a separate Being from ourselves–and it is the moment before this realization that we will re-experience with this Full Moon eclipse.

This means the eclipse opens for us a kind of view into our primordial consciousness–and because this is pre-verbal, essentially experienced through feeling and sensation, the most likely funnel will be the Ceres placement, as it sits in the Pisces abiogenesis. Through our relationship to Mother Nature (so, through our senses, perceptions, and bodies, as well as interaction with the natural world), through a circumstance of negotiation (likely where emotions, rather than reasoning, should drive the discussion), through the act of nurturing or mothering or being mothered, or through dealing with our own or another’s given authority (the kind that a parent has over a child, for instance), we will meet the eclipse essence. The urge to affect the life direction (the Nodal contact) melds with the Will, the ‘I am,’ and the basic desire nature (“I want!”) and yet consciousness of the Self is not apparent–and we will be carried on a tide of feeling, sensation, and perception just as we were in early infancy!

That does not mean our responses and perceptions will be immature; rather, they will be fully felt in a way that leaves no room for verbally-framed thought– the desire to act, driven by feeling but lacking a root in a strong identity or thought-consciousness, will be the fundamental energy available.

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The Essence for 13 June 2011: The Energy Twilight


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The energy twilight might feel like this. Rousseau {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 10:44 AM PDT; for West Coasters, it’s another day spent in the energy twilight. The Moon doesn’t enter Sagittarius until 7:38 PM PDT. The Moon squares Neptune and we’re off to the races. After what for many will be, if not a hard day, then a wearing one, we must deal with delusion, fantasy, deception, and a foggy feeling that things are out-of-control. Resentment and frustration might be the result, as we are tired of going at things straight-on and finding them slippery and illegible–but that’s where we can find our aid, if we take an almost Zen approach here things can go very well. Focus on ideals, accept how nebulous things are at the moment, and embrace the playful, the imaginative, and the creative as a way to rise above any frustration.

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Saturn Direct 12 June 2011: Get Off of My Cloud!


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Tell Saturn, 'Get your own cloud!' Constable 1822 {{PD-Art}}

The Old Man goes direct in the 9 PM hour Pacific on the 12th, at 10 Libra 26. Saturn makes no close (2 degrees or less) aspects at this time, so it seems the direction may be very subtle; for those who are sensitive to it (which will likely be those who currently have transiting Saturn pinning down one or more natal factors) the effect may be felt as relief, though it’s almost certain that the solution to the Saturn ‘ailment’ won’t be presented yet (probably not until Saturn begins to move forward, and/or moves off the aspect being formed)–instead it will likely be felt as, ‘I may not know what to do yet, but I know there’s a way out.’

We should keep in mind that not everyone responds in the same way to a retrograde heavy going direct; for some this is positive, but for others, who function better under retro energy, something they were ‘working’ successfully may now be suppressed, contained, or restricted, as Saturn re-gains his forward footing and re-asserts his strength. Since his strength is in control, rules, authority, and caution, his ability to exert himself unfettered can actually slow some things down considerably. This is especially hard on those who are strongly Uranus oriented natally; I know from experience that, with Uranus as chart ruler, Saturn’s retrograde is the time when I can move, construct, and build most quicklyand this is so in spite of a highly positive Saturn relationship in my natal scenario–direct in Sag, in the 10th, trine Uranus, sextile Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Chiron. When Saturn goes direct, I become much more aware of just what restricts me–and I can have a tendency to be more pessimistic about my chances in any venture, a perfect expression of a strong awareness of the Saturn presence. Watch carefully your response to Saturn’s direction; an innate too-prominent awareness of the need for discipline, a nose-to-the-grindstone attitude, and a no-nonsense approach that comes naturally to you may mean that you suffer a bit during Saturn’s direct period–where it’s reminding more carefree others about the need for rules and discipline, you may feel an extra-heavy burden of duty, a palpable loss of freedom, and a lack of ‘fun,’ as long as you follow those natural inclinations. Focus on Uranian and Jupiterian energies, both transiting and natal, to see just how and where you might find relief during Saturn’s direct period.

Irregardless of whether you work better under Saturn retrograde or Saturn direct, you will likely notice that the matters of the natal House where Saturn does his turnaround will show changes, possibly visible through a concrete manifestation of something into which we’ve put serious effort.

The Essence for 11-12 June 2011: A Blank Canvas


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Fill this weekend's canvas with anything you want. Rembrandt {{PD-Art

Talk about a blank canvas: this weekend there is a Void almost the entire day Saturday Pacific time (with Moon entering Scorpio at 5:34 PM PDT); then there are no Lunar aspects between a 3:30 AM sextile of the Moon to Pluto on the 12th, and an 11:30 PM sextile to Juno. It seems like a weekend to let go of all our usual moorings–so that’s my suggestion, Lunar-ly-speaking.

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The Essence for 10 June 2011: Dual Grand Trines


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Just playing with words: dual/ duel by Repin 1899 {{PD-Art}}

4:30 PM Pacific and the Moon trines Pallas, and begins a Grand Trine where it will move on to contact Mercury by trine in Gemini. This grouping will last through 9:30 or so PDT, and promises excellent emotional communication; we’ll know what to say, how to say it, and read ourselves and others accurately. If you have something to tell someone, now’s the time.

By 11:30 PM PDT there’s a new Grand Trine formed, with the Moon, Sun, and Vesta. This illuminates who we are, how we feel, and what’s important to us; we consider to what we dedicate our lives, and can draw direct parallels to our identity and choices. This is an affirmation of the Soul’s purpose; if we aren’t busy seeing the way our values have played out in our lives, then we may want to re-consider both what we’ve chosen and how we see ourselves.

The Essence for 9 June 2011: Creative Is As Creative Does


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Decamps 1833 {{PD-Art}}

Moon enters Libra 3:31 PM PDT. This forms a Finger of God with a base of Jupiter sextile Neptune, as well as a trine to Venus. This suggests that if we are working the social arena and/ or the expansion plans well in co-operation with either the creative flow and/ or our most characteristic Neptunian energies (see the natal chart for details on this) we will open the intuition wide and strong, especially as it applies to the Arts, to aesthetics, and to relationship (Libra). Can earn, open to reward, embrace love, or, in a worst case scenario, become jealous of what you think others have. Just remember, you don’t know what it’s like to be them :)

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