The Essence for 14-15 July 2011: The Capricorn Full Moon ‘The End’


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Landseer 1835 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

The Full Moon occurs on the 14th Pacific time 11:39 PM at 22 Capricorn 27. We only have two perfected (within 2 degrees) aspects of the Full Moon/ Earth combination: a trine to Sedna, and a quincunx to the South Node. In short, we are looking at endings that we won’t know are endings at the time. These will involve ideas or discussions from the past and the material assets, values, skills, and all structures upon which we’ve come to rely in our world; these factors will mix and in some way produce an ending, probably centered in the issues of the Houses where these placements lie in the natal chart (SN is at 23 Gemini 17 and Sedna is at 22 Taurus 59, Full Moon 22 Capricorn 27).

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The Essence for 13 July 2011: A Challenge Worth Pursuing


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Romako pre-1889 {{PD-Art}}

Just after 2 PM Pacific the Moon sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus, possibly opening the emotions to hurt by the group; or will we be confronted by emotional dissonance created by our own rebellious urges? If we’re too afraid of being hurt, chaos could be the result, as we abdicate responsibility in the hope that it will shield us from sudden upset. If we throw ourselves into this energy combination, we can be hugely creative, by bringing our most unique skills to bear on our most original ideas–it’s a challenge worth pursuing.

By 4 PM PDT the Moon is conjunct Pluto. This aspect brings an emotional read to the ongoing Plutonian journey through Capricorn–and lets us get a measure of how we feel about changes to the structures of our lives. We may find ourselves surprisingly emotional about changes not just in our personal lives but to things that affect many (especially to things we counted on: jobs, laws, government stipends, pensions, ordinances, and even to the relationships among the governments of countries, and other establishment entities). Will likely be a time of review, and may bring surprising revelations and choices about your true feelings.

The Essence for 12 July 2011: Ouroboros


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The Ouroboros, from an ancient Greek text {{PD}} via Wikimedia Commons

1:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes the Sun–it’s a moment of adjustment, where we see that the emotions are in some way misaligned with our direction and purpose. This aspect to the Sun initiates a Finger of God with Moon as apex and a base of Sun sextile Sedna. Even as we are discerning differences between our emotional reactions and our direction, we become caught up in a desire to fully realize the emotions (and perhaps fully access the intuition). We feel we need our Lunar energies as a guide–but we are in some fundamental way prevented from complete understanding–and this likely comes in the form of the matters of whatever is drawing our attention at this time (likely where the transiting Sun is). It may feel that the current concerns are overwhelming; the real problem, however, is that we are trying to apply the wrong measure (the emotions) to the current problems–we must solve the problems first, in order to understand how we’re feeling about things, and that’s just not to be, as things are obscured (by Sedna). So, we are set on a course that is like the ancient Ouroboros, the snake that is perpetually eating its own tail; where does one difficulty begin, and the others end? The energies misdirect us like a clever magician. Better to take a stance of indifference and non-interference; it’s in inaction that we make the right move.

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The Essence for 11 July 2011: No Void for You!


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See? There's no Void here! Courtesy of NASA

I thought it was important to get this out a little early, especially for the use of our friends in Europe (extra points if you get the reference inherent in the title :) ).

1 AM PDT of the 11th the Moon trines Ceres, both at 29 degrees, making it very easy to go over the edge in reaction to (or in acting out our own) authority; or we may overstep personal bounds with someone we feel responsible for. It’s stressful and easy to over-do, even when we’re only trying to work out where we stop and others begin. An approach that de-emphasizes emotion is best.

This is certainly extraordinary: as Ceres will be at 29 Pisces 59, and a Void begins in the moment the other body pulls out of aspect, there really is no Void, with the Moon moving directly from contact with Ceres into her new home in Sagittarius. What it may do is make for a huge amount of stress; Voids to some extent allow us to de-focus, to drift a bit, even if we aren’t aware of it. They’re like sleep in a way, a chance to re-new the psyche, to sense without goals, to let go, just a little, without risk. So, we may find ourselves carrying over stresses; the sense may be that they are accumulating, and that could make us feel beleagured and a little panicked, as the feeling of being overwhelmed (or very near it) is likely.

The main thing to do in handling this sense of stress is to both realize that it’s more than anything else an emotional sensation carried over into territory where it doesn’t belong (and so is not valid and should be discarded), and that it’s useful in pointing out what we’re worried about, deep inside, and now that the Lunar influence has entered Sag, we can do something about this upset. Still, be cautious in the actions you choose (especially if others are involved–Saturn in Libra can make us want to set boundaries and lay down the law to others, as can Ceres, which will still be in that most stressful minute of that most stressful degree!) and keep the ‘Big Picture’ in mind.

The ‘switch’ into Sagittarius for the Moon occurs at 2:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

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The Essence for 10 July 2011: Flashback, Like a Stroke of Lightning



Woodcut 1555 Olaus Magnus 'On Strange Effects by Stroke of Lightning' {{PD-Art}}

4 AM PDT of the 10th sees the Moon trine the Sun–a lovely, and probably soothing, check-in with reality. It’s interesting that a moment of contentment leads into this: 6 AM Pacific the Moon squares Vesta, setting up a question: what’s your emotional conflict with your most sacred ideals, with your home, or with your sex life? For each of us, one of these three will show some way in which we are conflicted over, possibly, the demands this area makes v. our emotional reactions and/ or needs. Not pretty, but it will point out some way we’re misaligned with our Vestal energies, and possibly that we’re not being genuine on one of these fronts.

2:30 PM Pacific a quincunx of the Moon to the South Node brings a sort of flashback; memories intrude, in a very persistent way. The weird part is, they’ll seem random and meaningless: episodes from long ago that don’t appear to be connected to now at all–and of course, that’s the thing, they are connected–it’s up to us to discern the pattern or thread that links then and today. These are likely memories of something said or communicated (Gemini SN) that stirs guilt, rage, or secrets within us (Moon in Scorpio).

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The Essence for 9 July 2011: Some Will Rise Above



de Morgan 1878 {{PD-Art}}

6:30 AM PDT the Moon quincunxes Uranus; it may be the rebellious part of our ego that chafes at our own emotional requirements–the ego just wants to go ‘do,’ while there is an insistence on being immersed in feeling–and not everyone will have the patience for what feels like emotional indulgence, even (or most especially!) for ourselves; we really may be looking to avoid hurt or change (8 AM PDT trine to Chiron, sextile to Pluto). Add to this pressure from the social scene, with which we just naturally seem to be at odds (10 AM PDT opposition to Jupiter, trine to Venus) and we may end up taking out our tension in relationships or emotionally-fueled spending sprees.

Some, though, will rise above any internal emotional discord, and see the contact point to Jupiter as a chance to expand; this will ignite the potential in the Grand Trine created by Chiron, Venus, and the Moon. This grouping promises a healing balance by use of the Chirotic skills and intuition that boosts relationships and creates reward.

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The Essence for 8 July 2011: Unmoored


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Monet 1876 {{PD-Art}}

10 AM PDT the Moon quincunxes Sedna; adjust the emotional outlook for ‘flying blind.’ With the Moon in Libra we may be encouraged to look to others for an emotional ‘read,’ but that would be a waste of time, since we’ll all be unmoored and adrift emotionally! Stick to the facts, to keep things from spinning out of control.

11:30 AM PDT the Moon trines the South Node, bringing a strong bout of nostalgia, especially rooted in relationships. There might be a lot of talk of the past, a reliving of gossip, networking connections, or recall of ‘a lesson learned.’ Take what comes from this and move on; the past is a great place to visit, but nobody should live there. Void begins at 11:35 AM PDT (as Moon moves out of exact aspect to Sedna–remember, aspects have an orb that often overlaps other aspects). The Moon enters Scorpio at 11:31 PM PDT of the 8th.

Added: I left out the 10 PM PDT quincunx of the Libra Moon to Ceres, both at 29 degrees; usually when I overlook something it’s like my unconscious is in overdrive, telling me it’s of no consequence. Normally I would’ve counted this and called the Void much much shorter than its 12 hour run, but from the way today’s gone, it feels like a Void–so I’m glad I ‘skipped’ it, as the odd, energy-less tone of the day is classic Void, all the way! On the other hand, this may argue to leave the quincunx out of consideration in plotting the Lunar day, at least when it’s the last aspect–I’ll watch how this plays out over time.

The Essence for 7 July 2011: A Love Formula


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Hassam 'French Tea Garden' Photographed by Kaldari Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic

By 5:30 AM Pacific, the Moon is not only square Pluto, and still square Venus, forming a Cardinal T-square, but the Lunar energy is also the apex of a Finger of God with base of Jupiter sextile Chiron. The T puts the emotions and intuitions under a strain: there is a contest internally (and perhaps playing out externally, too) about wanting to love v. wanting to destroy or obliterate; the Finger then tells us that the expansion of the primal wound holds one emotional answer, while the expansion of the Chirotic skill or willingness to heal offers another–and one or both of these will also resolve the tension of the T, causing us in essence to choose one side (Love) or the other (Destruction or Power). Resolving this challenge may easily carry through the day and reverberate long after that.

The Essence for 6 July 2011: Observe But Don’t Act


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If we can just bide our time for a bit . . . 'Nono and a guitar' by Lebasque c.1910 {{PD-Art}}

By 9:30 AM PDT the Moon is conjunct Juno and square the Nodal axis. We want to be empowered, we want to effect the life direction, and yet . . . the emotions are too attached to what is, to material results and solid means of changing things. We want to feel the effectiveness–and that’s just not reasonable with emotional and intuitive energies. This may (mis-)lead some in the wrong empowerment direction, so insistent are they on making progress, but we’d all be better off showing restraint–as it is, we can get a good vantage of both where we’ve been and where we’re going–the problem is that empowerment options seem at odds with the chosen direction. Observing but not acting is the key.

Void begins 8:12 PM PDT. The Moon enters Libra at 8:54 PM Pacific time. The first aspect is, of course, a quincunx to Neptune that says we may face deception, idealism, fantasy, delusions, or the fruits of creativity, likely presented to us by a partner or through aesthetics (Libra). What do we do? Adjust, of course! This does seem an interim marker; take note of what we experience here, as it’s indicative of a growing trend–and may signal coming events along these same lines.

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The Essence for 5 July 2011: Adjusting to What’s Wise, Adjusting to What’s Sacred


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'The Temple of Minerva' by Miller 1829 {{PD-Art}}

2:30 PM Pacific the Moon quincunxes Pallas; the emotional outlook must adjust to what we know is wise. This is a good moment to re-align our perceptions, as it will be very clear in what way we’re off base. 4:30 PM the Moon trines Earth/ sextiles the Sun, and we get an effective grounding through the emotional perceptions or through the intuition. Just after midnight the Moon quincunxes Vesta, requiring emotional adjustment in honor of those things we find most sacred–we may need to curb the emotional reaction in response to events in the home or in intimate relationship, in order to preserve what we have built and value.


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