The Essence for 18 March 2011: A Conversation to Avoid


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Sometimes what you intend to embrace just squirms loose Mary Cassatt c1896 {{PD-Art}}

Just after 7 AM Pacific the Virgo Moon quincunxes Jupiter, suggesting some emotional turmoil related to the social sphere, or to our attempts to expand our emotional reach. We might want to take society in our arms and tell it everything will be all right–but of course, society would just wriggle loose like a squirmy toddler and run away! We may feel frustrated by the ‘misses’ that are the result of our attempts to set things right on the big scene, but the reality is we’re taking on too much–it’s not our job to fix society–but with this Moon we may be more than ready to tell society what’s wrong with it!

2-ish in the afternoon Pacific the Moon quincunxes Merc in Aries–and two energies gab like the dickens at each other, one aggressive and one emotionally overwrought–and neither making much sense or headway. Better to decline involvement in this conversation.

Just prior to 7 PM PDT the Moon opposes Mars–hmmm, same conversation, but switching gears: this time the aggressive one cloaks himself in New Age rhetoric or talk of Universal brotherhood, while the Moon still finds a great deal to criticize. Again, not worth your time, as nothing gets sorted out and everyone involved ends up frustrated. By 9:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Venus, suggesting that our enjoyment rests on our willingness to be flexible about what we consider happiness-inducing, as a reward, or as valuable.

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And here’s Part Two of Gabby Turner’s collected writings (by various authors) on Uranus into Aries

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The Essence for 17 March 2011: Irritability, Flexibility


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Balance is what counts G. Seurat 1892 {{PD-Art}}

By 12:30 PM Pacific the Moon in Leo is opposed Neptune, sending some to a fantasy-land retreat while others defiantly express ideals and others refuse to be mislead–it’s a variety of responses that once again have more focus on the Self and the need to respond from what seems to be a position where one wears ‘emotional blinders’ (those things horses wear to keep them from being spooked–it fixes their attention on the road in front of them, and that’s what these aspects are doing for us, allowing us to experience an emotional Self-expression that we rarely have the mental or social ‘space’ to indulge in.)

5 PM PDT the Virgo Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces; why doesn’t the Collective refrain feel healing? Everyone’s making the right noises, but somehow the emotional nature is unable to take expressions of Piscean Oneness at face value. Criticism is the natural, opposite response–though to let others know how we feel is unnecessary–better to chalk it up to irritability, and move on, while realizing that our song is making others feel the same irritability! Simultaneous to this the Moon is also making a quincunx to Pallas, suggesting that such adjustments are smart; Self-control and discretion are never wasted.

Don’t be afraid to extend yesterday’s prescription under ‘A Body at Rest’ into today, if need be. Interaction with prevailing energies is always a choice, one from which we can retreat if we so choose.

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The Essence for 16 March 2011: A Body at Rest



Frederic Leighton c.1892 {{PD-Art}}

I think today it’s best to adopt a position of repose (at least in our own minds); the world doesn’t really demand our energy, not overtly. Instead, we must claim rest for ourselves, a moment or two to surrender every tension and stress. There’s no guilt, nothing that calls us from our time of recovery. We can become ourselves again–ready tomorrow to bring all we have to a new day.

For those who can’t sit still, Lunar influences are very briefly outlined on the protected page, available to subscribers (button at right, ‘Add to Cart’) Thanks to All, and please, relax–we can help the Collective immensely by allowing ourselves to emerge hopefully, playfully, and de-stressed, into the world once again, after a short but necessary respite.

The Essence for 15 March 2011: A Point of Reckoning


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Surely this young woman's direct gaze suggests she's unafraid of a reckoning Vermeer c.1666 {{PD-Art}}

7 AM-ish sees the transiting Moon complete a Finger of God with a base of Ceres and the North Node. This may be a point of reckoning for all of us concerning Mother Nature and the way in which she’s changing the Life Path of just about everyone on the planet. Another big shake, a volcano going off (as of this writing there’s new activity in Japan, and there’s plenty more sprinkled around the Ring of Fire, not to mention so many other places on the map), or some other natural phenomenon (even a man-triggered one like a nuclear reaction, or the release of radiation, as we’re already seeing, but this time in a proportion with real consequences)? This may be reading too much into it, but with the Moon in Water and the NN in Sagittarius, it suggests to me another tsunami or other water phenomenon that has far-reaching (Sag) effects–but with Ceres in Aquarius, it may just be that our minds are fixed on pondering, studying, and analyzing what has already occurred. A small note: the dynamic (moving) chart I use to follow transits, which is set for Seattle, shows the Moon sextile the chart Vertex at this point, as well–and this implies a truly fated event. Most likely, though, is that this point will pass as so many others have, with nary a whisper :)

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The Essence for 14 March: No Drama


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The Mars/ Saturn quincunx may be the underpinning on much of what transpires. The action urge and ego must adjust to reality–no question. Rules and regulations, though, might have to bend under assault of the ‘I am’ or the persistence and one-pointedness of the need to do–so which way it falls for you may be dependent on what’s stimulated in the personal chart. If your Sun, Mars, or Ascendant are receiving stimulus from transiting bodies, then you will likely make the rules bend to you; everyone else will probably need to surrender ego to the realities of life.

9:30 AM-ish the Moon completes a Fist of God with a square to Saturn, both sesquiquadrate Neptune. Perhaps this manifests as a test: the emotional nature tests itself against reality, and this, if successful, can make dreams come true. It sounds like a fairy-tale, but it’s really the kind of simple, to-the-heart admonition that can guide us soundly to where we want to go. There’s no need for drama–but sometimes we just don’t realize that :) At this point the Moon also trines Mars, making it easy to act on our promptings. Go Us!

Gabby Turner has put together a collection of links to articles on Uranus in Aries–well worth a look, as is her site!

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Illustration is by Godward 1901 {{PD-Art}}

The Essence for 12-13 March 2011: Emotions Gently Handled


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Fragile Emotion photo by Don from Murfreesboro TN Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

By 11 PM PST of the 12th the Moon trines Ceres in Air–and our thoughts will be on Mother Nature, and/ or the maternal. We can work out an emo kink in this area, smooth our thoughts, if we want to. (And this includes attaining a workable emotional relationship with current events–we can’t be overwhelmed forever).

Moon enters Cancer at 7:29 AM PDT of the 13th. A word on the Cancer Moon: this transit can be both highly soothing, as we are able to connect with methods and individuals who make us feel better (or at least well-nurtured) and it can be highly painful, as we wish to nurture, heal, or cure what’s around us in typical caring Cancerian fashion. Considering world events of late, it may be an up-and-down period; so be gentle with yourself, not expecting too much from any quarter, but also not demanding you give more than you comfortably can. You’re no good to anyone, especially yourself, if you’re debilitated.

Right away in Cancer the Moon squares Uranus–an emotional or intuitive surprise is possible, but I might also think there could be an emotionally-based challenge to our individuality, our ability to create and innovate, or to our stance on or position in the group. Your reaction will be a read on how you really feel about yourself in the area (individuality, ability to innovate, or group membership) where this occurs, and will reveal what you really think your place or privilege should be. This is good, as it wipes away false modesty and allows us to claim our own uniqueness publicly and proudly.

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What Do We Feel Now?



Tamakatzura Tamatori 19th century

I’m stunned by what’s happening in the world, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s not that I’m so sensitive, it’s that I’m human, and so are you, and we look around and find things happening that we never thought we’d see: massive earthquakes that have devastated Japan and that stretch tentacles across the globe–and that threaten a second tsunami of radiation if meltdown to Japan’s nuclear power plants can’t be averted; the violent deposing of dictators as nation’s seek a new voice; the stripping of worker’s rights in Wisconsin; the ‘business’ of hostage-taking as modern day pirates enter the oldest deal in the world (freedom in exchange for profit) that has international consequences; violence, assassination and assassination attempts predicated on hate-speech; and on and on.

I find myself wondering where astrology falls in all this. It’s a wonderful and useful art for understanding influences within and the system of the Universe without–but when we are in the midst of catastrophe, what place does it have? And the truth is my world is intact–I can feel for others at a distance, but how do I serve them and myself with my art, without seeming to take their trauma or tragedy or simple experience as an exercise, rather than as a human moment of depth and feeling? It feels odd to continue with ‘the usual’–and yet maybe that’s the best answer, to use our skills, all of them, in the best way we know how.

Is what’s happening a reflection of Uranus into Aries? Did it cast a shadow before it that pulled all Uranian energies in its wake, like water down a drain? Is it a reflection of the multiple, long-term 29 degree placements that are so stressful in expression? Is it Ceres/ Chiron with Neptune at their midpoint? I don’t know that there’s any one answer, or even that many factors can explain the state of things; I just know that we must do our very best as individuals, and call forward our faith, no matter what it’s placed in–and my thought is that, starting with Uranus in Aries, we might want to translate that placement as ‘The Group (Uranus) Is One (Aries)’ and live in accord with this new age we’ve entered.

The Essence for 11 March 2011: Uranus and the Aries Point


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Thinking of our friends in Japan with tonight's massive earthquake C. Bartlett 1916 {{PD}}

From the newsletter:

We’ve already had a taste of this starting in late May of last year; now, Uranus enters Aries on March 11th at 4:50 PM Pacific. It makes two aspects, a sextile to Pallas at 00 Aquarius and a sesquiquadrate to Saturn in Libra, and both should inform Uranus’ Aries Point manifestation. If the Aries Point is a major point of inception, where the pure, Archetypal Uranus energies move from concept into reality, then perhaps we should be comparing our own Uranus energies as they manifest as both concepts and realities. I know that’s a tall order of Archetypal thinking when we’d all really just like to pull up a chair on the verandah and sip a mint julep and listen to the crickets as evening falls, but it will only be to our benefit if we can recognize at least some of the potentials for Uranus’ material presence–and these will certainly be keyed to his natal presence in our charts–otherwise, he’d show up in the same guise for everyone.

A few loose guidelines: if the Aries Point (00 Aries) in your natal chart is below the horizon (the axis of the Ascendant/ Descendant), then Uranus will likely appear as a concept first, and/ or as an internal perception or awareness–an idea will be the thing ‘born’; if the Aries Point in your natal chart is above the horizon, then you will likely see materialize or be presented with a Uranian manifestation in very concrete terms, and probably very suddenly. Remember, the passage of Uranus into Aries is a ‘birth point’ of sorts, with all the blood, mess, squalling, sudden emergencies, and tender feelings entailed in any birth very likely to appear to some extent.

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As Jasmine has kindly pointed out in the comments for the 10th, it’s definitely worth checking Theodore White’s Global Astrology for enlightenment on current events.

The Essence for 10 March 2011: Functioning in the Dark


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Van Gogh, of course {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

4 AM PST the Taurus Moon conjuncts Sedna and trines Juno, and while we put the intuitions and possibly the emotions to work for our empowerment, we are guaranteed a blind spot about just what we feel–and that means we may be functioning in the emotional dark! An 11 AM square to Ceres helps us re-connect to that sense of Self that felt lost at the contact to Sedna–and by the time of the Moon’s square to Neptune (7:30 PM PST) we are ready for a little relaxation, escape, or mystery. Void begins 9:27 PM Pacific as the Moon pulls away from a sextile to Uranus; Moon enters Gemini at 9:31 PM.

A Word on Uranus Into Aries

I have not forgotten that Uranus has already been into Aries last summer (27 May-13 August); to me, dipping a toe in the water is nothing like plunging in to swim the English Channel (Is that just called ‘The Channel’ in the UK, like Chinese food is just ‘food’ in China?) So if you’re wondering why I’m making a big deal, my feeling is that this is the ‘real’ entry into Aries, as it’s not coming back out–and in my opinion, that makes a great deal of difference in what kind of effect we observe. (Not to mention that any major body to the Aries Point, from which it will continue on in Aries, rather than retreat, is more than worthy of note.) Sometimes when a planet moves into a sign only to move right back out, it’s a taste or preview of the major transit to come, and sometimes not; more often we find few connecting threads that can be traced to later events and recognized as having been previewed in the initial foray. (The idea of a preview is the standard belief, but hasn’t really been supported in my own observation–so go with what you like!)

We have some major energies coming forward with the upcoming Full Moon; see the entire analysis, and much more, with a subscription ‘Add to Cart’ at right–Thanks!

The Essence for 9 March 2011: Short and Sweet



'Still Life with Oranges and Boxes of Sweets' Luis Melendez c.1760

This is a day to watch. Messages will be everywhere (Merc conj Uranus @ 29 stressful and frantic degrees!) and with Neptune at the midpoint of Pallas and Uranus/ Merc we could be in a fight to see past delusion to common sense, both our own, internal mechanism and what the group is telling us.

A sextile of the Moon to Mars around 8:30 AM PST makes us more than willing to act–and act we shall. Uranus is nearly ready to enter Aries–I don’t think we’ll be able to stop ourselves.

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