Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 27 February 2012: ‘Don’t Court Trouble’


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'Dignified Couples Courting' Hmm, perhaps that's a matter of opinion. Buytewech c1620 {{PD-Art}}

12:30 PM PST the Taurus Moon trines retro Mars in Earth. This shows us what we need to do to make ‘it’ happen, and also shows us why we shouldn’t go forward, just yet. To ignore that last part of the message is to court trouble, so don’t.

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Just a Little Astro Essence for Your Weekend 25-26 February 2012: ‘A Season for the Self’


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Goya c1786 {{PD-Art}}

For Saturday 25 February:

10 AM Pacific time the Aries Moon conjuncts Venus. Since Venus is uneasy in Aries to begin with, the Moon comes along and aggressively probes our feelings on relationships and finances, and these are likely two areas where of late we’ve been (uncomfortably) putting ourselves first, lately. The thing is, we shouldn’t feel badly about seeing to our own needs at this time; with so many bodies in the sign of the ram right now (Uranus, Ceres, Moon, Venus) we are called to emphasize our own expression and power needs in all situations. Venus, Ceres, and the Moon can all muster their own specific ‘voices of guilt’ when we become susceptible: Venus’ is the one we experience after a bout of jealousy or envy, Ceres’ belongs to the internalized mother who chides us for any number of (probably) irrelevant or outmoded behaviors, and the Moon just urges us to be hang-dog in general! Just be aware that this is the astro ‘season’ for us to put the focus on ourselves, guilt-free (and I blame that Pisces Sun, too, shining a light on altruism as if it’s the only game in town!) Vesta comes along to join this group in Aries at 11:04 AM Pacific time, adding to the imperative to think of ourselves first at this time–so do it without shame :)

And for Sunday 26 February

4 AM PST the Moon opposes Saturn, either divorcing us from feelings of guilt and repression, or showing us just how far our feeling nature is from the corresponding reality. An aspect of freedom, disorientation, and the heavy memory-reminder-burden of things like reality, gravity, and everything that has a say over us. Void begins (and either frees us from caring or from feeling we must do something about these Saturnian things) at 4:53 AM PST; the Moon enters Taurus at 6:30 AM PST, immediately sextiling Neptune. Confusion or delusion over the material situation is the result, and a drained feeling likely all-around. Not a great kick-off for the bull. Vesta sits at the Moon/ Neptune midpoint, and this adds an important point: that our confusion or delusion is seated in a feeling that something sacred has been violated. Knowing that we may think and act from a sense of indignation may give us some perspective: we can’t hope to ‘feel clearly’ coming from a prejudiced state of mind!

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 24 February 2012: ‘Deal, But No Surrender’


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Paxton 1921 {{PD-Art}}

12:30-ish PM PST the Aries Moon squares Pluto and trines the North Node, giving us the green light for emotional housecleaning (or, for housecleaning involving the area the t NN is affecting in your chart), but we run into difficulty: though we know trimming and re-forming is the right thing to do in terms of the direction we’re headed, we still find that something unanticipated, something hidden, dark, a secret, or something external that threatens destruction stands in our way, or demands we conform. You must deal with the issue, but to surrender your power would be a mistake.

6:30 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Ceres, making for an exceptionally Willful period. We want our way, and see ourselves as the authority. We may view ourselves as ‘naturally’ in charge, but a review of whether that’s appropriate for the venue in which we find ourselves will keep us out of trouble ;)

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Just a Little Astro Essence for Today 23 February 2012: ‘Groggy, Hazy, What Do You See?’


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'Landscape with Rising Fog' Friedrich c.1820 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 5:23 PM PST; the Moon enters Aries at 6:47 PM PST.

The Aries Moon immediately semi-sextiles Neptune; this may make it feel as if the Pisces Moon never ended! This may create a hangover effect–we’re walking around with Neptunian grogginess in an Arian atmosphere–not easy.

Sun conjuncts Chiron, uniting these principles in a blinding haze of woundedness or healing skills. Looking into this light will be like looking into yourself; what you see will reflect your basic attitude, and can point out life strengths and weaknesses. If you find yourself looking into a morass of hurt, you are seeing yourself as a victim; I guarantee this is having a negative effect on your circumstances, no matter what you’re telling yourself. If you see skills or opportunities for healing, congratulations, you are using your energy very close to the best way possible for you at this time, and you can be sure you are demonstrating a high level of constructivity and maturity.

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Just a Little Astro Essence for Today 22 February 2012: ‘Feather and Stone’


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'Wing of a Roller' Durer 1512 {{PD-Art}}

4 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Pisces, and whatever comes to mind comes tumbling out–and this may have no reference to reality! Great time for fiction writers, poets, con men, liars, or learning to speak with a new accent–for everybody else, this offers varying degrees of verbal and mental creative inspiration and confusion.

By 6 PM PST the Moon is opposed Mars and semi-sextile Venus, dragging the emotions into that reckoning between opposites and making the balancing of male and female (or light and dark, feather and stone, etc) a real challenge. Can be tiring if we actively wrestle with it–just a tad debilitating if we don’t.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 21 February 2012: ‘Amorphous and Empathetic’


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'Dante's Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice' Rossetti 1856 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins 8:19 AM PST; Moon enters Pisces at 9:32 AM PST and wham! conjuncts Neptune, making the emotions and feeling state all-encompassing, fuzzy, amorphous, empathetic, and boundary-less–Danger Will Robinson! as some old robot used to say–we can slip into a dreamy state where all kinds of inattentiveness can get us into all kinds of trouble. I think this aspect, at 00 and with the Sun so nearby and the New Moon the next contact formed, should carry one of those cold-medicine warning labels, warning against driving, operating heavy machinery, eating everything in sight, stripping off your clothing and entering just about any available body of water, or making love with whatever’s nearby as you wear big ol’ rose-colored specs. Oh my. But at least it will be pleasant :)

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 20 February 2012: ‘A Universal Mechanism’


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Fantastic Adventures 1941 {{PD-Art}}

6:30 PM PST the Aquarius Moon squares Sedna; we don’t know what we’re feeling, we’ll just know we’re upset!! The heights of irrationality may be reached, fights picked, accusations hurled, as the intellect, already ill at ease with feeling (Moon in Aquarius) becomes really disoriented in her contact to Sedna, the asteroid of ‘forgetting’. Just know this is the current Universal mechanism at work, so that you will not respond harshly or take to heart what comes at you from others (they’re just as disturbed, and just as clueless!) and you’ll know how really golden silence, and if not that, then kindness, can be.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 19 February 2012: ‘Caution’


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Friedrich pre-1840 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 1:23 AM PST; Moon enters Aquarius at 2:28 AM PST. We pay attention (though normally we wouldn’t) to the sassy semi-sextile of Luna to the brand spankin’ new conjunction of the Sun and Neptune, and it probably gives the feeling state a shiny (and possibly confusing) aura–what do we feel? It seems like it should be obvious, but it’s just not. Could hook the emotions to a delusion or fantasy, if we’re not careful.

8:30 PM PST and the Moon sextiles Ceres and trines the South Node. One way or another we come upon that power we were seeking earlier, and we do it by calling on something in our past, probably something we heard or were told at some previous time (Gemini).

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 18 February 2012: ‘Uncaged Feeling’


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'The Little Bird Seller' Meyer 1851 {{PD-Art}}

'The Little Bird Seller' Meyer 1851 {{PD-Art}}

Just before 5 AM PST the Capricorn Moon trines Mars, and it may be very easy to accomplish–the Moon and Mars co-operate in Earth, and we can make sizable headway at this time.

Just before noon the Moon trines Sedna, and ‘I don’t know how I feel!’ becomes the refrain. Don’t fight it–it’s a time to just let things slide, and don’t work to pinpoint feelings–they are slippery things that will not be caged at this point.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 17 February 2012: ‘Barriers, and Getting Around Them’


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'A Wall in Naples' Mauer 1782 {{PD-Art}}

Just before 1 AM PST the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus, perhaps making us ill at ease with the unusual, especially if we find it within ourselves. We may have the urge to do something about it (Cardinal placements)–but what? We are likely to suppress suppress suppress, but if we experience discomfort the best answer may be to face it and see it for what it really is: the bogey man of judgment. This may act as a reminder to let go of our most strenuous preconceptions.

7:30 AM PST the Moon sextiles Mercury: we may have emotional barriers up (Moon in Cap), but at this point communications can flow around these (Merc in Pisces). The engulfing nature of what’s shared, and the pure sensation of feeling available through communications, makes up for the stiff upper lip persona of the Moon right now. Those with superb emotional control (or intuitive acuity) can shape the Merc influence to bring an experience to themselves and others of strong emotional impact and deep understanding/ knowing.

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