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'Cupid the Honey Thief' by Albrecht Durer 15th century {{PD}}

‘Cupid the Honey Thief’ by Albrecht Durer 15th century {{PD}}

Just letting you know there’s a new post at ‘Been There, Done That’ (finally!) another ‘What You’re Asking’, exploring real-life search terms that bring people here and to BTDT. Have an excellent Tuesday! If you came here for the forecast, you really should try ECLIPSE–give it a go, it won’t hurt! And stay alert to possible serious changes in the arenas of Love and money–if you’ve done the groundwork, these could be really good, and will be in effect today and tomorrow, conservatively speaking (Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn).

Just a Little AstroEssence 14 January 2013: ‘Proceed With Care’


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'Travelers on Horseback' Hiroshige early 19th century

‘Travelers on Horseback’ Hiroshige early 19th century

From ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

1 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Chiron, squares Jupiter, and just afterward sextiles Venus. We are hurt by something in the social circle, or in our attempts to expand our purview, at least at first–then we gain by our efforts some material reward or gesture of affection–it’s worth it to stop for a moment and realize that’s not always the result from being reactionary, and count our blessings. Just after 6 PM PST the Moon sextiles Pluto-Juno, then follows up with a square to Vesta and a trine to Saturn. We may feel very empowered emotionally, making for a real sense of confidence, especially concerning creativity and one’s place in the Collective or Cosmos. This causes problems though, by violating our highest values–we are likely to take confidence beyond reasonable Self-assertion and into officious territory–and this may cause others to put a stop to our progress. Proceed with care, to avoid someone throwing obstacles into your path.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Your ECLIPSE Weekend Reader: A Little of This, A Little of That


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'Dancing Fairies' August Malmstrom {{PD-Art}}

‘Dancing Fairies’ August Malmstrom {{PD-Art}}

Bits and pieces from the current ECLIPSE, for your weekend reading pleasure–have a great one!

On the Jupiter-Saturn riptide:

Through the month of January Jupiter will slow to direction on the 30th, and Saturn will slow to retrograde in mid-February. This may cause something over the next 6 weeks or so like a rip-tide, with the surface current going one direction and the undertow strongly in another. When Jupiter turns direct, we often feel as if the world opens up to us in the area of the chart where this occurs, or in matters of the natal House Jupiter rules. It’s perceptual, rather than actual, in most cases, as Jupiter stands for what we believe, rather than for what is (that’s Saturn’s domain). So if what we believe in one area contradicts what is actually happening in another (the withdrawal, denial of, or concrete manifestation of something in the portion of the chart where Saturn currently transits, or in the House it rules) what do we need to do, to avoid confusion? Anyone? Anyone? We must look for the way/ place in the natal chart where these two energies, Jupiter and Saturn, intersect, in order to understand precisely how we may see what can amount to unwarranted optimism occur–by which I mean that conflict between what appears to be a ‘Go!’ signal but which is actually stalled, denied, or withheld, at least for now, given shape and form specific to the individual chart.

Astrology at the Movies:

MV5BMTM4NjY1MDQwMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTI3Njg3NA@@._V1._SY317_CR0,0,214,317_Midnight in Paris (2011) is ultimately an enjoyable entertainment where the sum of its parts delivers considerably less than we could reasonably expect. As a pure example of Neptune in Pisces, however, it’s flawless, showing all the creative fantasy, idealism, delusion, illusion, romance, weakness, pretensions, and naiveté of writer/ director Woody Allen; it’s like having Allen’s artistic abilities and sensibilities spooned up for us, and we see how thin the broth really is, after all these years. This time around Owen Wilson (Gil) is the sub for Allen, a highly successful Hollywood screenwriter who believes he was meant to write serious literature. On a trip to Paris with his brittle fiancée (Rachael McAdams) and her parents (Kurt Fuller and the wonderful Mimi Kennedy) Gil waxes nostalgic for the jazz age 20s, awed by the idea of some of the biggest artistic names of the century mingling in the City of Lights. A touring car of the era and a clock striking midnight transport Gil to his heart’s desire–and what we get are bombastic and unconvincing speeches from those creative greats, as if they spent their lives speaking of themselves with the hindsight of death and time, and Wilson’s decidedly uncreative writer, who has nothing more to say to his supposed heroes than to gush insipidly over their work. The revelation that everyone sees an era other than the one they live in as golden, as the epitome of romance, is no revelation at all. Gil uses these magical encounters not to explore the personalities of the creatives, or to truly absorb the workings of the era itself, but to (as many a writer, especially a small-minded Self-centered one, would) get Gertrude Stein and Hemingway to read his novel. If his repetitive and shallow exclamations (“Paris is just so beautiful in the rain!” “That’s so amazing!” “Golly, I can’t tell you how great it is to be here!”) tell us anything, it’s that Gil has been in the right place (Hollywood), and succeeded at the right thing for him (“hack work”, as he puts it), all along. Disappointingly, Allen ends the movie as he nearly always does, with his stand-in getting the (much, much) younger girl. Eww. With Michael Sheen, delicious as an academic know-it-all, Tom Hiddleston perfectly cast as Scott Fitzgerald, and Alison Pill woefully miscast as Zelda.

The outlook for Saturday the 12th:

We may see clashes between individual and group interests, radicalism in love or spending, conflict in relationship over erratic or hyper-independent behavior, and/ or the costs of going our own way, or of implementing what’s new (and perhaps revolutionary) (Venus square Uranus). Our uniqueness and our need for expression conflicts with what relationships or earning requires–darn. The Sun perfects his trine to Sedna, making ‘clairvoyance’ (clear sight) impossible, even with all that direct light–impossible UNLESS we are willing and able to stare unflinchingly into the void (of Self)–then the abyss may share its secrets with the patient and those not distracted with the upsets surrounding love, money, and Self-expression.

And for the 13th:

The Aquarius Moon trines Zeus at 2 AM PST, stimulating the mind with a big dose of mental lust, so to speak; the emotions are swept along with a cascade of exciting ideas–note what they are, as ideas formed now can act as inspiration later, of a kind that you will immediately and strongly respond to, and so carry through with. At noon the Moon trines Ceres, offering a strong internal sense of authority, or the support of external authorities, maternal figures, or nature in fulfilling your efforts. 1 PM PST the Moons squares Sedna. We lose our emotional place, and may suffer a sense of loss. It’s only temporary–allow yourself to drift, if possible. 3 PM PST the Moon quincunxes the Earth and soon thereafter squares the Nodal axis. We may find material matters irritating and requiring adjustments, and these modifications lead us to examine the effectiveness (or not) of the current life path. Let’s count the Void as beginning at 4:40 PM Pacific. The Moon enters Pisces at 2:50 AM PST of the 14th.

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10-11 January 2013: ‘No Solace’


'No Solace' by Don from Murfreesboro TN http://www.flickr.com/people/97224989@N00 Licensed Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

‘No Solace’ by Don from Murfreesboro TN http://www.flickr.com/people/97224989@N00 Licensed Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

No new post today or tomorrow–too much to do! Finishing the new ECLIPSE to come out tonight PST, including an article further exploring the Saturn-Jupiter Riptide, a piece on viewpoint in the natal chart, Astrology at the Movies (including ‘Django Unchained’) and the New Moon forecast: ‘Grounded in Our Nature’ plus a full week’s detailed daily aspect and Lunar agenda with interpretations. If you’re interested, there’s never been a better time to subscribe; through tomorrow I’ll be doubling the length of any subscription or renewal!

Just a Little Lunar Essence 9 January 2013: ‘Instincts v. Power’


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I love the colors and rendering of the fabric in this portrait of Eleonora of Toledo and her son Giovanni c1545 by Bronzino {{PD-Art}}

I love the colors and rendering of the fabric in this portrait of Eleonora of Toledo and her son Giovanni c1545 by Bronzino {{PD-Art}}

For January 9th, from ECLIPSE:

Around 9 AM PST the Sagittarius Moon acts as apex to a loose Finger of God with base of Sedna and Earth. The result may be emotional revelation brought about by a material experience that somehow echoes some deep, inner truth for you–or it may simply leave us puzzled, trying to intuit an un-intuit-able thing. Noon the Sagittarius Moon opposes Ceres. Our nurturing instincts and need for protection may clash with our desire to show our own power and to exercise it within our own maternal relationships. At worst this should only bring some clashes and maybe some crying and storming from the room, but no permanent damage should be done.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 8 January 2013: ‘Forest, Trees’


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'Winter Forest' Hessmert c1900 {{PD-Art}}

‘Winter Forest’ Hessmert c1900 {{PD-Art}}

January 8th sees us dealing with more contentious energies, many of them of our own making. Juno sesquiquadrates Sedna, probably making this the primary mover behind a feeling that we are losing our power and our empowerment options; we just can’t see the empowerment forest for the trees right now, and panic may result. Mars trine Vesta helps, and yet it doesn’t: it can make what we might term ‘right action’ very easy, but at the same time may put the ego, a natural promoter of fear, in the driver’s seat–so you see the problem. Venus squares Pallas as each enters the next sign, Capricorn and Aries, respectively. This pits desires against what’s smart, with neither sensibility on firm footing. A time when our judgment is askew–and yet we may be responsible for some excellent choices and actions, in the end, if we can just stay out of our own way.

The above is from ECLIPSE; subscribe today and see it all! The Anniversary Special DOUBLES your chosen subscription–so what are you waiting for?

Your Weekend Astro Outlook 4-7 January 2013: ‘A Reasonable Balance’


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Detail from 'Arnolfini Marriage Portrait' by Jan Van Eyck 1434 {{PD-Art}}

Detail from ‘Arnolfini Marriage Portrait’ by Jan Van Eyck 1434 {{PD-Art}}

1 PM PST of the 4th sees the Libra Moon trine Vesta, giving us a chance to re-align to our highest values through intuition or emotion. The Moon squares the Sun-Earth axis (6 PM Pacific) then conjuncts Zeus by 8. We may review our direction and the impact we’re having and vow to apply ourselves to fulfilling ambitions–at the very least, desire is stirred, especially in relationship.

January 5th  Mercurial issues are our ‘blind spot’ today, and this applies also to those things ruled by Mercury in the personal natal chart, including issues of the Houses the Messenger rules: all are potential minefields. Most troublesome may be the way our own or others’ ambitions and desires are highlighted (Sun-Earth axis square Zeus); this could make everything seem much more venal, Self-aggrandizing, or zealous than it actually is–we’d be wise to keep this in mind, both when assessing others and when presenting ourselves.

6 January  Communications (and thought processes) are a problem, and now they come with a warning label: ‘Highly Destructive’ (Mercury conjunct Pluto) UNLESS you keep intent firmly focused on the future as well as the reality situation–then this transit can act to create massive, highly positive changes akin to alchemy (Merc semi-square the North Node, sextile Saturn).

7 January Jupiter quincunx Juno perfects, and sets the stage for a major adjustment to be made, either internally, between our own animus and anima, or externally, likely in some power re-balancing where one side is active, Self-absorbed, and does not take into account the needs or feelings of the other, while the opposite number is passive yet angry and resentful, believing that the current position (or mere existence) requires others to offer a certain amount of deference. Today we must be willing to negotiate, to concede that others have rights, too, and to perhaps apply the theoretical idea of ‘walking a mile’ in the other’s shoes, in order to know whether what we want is really reasonable and fair to all concerned.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 3 January 2013: ‘A Natural Resistance’


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No rebellion here . . . yet. 'Mother and Child, Volendam' Bartlett 1912 {{PD-Art}}

No rebellion here . . . yet. ‘Mother and Child, Volendam’ Bartlett 1912 {{PD-Art}}

3 January brings Venus opposed Ceres and quincunx Sedna, with Mercury square Uranus. Talk is risky and no-holds-barred, and could result in real upset. Relationships resist their natural forms, and power becomes an issue where before love was the focus. We reject authority, nature, and even Mom, trying to have our say, to express ourselves–but we just don’t see how this plays out. Good a time as any to pull back–at least that you won’t regret.

Happy New Year 2013!


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Though I can't be certain, this postcard is probably pre-WW I German--the lucky mushrooms give it away!

Though I can’t be certain, this postcard is probably pre-WW I German–the lucky mushrooms give it away!

December 31st brings some kind of energy pile-up, as if all the leftovers for the year are being served today! And this may be how it feels, that it is necessary to deal with many of these influences so that the new year can start with a clean slate–and this is a more accurate perception than we might be willing to credit. For instance, Mercury enters Capricorn and sextiles Neptune, giving us a kind of shiny, optimistic hope for the future that’s grounded in realism, and Earth is sesquiquadrate the North Node while the Sun is sesquiquadrate the South; major efforts today will be put into making a positive material path into the future, while our attention may linger on all that was wrong with ‘What Was’. A useful exercise if we don’t become mired in it.

1 January 2013 is quiet–no, really, it is–with only the Sun quincunx Vesta to ruffle the new year. We’ll probably review what’s really important to us, vow to honor it–the usual pledge–and of course this time we insist we mean it.

4 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Pallas, requiring us to adjust the emotional outlook to what’s smart; we might otherwise have been tempted by a need for attention (Leo Moon) to do something definitely unwise.

Void begins at 5:12 AM PST; the Moon enters Virgo at 9:35 AM Pacific time.

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Wishing All My Readers a Joyous, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! Love, jd


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