The Essence for 1 September 2011: Resistant to Wisdom


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de Campione 'Allegory of Love and Wisdom' Really? This seems like resistance to me. 19th century {{PD-Art}}

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As 8:30 AM PDT approaches the Libra Moon squares Pallas; we may find ourselves emotionally resistant to wisdom–imagine that! Just parse out if your feeling comes from a true discord with outdated ‘words to live by’ or if you’re having a childish reaction.

10 AM PDT the Moon trines Neptune, making for easy creativity or confusion; Void begins 10:36 AM Pacific. Moon enters Scorpio at 11:48 AM PDT. Does our mood darken at this point, just a little? It probably does. This may be the point where we genuinely feel Jupiter’s retrograde kick in–and with the Moon in Water, it could be surprisingly emotional.

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The Essence for 31 August 2011: Way Too Real


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Gerome 'Duel After a Masquerade Ball' 1859 {{PD-Art}}

By 5 AM the Moon has moved on to conjunct Juno and semi-sextile Venus. What will our empowerment at this time cost us? That’s the question of the moment (and for some, the question of the day, week, month, even year).

6 AM PDT the Moon meets h.Zeus, and our ambitions may be ignited–and so might our desires. Self-knowledge is what we can get from this. Just before 11:30 AM PDT the Moon hits Saturn, and it all becomes way too real; we can know exactly what’s genuine about our feelings. If we need to, we can suppress our emotion with some success, too.

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The Essence for 30 August 2011: Are You Dull or is it Just Me?


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We may have some serious doubts about our own depths today. Godward 1906 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 10:20 AM PDT; Moon enters Libra at 11:25 AM PDT. Our first aspect doesn’t arrive until around 2:30 PM PDT when the Moon quincunxes Chiron. Fresh in Libra, our feelings will likely be focused on a partner, or on aesthetics–and when the Lunar sensitivity hits Chiron, we’ll ‘feel the burn’ of just how and where Libran urges are failing to be fulfilled. Note what comes forward, as it will show us what we may be feeling but pushing below the surface for the sake of harmony (that’s oh-so-Libran!) Remember information is power, and most particularly, it’s power over our own behavior.

By 4 PM PDT the Moon opposes Uranus. There are one of two main possibilities: either we feel very much at odds with the group, or we may be feeling decidedly dull, as if all the excitement is ‘out there.’ Partnerships may lack ‘juice’ and we may perceive our aesthetics as incredibly ordinary. This is just a perception; avoid judging yourself or anything else at this time. Editorial work, anything involving artistic judgment, attempts at innovation, exploitation of the Higher Mind, all must wait until a later point to be effective. Just relax for a while; enjoy yourself, and don’t fret–accessing mental acuity isn’t on the agenda right now.

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The Essence for 29 August 2011: Alignment


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'Out at Home' Fletcher 1905 Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic via Boston Public Library and oaktree_b

2:30 PM PDT the Virgo Moon will sexitle Mars–now our action urge is aligned with our emotional perceptions; the intuition serves as guide. An excellent aspect for athletic competition, particularly for those whose natal chart is touched by one or the other body.

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The Weekend Essence for 27-28 August 2011: ‘A Merry-Go-Round’


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There must be a merry-go-round somewhere; in the meantime, enjoy the show. Lautrec 1887 {{PD-Art}}

The 27th

Just past 7 AM PDT the Moon sextiles h.Zeus, stirring up the emotions in service of the ambitions and desires–uh-oh–then just before 9 AM Pacific the Moon sextiles Saturn (with a following shove from semi-sextile Mars). This is a set of aspects that screams, “Look out! I’m going after what I want!” It’s a huge push to go for it, with all the accompanying potential of overlooking the details (discovered when the Moon hits Virgo) or running over others in the process (revealed when the Moon reaches Libra). I’m not saying don’t grab this wave of enthusiasm and ride it for all it’s worth–I’m just saying if and when you do, be as cognizant as possible of the positions and needs of others, as these may be quite tender, and easily crushed.

The 28th

The 28th we have the New Moon for August at 8:03 PM Pacific time at 5 Virgo 27. The NM is just 3 ½ degrees from Venus; she obviously whizzed past without a care for the Solar energy she’d been so close to just a week before. This suggests to me that we must widen our orb for this NM, or be left in the dust! So, the NM enjoys a conjunction to Venus, a trine to Pluto, an opposition to Chiron, and, best of all, forms a loosey-goosey apex to a Finger of God with base of Uranus/ Vesta. The picture here is complicated, which probably reflects the response we will have to this new energy point; this is the seed point, the birth, of something that may consist of information, news, or an idea that will offer access to a ‘harvest’ (the reward itself) or a methodology (that gives access to a reward or payoff), or consists of another Virgoan matter (such as service of one kind or another, a job or accounting, etc.) that offers a chance of reward.

The Sabian is apt, and describes perfectly the roundabout atmosphere that I anticipate we’ll experience: ‘A Merry-Go-Round.’ I don’t know that there’s anything more to add, except that the image does suggest some excitement, and a dizzying sense that could easily disorient us. Just keep in mind: New Moons are beginnings, and that means we may not see the oak before the acorn is planted, nurtured, and allowed to grow–in other words, don’t expect to see the end result at this point. That’s not to say that there isn’t some routing to be done, some cleaning and clearing and tidying up–Pluto is involved, after all–but the main thrust is compelling, somewhat out of our hands or our control, and mostly quite positive. So that’s good.

The Essence for 26 August 2011: A Challenge to Our Wisdom


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'Puppet Theater' Paul Klee 1923 {{PD-Art}}

4 AM PDT the Moon trines Ceres in Water. Ceres is retrograde right now, and such flowing contact from the Moon could release a rush of maternal feeling, feelings on authority or recent negotiations, or could unleash a ‘statement’ by Mother Nature herself in the form of weather or natural event. Stay on your toes.

7:30 AM PDT the Cancer Moon opposes Pallas and quincunxes Neptune, and all are at 29 tense degrees. This is definitely a challenge to our wisdom, and our ability to stick with what’s smart even when tempted, deceived, or fed an illusion. Don’t hesitate to stick with what we know to be wise–you could avoid the start of a big problem.

Void begins 8:31 AM PDT; Moon enters Leo at 9:09 AM PDT.

The Leo Moon’s semi-sextile to Venus just after 7 PM PDT may give us a sense of appreciation that is played out with the Moon’s 9 PM opposition to Vesta. It’s a good thing we are reminded by Venus of what we treasure, as the opposition to Vesta sets our teeth on edge; we may wonder why something we revere and build our life around is so d*mn irritating! That’s just life, I guess, and the early reminder of how important the irritant really is to us is vital to keeping us from getting into a stand-off with same.

The Essence for 25 August 2011: No Meltdowns, If You Please


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G. de la Tour c.1624 {{PD-Art}}

By 5 AM PDT the Moon squares Saturn and conjuncts Mars, and we have an opportunity to tone down the emotional rhetoric of Cancer Moon, if we choose. With a little effort we can put emotionalism on the back burner, and for some, this may come as a challenge from the outside, as in ‘Don’t be so emotional!’ which typically sends us directly into a meltdown!! This time, consider a voluntary pull back, as within the conflict, the person who both knows her or his emotions and can restrain them is the winner. Then you can take a step, and tell the other, ‘Your move.’

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The Essence for 24 August 2011: Denying Darkness


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Dou pre-1665 {{PD-Art}}

Just before 1 PM PDT the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, bringing us face-to-face with the Underworld. Consider what we see ‘out there’ is telling us what may come forth from ‘in here,’ and need to be dealt with; as long as we deny our darkness, we will summon it into our reality.

6 PM PDT the Moon squares Juno and trines Vesta, making us feel like we’re contradicting ourselves: empowerment options are not working out, even as we are aware that we are honoring all that’s most important to us. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that if we have the ‘right’ attitude, everything will fall into place; the fact is, it does, it’s just that sometimes what aligns is not what we want–and that’s where we get confused, equating alignment with manifestation of our own Will. Call this a ‘modesty making aspect’–because we will receive a dose of humility during this process.

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The Essence for 23 August 2011: Allow the Emotions to Overwhelm


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Ekwall 'The Fisherman and the Siren' 1912 or before {{PD-Art}}

Just before 9 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts the South Node in Gemini. This can bring a flood of memories, each of which triggers an emotional response; or, we may find ourselves emotionally entangled in something that steps directly from the past into the Now, sending us off on a mental tangent. In either case, we may find ourselves attempting to deal with an emotional reaction by using mental faculties–this does not work. Though it’s scary as hell, let the emotions overwhelm, let them flow and really experience them–because once you do, you’ll gain a natural distance (you won’t be holding them back anymore, so there’ll be no push by the unconscious). Perspective is all with this aspect; meeting the flood unafraid (or at least, willing to let happen what will) can make all the difference. You can exorcise something that has been a significant drag on the unconscious ability to process the emotions–so, 5 4 3 2 1 do it! :)

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The Essence for 22 August 2011: A Powerful Fist


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Fighting with polar bears is, I think, inadvisable. Biard 1839 {{PD-Art}}

A Fist of God is formed with Mars square Saturn/ h.Zeus with apex Neptune/ Earth. Zow. I mean, just what do we get out of this? With a base that says, Work on those ambitions and desires, or else! we may be hard pressed to be up and running in the ‘right’ direction so quickly; we’ll know we’ve concocted the magic, effective formula when we see our dreams (or at least something longed-for or idealized) materialize right in front of us. This is a roll-the-dice aspect that we can only know we’ve handled correctly when the highly positive result is right before our eyes–if it doesn’t materialize, it ain’t gonna. This aspect lasts through the 26th of August; that’s our window for making it happen!

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