Your Weekend 28-29 April 2012: ‘The Echo Effect’


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'Echo' by Cabanel 1874 {{PD-Art}}

From ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

For the 28th Mercury opposes Zeus and the Sun sextiles Chiron.  That ‘echo effect’ may cause some obstinate insistence that we get what we want–it’s almost like we want to hurt ourselves by overreaching and talking trash! Just proceed carefully–messages may seem to deny our aspirations, but the operative word is ‘seems’. We shouldn’t react to what we hear today–it’s almost like it’s meant to poke us in the eye, and send us off in the wrong direction! Stay level-headed and calm, and don’t look for injury when none was intended.

And for the 29th:

A 1 PM PDT trine of the Moon to Mercury in Fire says the words may flow, with ‘heated discussions’, inflammatory opinions, and ‘take no prisoners’ ‘honesty’ on the menu. A concurrent sextile of Moon to Zeus suggests that what’s really on our minds is getting what we want, or fulfilling ambitions–keeping this in mind, as the ‘back story’ to everything communicated right now, will go a long way toward explaining motives and true intents. Just remember, yours will show, too.

Dear Subscribers, you’ll note that the Moon moves into Leo, AM Pacific time on Saturday, and that I neglected in the Weekly to say just which sign it would enter (though I guess we can assume it will be the one following Cancer ;) )

And if you’re looking this over and it’s still Friday (or your local equivalent), please see the Lunar notes for this day, below.

Someone holds a spoon to Hans Holbein the Younger's painting 'The Ambassadors' so we can observe the 'trick' included by the artist. Thank You to Anonymous (she gets around, doesn't she?) Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

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A Little Lunar Essence for 27 April 2012: ‘A Few Foggy Hours’


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Photo by and provided courtesy of Michael Gabler, shared under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported 'Fog on the tree line in the Rocky Mountain National Park'

A 5:30 PM Pacific time sextile of the Moon to Sedna may knock us off our game–at the very least, it delivers a few foggy hours.  9:30 PM PDT the Moon trines Pallas; the fog wears off and we see what’s wise. 11:30 PM PDT the Moon squares Saturn–if we don’t put a lid on it now, someone else might! This may cause an ‘echo effect’ that carries over into the next day; we may rebel at containment, and immediately adopt a contrary (i.e. Uranian) attitude. This also kicks off a T-square involving the Moon as the arm of the Saturn/ Vesta opposition; this pushes rebellion in the direction of irreverence and the potential for disrespecting both tradition and our own highest values.

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New Moon in Taurus 21 April 2012: ‘Birthing Our Natural Power Position’ + Your Weekend!


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The gift of the New Moon in Taurus–okay, yeah, it might get a little weird! {{PD-Art}}

Here’s a little of what I had to say in the latest ECLIPSE Weekly about the New Moon in Taurus, occurring at 12:18 AM PDT of the 21st at 1 Taurus 35:

“The New Moon is a point of origin, and in Taurus we are focused on  the material, and on our security, and all that this implies: food, shelter, sex, and death may all figure in to this formula in countless guises. The aspects suggest that the NM will help us strike a bond with nature, that the NM’s light will birth our own most natural power position in the world, and that we will both act to make this felt and act to defend the revelations that come. We can create this in the form of a dream or ideal, if we can stay clear with the reality that already exists; too, with its position in Taurus, the NM will on its own create a new material power position for each of us, one that allows us to express the ‘I am’ in physical terms that manifest in a statement that quite literally has a material component.”

Your clue to the Sabian for this New Moon: 

And about this weekend:

For the 20th:

“The 20th sees the Moon hit Vesta and oppose Saturn, infusing the opposition with emotional or intuitive insight keyed to respecting the highest values. This can be very useful ; centering in Love and highest thought will show you where your reality needs to change to fit more closely to your ideals.”

New Moon on the 21st, then on the 22nd:

“On the 22nd Ceres perfects her quincunx to the North Node, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, and the Sun sextiles Neptune; these all carry on the theme of the New Moon concerning power, sudden revelation, and the ideals, but this time those ideals are not the sacred things in life, but the ones we dream of, and the creative power we command to make those dreams reality. Again, we’re seeing the idea of an extended impact of the New Moon, and further, we see that what happens is once again a combination of external events and our creative actions and responses to them.”

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Merc Returns to Aries: ‘Commanding the Will’


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Merc into Aries allows us to apply our considerable Will to fulfillment of all those dreams. 'Daydream' by Helleu 1901 {{PD-Art}}

I’ve seen a lot of individuals pushing forward with their Will in these last days of Mercury in Pisces; thought-want plus an orientation toward dream, ideal, or fantasy fulfillment has made some demand satisfaction from others, probably out of a feeling that the Collective is one big pool in which we all swim (it is, but that doesn’t mean others are obligated to do one’s bidding!) The mistake is in assuming that connectedness in the Big Picture sense means the Universe must fulfill the fantasy picture held in the mind; the agreed-upon reality is a Collective manifestation, and so what we want from it must conform to what everyone has agreed upon, not just on one person’s Will. But, when Merc moves back into Aries (3:42 PM PDT today, the 16th), what we’ll see is a shift in the individual: the mind turns toward commanding the Will, and it becomes, rather than dependent on the Collective to manifest want, keyed to Self-responsibility and the Willingness to do for the Self.

Is this superior to the Mercury in Pisces approach? No, but it’s probably more effective in leading us in the direction we want to go. In our Self-orientation, too many jump from ‘I want’ to ‘and the Collective must make it happen for me!'; some miss the necessary step of developing skills, Self-confidence, and a Self-responsible approach that makes dream fulfillment possible. Mercury in Aries aligns the mind with the Will, and puts all our brain processing-powers to work fulfilling those wants. It’s more effective than dreaming that the world should conform to our mental imaginings–the trap this time is rationalization of the wants, as the mind computes the many reasons why we should just go take what we desire. Oh Mercury, can’t you sit still long enough for us to choose a viewpoint and run with it?

While Mercury is reviewing those degrees he traveled first direct, then retrograde, the effect may be that the mind is haunted by vague thought-forms that are lingering from what was–everything that was left only partially processed or realized may recur, but in such a way that we become anxious, pre-occupied by what we think we should be pondering, finalizing, or thinking through. We can be left uneasy with no real reason until Merc reaches his retrograde degree and passes the point at which he reversed; this occurs on the 22nd of April. Once we hit 6 Aries 49 we are free and clear of the shadow, and the mind can make the push for Self-satisfaction unfettered by unsettling wisps of memory and unfocused regret.

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Your Weekend 13-15 April 2012: ‘Jolt, Human Barometers, and Gravity x2′


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Vorobiev 1842 {{PD-Art}}

Friday the 13th jolts us with the Mars Direction (8:52 PM PDT)–will we feel it? Yes, the turnaround will be a little whiplash-y, where in some way we’ll feel a portion of our life is out-of-control. The most vital point, though, may be that the Warrior begins to move forward beforereaching an encore opposition to Neptune–and that could mean we’ll see some individuals busy trying to resurrect an already-dead dream, ideal, or fantasy. If you find this is you, take a step back, and understand that mourning is really what’s in order, as you are definitely meant to move on.

For the 14th we have this from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest, available by subscription:

Just before 6 AM PDT the (Aquarius) Moon hits the midpoint of the Chiron/ Pluto sextile, suggesting we may almost become ‘human barometers’ through our emotional reactions and experience. This can point out all the danger zones, and also indicate our power and skill possibilities–now be careful sorting between those two! On the heels of this (7 AM PDT) comes the Moon’s trine to Venus, offering an excellent mental (Air placements) atmosphere, and with the simultaneous perfection of the semi-sextile to Pluto, we see a stance that can get to the bottom of things while maintaining relationships and not harming financial arrangements.

And for the 15th, we have an aspect formula that says, in part, we could find empowerment opportunities by taking a unique approach, and may see authorities acting creatively (and that could mean deceptively!) but that the most distinct feeling we experience could be the sense that we’re working against a double dose of gravity, making it a chore to put one foot in front of the other! We can thank the Saturn/ Earth conjunction for that :/

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Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend!

Ceres Enters Taurus: ‘Let’s Eat!’


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Somehow I can't imagine Juno would approve of this: a peacock served in full plumage, detail from Brueghel's 'The Senses of Taste, Hearing, and Touch' 1618 {{PD-Art}}

Or maybe that’s ‘Let me tell you what to eat!’ Ceres doesn’t give up her sense of authority and dominion just because the material comforts and conditions are emphasized; instead, she feels them more. Her role as Mother Nature is key to her reactions and identity as she transits the sign of the bull; she translates her command of nature into a command of those over whom she feels she holds authority, and the result can be an unreasonable push by some to control the intake, output, and asset-level of others. You’ll recall that Ceres took her maternal oversight very seriously, literally negotiating daughter Proserpina/ Persephone’s position in the Underworld–and that means she won’t hesitate to overstep personal boundaries to try to control the situation.

There’s an advantage to her relationship with nature, though, that brings forward an enjoyment of the material during her transit of Taurus; the comforts and pleasures of physical existence are brighter, stronger, tastier, more pungent, fragrant, stimulating, and as a consequence of the world feeling so real and in your face we may feel alive in a way we haven’t for some time. This coincides with a relatively warm spring in the Northern Hemisphere, which may exaggerate the effect for those who are able to get out and about in the sunshine.

It’s time to plant (don’t be too tied to the Moon phases–they seem to affect growth rates more than anything else, though I would avoid planting or transplanting in the Dark of the Moon–we must remain aware of the pull of the Lunar orb, and the way she symbolizes progression, and so growth); it’s also time to create, especially with Ceres kicking off her transit of Taurus with a first aspect of sextile to Neptune. This will enhance imagination and inspiration, and give even the dullest of us some truly fertile creative material and some unique, nature-keyed inspiration :)

If you have natal placements in Taurus you’ll likely take on a Ceres-type persona as she contacts the body or point; if you have natal placements in Scorpio, as Ceres makes opposition contact you may find yourself up against a Ceres-embodying individual, and in this latter instance, whatever you do, don’t attempt to negotiate–Ceres can’t be beat in the hammering-out-a-compromise department. In square by transit to a natal placement, Ceres may present us with a conflict via temptation: we may be drawn away from appropriate expression of the contacted energy with the promise (or mirage) of sensual comforts or delights.

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The Full Moon in Libra 2012: ‘Two Men Placed Under Arrest’


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Aivasovsky 'Moonlit Seascape with Shipwreck' 1863 {{PD-Art}}

The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 12:18 PM PDT today, the 6th, at 17 Libra 23. Here’s what I think the Sabian for this Moon/ Earth point says (quoted from ECLIPSE): “‘Two Men Placed Under Arrest’ I see this as two animus-oriented impulses within us that must be stopped; doing is no longer the answer, it’s not even a catch-all to guarantee progress at something. What we do now must be meaningful, and it must carry both our ambitions and our philosophy forward.”

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 3 April 2012: ‘Rorschach Test’


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The 10th card in Rorschach's ink blot series; what do you see? 1921 {{PD}}

First Lunar aspect in Virgo is the Moon opposed Neptune, 10 AM PDT. We could have a couple of responses, one of which is complete rejection of anything fanciful, imaginative, or meant to stretch or elaborate on the truth. We could end up seeing fantasy come to life–and wonder why it just doesn’t look right. Then there’s the chance that we run toward a mirage–or that we feel like we’re surrounded by liars. Whatever comes forward may be an informal Rorschach test that tells us more about ourselves and our viewpoint on the world than it does about our surroundings.

By 2 PM Pacific the Moon conjuncts retro Mars. We are not, in reality, ready to act, but oh we may feel we are. Use that Virgo Moon to take inventory, to go over the details, and plan plan plan. Save your moves for later or, if you must, the dance floor.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 2 April 2012: ‘shhhh . . . listen’


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'Song of the Talking Wire' Farny 1904 {{PD-Art}}

Just before 7 AM PDT the Leo Moon quincunxes Pallas, bringing the emotions a small shock from the inner wisdom. What’s wrong? Only that we are too Self-absorbed to notice that what’s wise requires our modification and adjustment. So do it.

5 PM PDT the Moon squares Sedna, and by 7 the Moon is quincunx Mercury; we don’t know how we feel, but we insist on telling everyone! We are irritated, spurred to speak, and yet don’t really know how we feel. Oy. Can signal lots of trouble, if we let our mouths run.

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