The Essence for 6 May 2011: Flashback


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'Dizzy Thorns' by Marcello of Podenza, Italy {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia

‘Dizzy Thorns’ is by Marcello of Podenza, Italy–Thank you, Marcello! {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

6:30 AM PDT sees the Moon conjunct the South Node and sextile Jupiter, perhaps bringing the past social life back (oh facebook! How could you?) It’s either a nostalgic moment you want to share with others or like an acid flashback you can only ride out, waiting for the tortuous and vibrant re-living to be over–I guess a lot depends on how you view your past :)

The Void begins 1:14 PM PDT, with the Moon entering Cancer at 7:31 PM Pacific

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The Essence for 5 May 2011: Seeing Perfection in Ourselves


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'Windswept' Waterhouse {{PD-Art}}

By 7:30 AM PDT of the 5th the Gemini Moon forms an Air Grand Trine with Saturn in Libra and Vesta in Aquarius, balancing the mental faculties, placing the emotional outlook properly in perspective, and keeping it all aligned with our highest values and those things to which we dedicate our lives. This is an excellent influence, so take note of your mental state at this time, if possible; only major transits to natal factors are able to knock this potential askew. What you find (barring transit upsets) will be a perfect snapshot of how you should approach navigating life at this time. Rarely do we get a glimpse of total, healthy sanity and how it should appear in us, without any complexes, fears, or grudges–take advantage of this moment.

A quincunx of the Moon to the Earth and a square to Juno, 1 PM Pacific, brings us back to a more mundane reality, as we must adjust operations both to accommodate our material situation and to deal with any flak we get from those in charge (or at least, from those who think they should be!)

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The Essence for 3-4 May 2011: Fresh-Scrubbed Emotions


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'La Petite Esmeralda' Bouguereau 1874 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia

Let’s actually start around 6:30 PM PDT the evening of the 3rd; that’s when the Moon in Taurus, like a fresh-scrubbed milkmaid, meets up with Sedna–and becomes udderly (milkmaid joke!) lost (sorry–feeling a little light-headed after planting trees in the sunshine). Poor Luna; it really is a matter of not being able to connect with our own feelings–so it’s an entire globe’s worth of people who haven’t a clue about their emotional state–and that can lead to all sorts of mischief, even tragedy. It’s the equivalent of absolutely everybody being disassociated, all at once, and that means that, driven by emotions of which we’re unaware, we could really put our foot in it (or in someone else’s ‘it’). Stick to material matters, tried-and-true comforts, and keep reactions to a minimum, and you should sail through this fine. Notable is that we enter the Void as the Moon pulls away from Sedna (6:54 PM Pacific–and yes, this will differ from some other astrologers’ calculations).

By 8:30 PM the Moon is quincunx the North Node and semi-sextile Jupiter and, shortly thereafter, Mars. Coming off the emotional blindness of Sedna, we may suddenly be re-connected to the emotions by the social sphere, probably through awareness of standards and what’s acceptable. It may be like waking up from sleep-walking to find ourselves, as in the classic dream, in class in our underwear–only this time it will be figurative, and emotional. We see how this affects our Path, and we act on what we observe–a pretty straightforward series of events, though since we’re in the Void, something unexpected could materialize, it’s just as likely there’ll be no lasting damage :)

Moon enters Gemini at 10:10 AM PDT, with an immediate square to Neptune that challenges the emotional outlook or the intuitive perceptions with either a ‘shot’ of potent inspiration or with information that contradicts our ideals. Now, this latter breaks down into one of two possibilities: either the info is real, and we need to acknowledge that our ideals are inaccurate in some way, or the info is an illusion or a deliberate deception, and must not be tolerated. How do we know the difference? If we’re willing to be totally honest with ourselves, we can intuit the answer: the Gemini Moon tunes us in to the nuances of communication–and from that we can know instinctively what we’re dealing with.

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The Essence of the Taurus New Moon, 2011: Burgeoning Awareness


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Europa and the Bull ancient Greek {{PD-Art}}

On the 2nd of May we have a New Moon at 11:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time at 12 Taurus 30. We keep our usual two-degree orb, and we end up with quite a few aspects. We have a trine to Juno (the NM promises easy empowerment beginnings in the area of the chart where Juno, currently at 14 Virgo 00, is transiting); a quincunx to both Saturn and h.Zeus (what’s started at the NM must adjust to reality/ things as they are–especially relationships–and to the need-state of ambitions and desires, as they are clearly solidified–conjunction to Saturn–and must be dealt with); opposition to Earth (of course!); squares to both Vesta and Pallas in Aquarius (events or experiences of the NM spark Higher Mind devotion to the sacred, to home and sexual expression, and to what we know to be wise, and may bring revelations and innovative ideas); the NM is just out of range for a sextile to Ceres; and consequently authorities might lack power and not truly have reach, at this time.

Taking into account my interpretation of the New Moon’s Sabian symbol (available in the newsletter) we ask, what does all this New Moon energy indicate? That this marks the point of a burgeoning awareness of some part of the contents of the personal psyche, and that this awareness will rely upon both a clear connection to the personal reality and a consciousness of one’s most sacred values. You’ll be dealing with ‘baggage,’ your own or someone else’s. Remember, it’s only a starting point–something is born with this Moon (and it’s likely materially related, or will affect the material situation–Taurus) that has deeply-felt ‘roots’–and a growing consciousness of what starts here will inform thought and experience at least through to the next New Moon, with results that reach far beyond that.

The Essence for 2 May 2011: Wag the Dog?


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This dog's name was Venus; how could I not use this pic? 19th c. Sir EH Landseer {{PD-Art}}

I must apologize; I’m way behind today, in part because I was up into the wee hours combing Seattle for my cell phone. We found it; it had fallen from my pocket at Benaroya Hall as we listened to writer David Sedaris read from his work (and it was a wonderful event, a little like going to church, as the love from the audience and from Mr. Sedaris was palpable–and it didn’t hurt that he was hilarious). The odd part was that I was carrying the phone in the pocket of my linen slacks; I was very much aware of the weight of the phone on my leg, and I’m a compulsive ‘checker,’ always making contact with the phone, my ticket, and whatever else I carry–so it was doubly odd that I thought I had the phone in my pocket for a full two hours past the time it had fallen out. In fact, I told everyone I remembered  feeling the weight of it as we left a pub late-night–but it was already gone.

I was left seriously questioning how I could’ve held such a delusion–and of course, I find t Neptune almost exactly trine my natal Mercury–it’s a wonder I can put two words together! Thank goodness gravity takes no thought :) But that can’t be the whole answer, can it?

For me and you and everyone we know, we might find a hint as to this kind of influence actually being a mass effect right now, as t Neptune is semi-squared by t Mercury; the intellectual and thought-fabric (Merc) of the Collective (Neptune) is effected–are we being deluded about the death of Bin Laden, for example, as words of aggression against him, and his defeat (by the Warrior Mercury in Aries) are delivered under an obscuring influence, even one that could indicate illusion (Neptune), with the claim that he was quickly, quietly “buried at sea” (Neptune)? Just a thought, which I didn’t at first entertain–though my husband jumped right on the idea, remarking last night, “I hope this isn’t a Wag the Dog moment,” referring to a movie where a ‘war’ was produced/ manufactured for the camera for political gain. They wouldn’t do that, right? But if they did, what a perfect moment to choose! And that’s not even considering that we might have a few ‘Wag the Dog’ moments on a personal level, where we are convinced of something that just isn’t, whether from the deliberate efforts of others or our own acceptance of an illusion.

The Sun and Earth are now in exact T-square to Vesta, placing our highest values at odds to some extent with the reality situation, literally to the direction of the planet. And there is an interesting Mystic Rectangle formed (for the next 5 days or so) with the Sun/ Earth and the opposition between Ceres and Juno. This suggests nature, matters of empowerment and authority, whose territory is whose (both actual territory and the figurative purview that comes with authority), and status, are working in fluid concert with the world’s direction and attention at present. These, of course, will have both personal influences and wider ones, likely seen as ways the reality situation is affected by personal experiences of power jockeying and authorities staking out their claims. The fact that it’s a MR may suggest that this is one of those points where the power balance is shifting shifting and re-aligning–and doing so in a way that’s synchronized and ‘easy,’ so that we wake up to a significantly different world framework than we went to bed with.

And we are in the Dark of the Moon–so go easy :)

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The Essence for 29 April-1 May 2011: Aries Reflects


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'Girl With Mirror' Artist Unknown 18th-19th Century Qajar Art Museum of Georgia

Moon enters Aries at 10:33 AM of the 29th. Oh Aries, we’re all a little tired of your brash, almost-bully assertiveness, I think; you’ve been nothing but hard on all the Cardinals, especially Aries–those people have been through the wringer. Now the Moon comes along and offers reflective light–an understanding that comes from throwing illuminating awareness on Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter, all in Aries–and some are more happy in the sign than others, which will become abundantly obvious.

The effect may be that nearly the entire time the Moon is in Aries, we will be receiving various insights on the energies placed there as they relate to us personally–and how comfortable the energy is in the sign of the Ram may have a lot to do with the manifestation–so I’ll concentrate interpretation on that, rather than on the usual Lunar progression.

Merc here speaks up, especially for himself (and though he may lead, he champions his own cause first and foremost), and may get quite aggressive, not even meaning to; coming off the retrograde as he is, there’s a lot of pent-up lip looking for a subject–we’ll be treated to a variety of cheeky exchanges–and we’ll generate some pretty angry or assertive thoughts and action plans of our own. Danger level: high

Uranus may be more positive for those with natal Uranus in the Fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius than for those with natal Uranus in other signs. The emotional awareness and intuition may focus on unique expression for the individual–it might seem it’s now or never, which of course is a fiery exaggeration–so the effect can be all the way from highly productive and inspired to innovate to crazy, irrational, and chaotic. Danger level: totally dependent on your Uranian energies–but here’s a hint, if you’re normally controlled and Self-disciplined, you’ll probably find it a very creative Moon

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Juno Ascends the Throne: Kate Middleton Marries Her Prince


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Since Juno is the consort/ wife of the supreme ruler, I thought a look at Kate Middleton’s Juno would be in order (9 January 1982 no time known Berkshire UK). Though Kate’s not a Queen Consort yet, she’s almost certain to be one in future–in fact, her Juno, at 16 Sagittarius 46, will be within orb of conjunction to her natal Capricorn Sun by Solar Arc in less than two years–possibly signaling the point when this occurs (though the orb stretches out to as much as 4-5 years from now).

Literal ascension to the throne of England aside, Kate is effectively attaining the potential for this position, and locking in her status, tomorrow with her wedding to William, ostensibly second in line to the throne; but with each passing day the possibility that his father’s reign will be short (by choice or circumstance) or that he will step aside altogether in favor of his popular son, grows. It’s not unlikely, then, that Kate could be a Queen sooner rather than later.

There are really only a few things to talk about centering on Kate’s Juno; it’s conjunct Vesta and Neptune, all in Sagittarius, sextile Pallas, and square Zeus (this latter is the most intriguing part–we’ll get to this last). Since a time of birth is not publicly known, I drew a noon chart, which suggests that if she was born anytime around noon local time, she has a Finger of God with apex Juno and arms quincunx of Chiron and the Cancer Moon–and there is defnitely a Finger of God with the same members but replacing the Moon with (or adding to the Moon, if this is close to the Moon’s actual placement) the Earth. Apex Juno says that Juno empowerment and status will be attained once the material Purpose (what’s needed in the surroundings in order to fulfill the Soul/ Sun Purpose–shown by the Earth) and Chiron in Taurus (indicating the primal wound, likely seated in security, especially the material variety) is sufficiently dealt with and the Chirotic skill accessed (again, of a Taurean nature, such as the ability to procure, comfort, or enjoy the sensual and material)–and the Earth and Chiron dispositions are working in harmony–and with all that Earthiness, they seem to be! So, a prime condition for realization of her Juno has been met.

If the Moon is involved in the Finger, it may suggest that an intuitive emotional understanding of material and security needs may drive things–just figurative royal icing on the cake, at this point. The conjunction to Vesta and Neptune suggest the nature of the Juno empowerment will involve glamor and illusion, ideals, to include those things she finds most sacred, home and hearth, and the sex life–kind of a ‘Duh!’ here, isn’t it? But this also points to the way her Juno is specifically empowered through the domestic situation and sex life (Vesta). In Sag Juno will be a kind of Ambassadress, a teacher if by nothing more than example, with ‘reaching out’ both a goal and needed expression–perfect for a Royal role; and the sextile to Pallas offers wise guidance–possibly evidenced by a lack of ‘skeletons in the closet’!

The most intriguing aspect, to me, is the square Kate’s Juno makes to Zeus. This is a point I started using almost by accident, and how it was come up with, I don’t know, it’s part of my Solar Fire program, and it was pointed out to me that it is not the asteroid Zeus (update: I have since discovered that its the hypothetical point); but I’m convinced of its accuracy and usefulness–and isn’t that what we’re looking for in bodies used in astrological analysis? Yes it is.

This square is like a frantic shout, an ‘Uh-oh, trouble ahead’ in any chart, but in the chart of a future Queen consort, Juno’s literal role in the myth, it’s a huge red flag; what can it mean? The Queen of Olympus (Juno) is in conflict with the King of Olympus (Zeus), who is both her husband and her brother, and as well her sovereign. And what is the conflict in the myth? It is several things, the primary one being infidelity on the King’s part, with secondarily a commensurate disrespect shown toward Juno as both wife and Queen, with her attempts to empower herself (by vengeful plots and issuing orders, mainly) largely ignored by all. But how literally can we take this? Perhaps it only symbolizes the harshness to be expected in taking on a role that is both extremely public and highly symbolic–one’s husband cannot and will not shield one from what is essentially a marital duty, in this case. There is the possibility that this shows actual infidelity–after all, that’s a time-honored tradition of Royalty everywhere, and certainly has direct precedent in Will’s father’s behavior–so the question becomes, how far did this apple fall from the tree? Eventually, we’ll find out.

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The Essence for 28 April 2011: A Foggy Kind of Day


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It'll be a foggy kind of day. 'Place du Theatre Francais in the Fog' Pissarro 1897

It’s a day that rides along on the steam of the Pisces Moon–or maybe that’s the mist or fog of the Pisces Moon–and the prevailing energies may be ones that would be much more subtle if not for the empty (though Neptune-generated obscuring) field they have. This means we may be distracted, confused, unsure, relaxed, intently creative, wandering, or mad escapist. Energy is provided by Mercury quincunx Juno, and Ceres quincunx h.Zeus. These two aspects bring forward some mild but persistent irritation; communication may be a delicate minefield where we pick our way through the bouncing betties of pride, who holds the power, and status, while the influence of the maternal and/ or of authority jockeys with ambitions and desires for the last say.

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*A bouncing betty is a particularly nasty mine that, when triggered, ‘jumped’ up to a height and detonated, causing maximum devastation over the widest possible area

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The Essence for 27 April 2011: Testing the Waters of Change, Testing Boundaries


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'Beach at Valencia or Afternoon Sun' Joaquin Sorolla 1908 {{PD-Art}}

10:30/11 AM PDT the Pisces Moon makes a sextile to Pluto and semi-sextile to Venus. In this case, the Pisces Moon acts very much as it does in horary astrology, translating and collecting light from one body to another. In this case, it acts as a conduit for smooth changes (Pluto sextile) to the financial, asset, or relationship picture (Venus in Aries), where assertive moves have been brewing but did not have the clout (with Venus weakened in the Warrior’s sign) to come forward–but now they do, aided by the emotional intelligence and intuitive ‘knowing.’ By the way, Venus will at this point be the midpoint of the Moon and Sun, suggesting a lot of energy will attend that Venus initiative to assert itself; it will seem very ‘right’–and unless you’re suffering a debility to judgment by transit to the natal chart, it probably is. See my Facebook note at Julie Demboski’s Astrology for more on the Venus-Pluto square.

By midnight, all in the 13th degree of respective signs, the Moon will conjunct Ceres, semi-sextile Mercury, and quincunx h.Zeus, making for a test of one’s influence, authority, and possibly one’s communication and negotiation skills, and whatever comes forward will need to be adjusted according to the ambitions or desire nature–so the likely outcome will be expression of one’s native authority tempered strongly by what one hopes to gain or achieve. There will be an awareness of what others can do for us, where the lines of authority and territory are drawn, and how we might need to relate, intuit, or empathize in order to get what we want. It sounds mercenary, but it’s actually very practical, and insures that we will be too aware of the power structure to cause offense–and that’s good.

The Essence for 26 April 2011: The Forgetting, Then the Void


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Sunrise With Sea Monsters--what a great title! JMW Turner 1865 {{PD-Art}}

For today there are so few Lunar aspects I’m presenting the entirety of the Moon forecast here. To see the planetary aspect forecast, articles, and EXTRAs! subscribe with the ‘Add to Cart’ button at right–and have a great Tuesday :)

3:30 AM Pacific the Moon sextiles Jupiter, making innovation, invention, philosophizing, or intellectual effort either ‘big’ or public. Asleep or awake, this could signal an experience where your highest concepts are in some way tested or displayed on the social scene (and if it’s in a dream, this may answer some question you’ve had about what may or may not be appropriate in your social sphere.) A square to Sedna (5:30 AM PDT) may cause us to forget just what it is that’s revealed–or may make us forget why it seemed so important to share our Aquarian efforts.

Void begins at 6:12 AM Pacific; the Moon enters Pisces at 9:58 PM of the 26th. With such a massive Void (especially one where the final aspect is, in essence, one of ‘forgetting’/ Sedna), we might want to keep a few things in mind: Voids are periods when the Moon makes no further aspects before it leaves the sign it’s in; this is viewed as an ‘energy-less’ time, as the Moon is the symbol of the passage of time and acts as a marker of ‘events’ (by the frequent aspects it makes–time in the larger, conceptual sense is Saturn). This suggests that the ability to plan and act, and of being able to adequately visualize the results of our actions, is suspended; without the impetus of the Moon’s energy, we are, in a way, adrift in terms of the ability to realize our intentions. This means that during a Void we must remember that what we intend at any one time may have a completely unexpected result (this as the absence of Moon energy seems to blind both our emotional intelligence and our intuitive ability, and thus our ability to anticipate effects), or our actions may trail off into nothingness, causing barely a ripple–and this is because without the Moon’s impetus we are in a kind of personal void ourselves, where a turning to the internal through ‘timeless’ activities such as meditation, prayer, or contemplation will be the most beneficial–and will pass the time painlessly. Any activity you can ‘lose yourself’ in is appropriate, and creative ventures may be an especially good way to spend the time, giving us a boost prior to the Moon’s entry into the highly creative and nurturing environment of the Pisces Moon.

There’s an immediate conjunction of the Moon to Neptune (10 PM-ish PDT) that can unleash creative genius or put us under a spell of our own or another’s making–and this could be good or bad, depending on whether the illusion is merely for mutual amusement or allows one person to fall victim to the other. Obviously, one is preferable. Next aspect is a 6 AM PDT conjunction of the Pisces Moon to Chiron, on the 27th, making for extreme sensitivity and allowing healing through compassion and/ or empathy.


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