Just a Little Essence for the Weekend 14-16 October 2011: ‘Oh, Bother!’


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Sterndale 1886 {{PD-Art}}

We’ll start a little essence of the weekend with this aspect, tonight Pacific time: 11 PM the Taurus Moon quincunxes Juno; now we must adjust to our own or others’ empowerment needs–as Winnie the Pooh would say, Oh bother!

For Saturday the 15th we look at 1 PM PDT, when the Moon quincunxes Mercury, and either we must adjust our own message according to things we sense running below the surface, because of secrets, or on the discovery of something heretofore hidden (Merc in Scorpio) or we receive communications where what’s important is found in the subtext. Put on your detective hat and think above, below, and around the words. This begins a Finger of God with base of Mercury sextile Pluto apex Moon where competently blending recent changes to rules, life structures, boundaries, and organization with our current situation, those things we may have suppressed or denied, hidden or buried, and we will see an especially effective period where we can communicate through the emotions, giving and receiving, and where we can intuit a great deal from the communications of others. Exploit this time and this gift carefully.

And for Sunday the 16th, at 5 PM PDT we see the Moon square Ceres, and we get resistance from Mother Nature, authorities, or a maternal figure; do we deserve it? Maybe. This would be a good point at which to look at things from the ‘other’ point of view, as we may be too prone to dwell in our own heads at this time.

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Mercury Into Scorpio: Cursing the Darkness


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Thoma 'Mercury' {{PD-Art}}

Cursing the darkness, of course, follows trying to move through it without putting on a light, as we are bound to run into something–and that’s what we can anticipate initially with this entry of Merc in Scorpio–we are bound to be caught by surprise by some message, communication exchange, or with what bursts out of our own mouths (or runs through our own minds), and this can be dangerous: we are tempted to react to something momentary and passing as if it’s permanent, and what’s more, we are tempted to over-react, with rage, vengeance, the keeping or exposing of secrets, or the destruction of something–and it’s all, essentially, on a whim, prompted by this quick-change energy emphasis.

But what about that light, the one that would keep us from crashing into an object invisible in this dark? Probably the best way to understand our thought processes and motivations at this time is through our feeling nature; contra-intuitive, I know, to inspect the mind with the heart, but as Scorpio is a Water sign, we can access what’s hidden from us quite successfully by using feelings and intuition to ‘open the door.’

Tumult is almost guaranteed, especially early in the transit of Mercury through Scorpio; just remain conscious of the Mercurial quickness with which all can change, and try to access the emotion behind what’s communicated–this will help us understand, and allow a truer response, rather than a reactionary one.

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Just a Little Essence for Today 13 October 2011: ‘At Cross-Purposes’


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'Hope' by Watts pre-1904 {{PD-Art}}

By 11 PM PDT the Taurus Moon forms the apex of a Finger of God with base of h.Zeus and North Node. This ushers in an opportunity for strong emotional expression in artistic, artisanal, and material forms, if we can align the ambition/ desire nature and the direction we’re headed. This may seem easy, but the truth is that we often work at cross-purposes to our own desires, because we have difficulty recognizing which of our own actions may fail to support us. Use others (Libra) and factual knowledge (Sagittarius) for effective feedback that can orient you firmly in reality.

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Just a Little Essence for the Full Moon 11 October 2011: ‘A Choice of Roles’


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Schinkel's 1815 gouache for the Queen of the Night's scene in 'The Magic Flute' {{PD-Art}}

On the 11th we have a Full Moon, at 7:05 PM Pacific time, at 18 Aries 24. An opposition to Saturn ( which is of course conjunct the Sun) is the only aspect that falls within our strict two degree orb.

What happens when the culmination of Full Moon energy is directly in opposition to the Solar orb and the king of reality, Saturn? We may see a situation where we are offered two ‘versions’ of reality, each equally valid! The culmination comes in an energy (Aries) that is about asserting the Self, and about leading others–and this may be a point where we make the personal choice between taking on one of these two roles. It’s really very straightforward, this time around.

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Venus Enters Scorpio: Love in the Dark


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Your Venus sensibilities may feel drunk, overwhelmed, or plunged into darkness during her transit of Scorpio.'Venus Inebriated by a Satyr' by Carraci c.1580 {{PD-Art}}

Venus enters Scorpio at 10:50 PM PDT on the 8th, and the astrological symbol of Love, relationship, and assets enters the dark, enveloping Water embrace of the Scorpion. Venusian matters take on an intensity, and a mystery, that encourages us to go to the neglected corners, caves, pits, grottoes, and valleys of our relationships, our hearts, our aesthetic natures, and our finances (for what are these but little bundles of energy, given and received?) The Venus transit of this sign is the closest we get while she’s direct to that expression prevalent when Venus goes retrograde, except that rather than our Venus antennae ‘losing’ the usual aesthetic and viewpoint signal, we are immersed in sensations that are normally hidden, buried, submerged, or occulted by something else; the result, though, is very similar to the retrograde effect, with a disorientation that is feeling (Water) based. She will be drawn to (or attract!) secrets, normally curbed impulses, rage, the desire for root-deep change, sex, destruction, the experience of re-formation and re-birth, and will find beauty in the discarded, degenerated, destroyed or degraded.

Unless your Venus is in a Water sign, this may be an overwhelming transit for you in feeling terms, as the Venusian sensibilities are thrust into the dank, hidden territories of Scorpio. The company our lady keeps here is non-existent, at least for the first week or so, until Mercury catches up, and that means that Venus is exploring the Scorpionic depths alone. Look to the natal placements that Venus aspects in the early degrees of Scorpio as perceptual anchors; the natal planets and points affected will furnish a familiar viewpoint through which the current Venusian matters can be examined. The 9th sees perfection of the trine of Venus to Chiron, which may invite us to retreat to old wounds and to pick at emotional scars–obviously, don’t! Venus may be alone in Scorpio for a time, but that doesn’t mean she needs to lose her natural, aesthetically-keyed ability to discriminate, and to know what’s worth pursuing~

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 30 September 2011: ‘Pinpointing Our Territory’


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Tears may flow like beer today--Inside the Lowenbrau tent at Oktoberfest, Munich 2005 with Thanks to Andreas Steinhoff

Just after 5 AM Pacific time the Scorpio Moon trines Ceres. Emotions surface easily, and so do feelings of entitlement to boss others around. A lot of deep anger may come forward, but the good thing is we may be able to pinpoint where we’re intruding on others’ territory, and where they’re messing with ours. At the very least, spontaneous rage may express, tears may flow like beer at Oktoberfest, and maternal energies and Mother Nature may each teach us a lesson–be ready.

Void begins 7:19 PM PDT, with the Moon entering Sagittarius at 9:42 PM PDT. First aspect in Sag is an 11:30 PM PDT square to Chiron–we may be tempted to either broadcast the wounds or the skills, as whatever challenges us does so on a ‘knowledge’ level–how well educated we are about our own hurts or abilities may impress others, but it won’t really suggest the state of our emotional health at all–just be sure you recognize the difference in yourself and especially in what others present to you.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 29 September 2011: ‘The Veil Thins’


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'Death and the Woodcutter' Millet {{PD-Art}}

10 AM Pacific the Scorpio Moon opposes Jupiter in Taurus, and we either feel alienated from the crowd (with a dark churning inside us that hints that the social scene may actively be rejecting us) or we find ourselves on the emotional attack, dissecting the social scene and particularly its material proclivities, and citing how they should change, for everyone’s benefit. In either case, we are rejecting our own darkness, or projecting it, rather than accepting it, and making ourselves whole, rather than fractured but feeling superior to something. Invite the darkness to the surface, if you can–we’re entering that time of year, in the Northern hemisphere, when the veil thins and we come closer in awareness to the meaning of mortality than at any other time, so it’s appropriate to acknowledge and accept darkness right now, within and without.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 28 September 2011: ‘A Wise & Practical Goddess’


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Pallas Athena by von Aachen {{PD-Art}}

4:30 PM PDT and the Moon squares Pallas in Capricorn. Our Warrior Goddess loves to be practical; she’s proud of her skills and her wisdom–so what about this in ourselves or others rubs us the wrong way on a feeling level? It’s a good question, which needs to be answered so that the irritation doesn’t go underground.

Just before 6 PM PDT the Moon trines Neptune, enhancing imagination, intuition, and inspiring our perceptive abilities–imagine it and we just might see it at this point! Void begins as the Moon begins to pull out of aspect to Neptune, at 6:52 PM Pacific time. Moon enters lovely, mysterious Scorpio at 9:05 PM PDT.

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The Libra New Moon & Just a Little Lunar Essence for 27 September 2011: ‘Change, & Then Change’


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Piazza San Marco in the Moonlight by Nerly c1870 {{PD-Art}}

On the 27th we’ve really got all we can handle with a 4:08 AM Pacific New Moon at 4 Libra 00. Using our usual strict 2 degree orb, the NM conjuncts Mercury and sextiles Mars, squares Pluto and opposes Uranus (which is, of course, conjunct the Earth). This is a highly dynamic Moon and, in typical Libra style, packs a cold iron fist inside that soft velvet glove. With Libra, there is an automatic implication of a partner or ‘other,’ and so we know that the experience will not be a solitary one. Here, the NM announces itself as about communication (Mercury) and communion (the companionship function of Libra) that is accompanied by or prompts action (Mars); what results is of a destructive or transformative nature (Pluto) and challenges the stability of both our identity as an individual and within the group (Uranus) and could signal unexpected changes to the material situation (Earth).

And later . . .

11 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Venus–excellent! for love, for partnership in the true sense of the word, for co-operation, and for delivering justice, especially for balancing emotional scales–and the Moon’s 12:30 AM PDT of the 28th’s trine to the South Node says that we may draw on the past to reach an emotional resolution now–and this may be very good, as in we’ve in some sense ‘learned our lesson,’ or it could be bad, if we slip into old ways of seeing and doing.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 26 September 2011: ‘The Power of the Maternal’


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Ceres, an allegory of August, fresco by Cosme Tura c1480 {{PD-Art}}

7:30 AM PDT the Virgo Moon opposes Ceres in Pisces; here we have two sets of feeling, nurturing, and maternally-keyed energies facing off against each other–and this could prove to be an incredibly rough showdown. One side (Ceres) clearly will feel it has the advantage of authority, whether that is conferred through age, position, status, or is primal (Mom!) while the other side (Moon) will be all-feeling and perhaps intuitively already privy to what the other side wants to share or state–yet feels vulnerable, as what opposes inherently carries power (or at least, presents resistance and a differing point of view) over the individual or side that is ‘junior’ (the Moon) in some way. This can also be a clash of maturity, where the over reaching of boundaries on the one side clashes with a recently developed Self-possession on the other.

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