Just a Little Weekend Lunar Essence 21-22 January 2012: ‘Magic Touch’


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'Fish magic' by one of my favorites, Paul Klee 1925 {{PD-Art}}

For the 21st: 4 AM PST the Moon conjuncts Pluto. The emotions run deep, intense, and can be plumbed in such a way that they can be re-invigorated and rejuvenated–we come out the other side of this transit renewed, if we don’t fall to our own temptation to be overly critical, which only makes us want to destroy our ‘bad’ feelings (either ‘forbidden’ ones or ones that literally make us feel bad!) Don’t trash anything at this time–even the basic framework of our lives is threatened, by none other than ourselves, fueled by discomfiting emotion–channel the energy into transformation–you can call the shots on change and do it your way at this time. It’s particularly important that you take care in wielding this energy as there is a simultaneous sextile Moon to Venus that endangers what we care about, as well as our resources–there’s a real danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater–so don’t! If you’re not happy with your financial or love situation, though, you can make changes at this point that can make a difference, if not felt immediately, then very soon thereafter.

For the 22nd: 3 AM PST the Moon conjuncts Mercury. There’s no mistaking that communications are firmly related to the reality picture at this time; they may, however, give us the idea that things are more restricted and grim than they really are. Too much focus on ‘what is’, rules and regulations, and the reality of things in the now can quash our dreams. Take a step back and regard reality with a jaded eye, knowing that what you don’t see is just as important.

Just post 5 PM PST the Moon squares Saturn and semi-sextiles Neptune, offering a reality check and the imagination-power to re-create anything we aren’t happy with more to our liking. We have a kind of ‘Magic Touch’ at this time–use it! Void begins (relative to Saturn, not Neptune) at 5:39 PM PST; the Moon enters Aquarius at 6:53 PM PST.

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Just a Little Essence for Today 20 January 2012: ‘Intuiting the Next Step’


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'Little Red Riding Hood' Dore c1870 {{PD-Art}}

2:30 AM PST the Sagittarius Moon squares Mars, and we are prompted to act–or maybe I should say, act out. No. no.

1 PM Pacific time we see the Moon hit the midpoint of the Neptune/ Saturn trine (and she just misses contact with the Sun as he enters Aquarius). This brings an emotional perspective to all that has been brought from the imagination and creative effort into the physical/ material realm; we know with certainty how we feel about our creations, and we can intuit the ‘next step’ or the next project.

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Just a Little Essence for Today 19 January 2012: ‘A Wake-Up Call’


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'Sleeping Girl' 1893 Kuznetsov {{PD-Art}}

9:30 AM PST the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts the North Node and squares Vesta. We are faced with evidence via the emotional perceptions concerning our destined life direction and the course we’re on at this time, and this may conflict significantly with our highest values, our present home life, and/ or our most intimate relationship. It’s a wake-up call and moment of reckoning all rolled into one, that places a very real need to make some important choices in front of us. This quite likely won’t be sorted out in a day; the purpose is instead to bring serious attention to things that will have to be shaped, in some sense, to accommodate both our highest calling and our personal life.

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Just a Little Essence for Today 18 January 2012: ‘Life Goes On’


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For example, this weirdly charming (or charmingly weird) portrait of twins George and Regula from 1752 by an unknown artist would belong to the Zurich museum where it is housed, and the image would be unavailable for our enjoyment.

I am totally in favor of the spirit of the internet boycott called for today in protest of the pending legislation that would in effect hand corporations and other entities the right to profit off of the work of those who are long gone and whose work has since entered the public domain–and worse, will keep the rest of us from accessing, sharing, and enjoying this work as well. Personally, I believe that the individual rights of a creator to control the use of and profit from their own work is vital; however, I also think it’s only right that after the span of a lifetime, and a 70 year stretch following death wherein rights are protected for and controlled by heirs, that all work should enter the public domain. Period. And though I recognize that many feel that bringing their corner of the internet to a stop today is the right thing to do, I have to acknowledge that the lives of my readers continue–so here is your Lunar Essence, with love and thanks, and the hope that you too will protest the adoption of legislation that would ultimately be highly damaging to free and creative exchange.

There’s a Grand Trine in Water with Earth, Ceres, and Scorpio Moon/ Juno that kicks in sometime after 4 AM Pacific time. This config suggests that concurrent with our unconscious action and emotional expression, we will feel a sense of tranquility and balance derived from our position in life, what it brings us materially, and from our feeling that we are indeed in the ‘correct’ spot, a part of nature and the natural cycle–in essence, we are grateful–and this leads to a sense of emotional empowerment that fortifies, heals, and prepares us for our next challenges. Pay attention not just to what’s said, or behavior, but also to attitude–there will be no question about what we value, and how we see ourselves, and this will be apparent in others, too, and so can reveal what those who surround us really care about.

Right before 8 PM PST the Moon squares Venus. It’s just one of those times when we are in conflict with the idea of love–it feels as if we have ‘bigger’ points to make and things to express, that don’t leave a lot of room for harmony or forgiveness. That’s okay, speak up–the mouth may be the outlet of choice for the building tension of Mars nearing retrograde. We feel aggressive and it needs to come out somewhere. The good thing about this (and the thing that will make it personally safe for most of us) is that with Moon in Sag and Venus in Pisces we are likely to focus on ‘Big Picture’ rants, and leave loved ones unscathed :)

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A Little Lunar Essence for Today 17 January 2012: ‘Emotional Dissonance, Internal Pressure’


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A still life doesn't notice dissonance or pressure; but your life isn't still, is it? Chase 1888 {{PD-Art}}

By 6:30 AM PST the Moon is quincunx the South Node and sextile Mercury in Capricorn. We may communicate quite easily but whatever exchanges we are involved in stir things from our past that make us uncomfortable, or at least make us reflect on some emotional dissonance still extant and possibly embodied in some old ‘rule’ or structure (Capricorn) that we adhere to though the time for it is long gone.

8 PM PST the Scorpio Moon squares Pallas; our emotions are intense, tumultuous, and definitely at odds with what we know to be wise–so what do we do? That depends on how locked down (or out!) we’ve been feeling. Too much internal pressure (especially if it involves buried feeling or secrets–Scorpio) can drive us to ignore our better judgment–but that would not be good.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 16 January 2012: ‘Happy Targets’


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Frith 1872 {{PD-Art}}

6:30 AM PST the Moon conjuncts Saturn, trines Neptune, and quincunxes Ceres, all in the 29th degree of their respective signs. Here’s a pot of tension, coming to a boil, where partners or co-operative others are the target, and the urge is to repress, deceive or confuse, inspire, and boss around. You can see why this boils over, and why those we choose to express frustrations to may not be the real object of upset, and the same will be true of us–we are not reallythe correct target for others but oh we may be aimed at anyway! Restraint, not insisting on running our territory at the moment, and a willingness to treat the energy imaginatively, may all pay off.

Void begins at 7:29 AM PST; the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:33 AM PST. We start with . . . nothing exact yet–it’s been some time since we were without an immediate, exact to the degree aspect when the Moon changes sign–and that may be good, as we aren’t whiplashed right away with some formidable energy. Just after 10 AM PST the Moon opposes Jupiter and quincunxes Uranus, probably sending us into a uniqueness tizzy, where we insist on ‘being ourselves’ in a way that even rubs us the wrong way! And the social scene wishes we would sit down, too :(

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My thought for the day? If all we have is hate, then that’s what we give away–and it says everything about the giver, and nothing about the recipient.

Venus to Chiron: ‘I Love You, It Hurts!’


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Venus may laugh at us, if we take our Chirotic wounds too seriously right now. WP Firth 1852 century {{PD-Art}}

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Love meets the primal wound, and offers both healing and, to those so inclined, the temptation to treasure the wound–we can see what it’s worth, and it will take a brave individual to set that material for manipulation aside and apply the Venusian balm. Too, Venus may bring Love to that Chirotic skill or gift–and prompt its sharing with others, bringing Chiron in practice to a new, transpersonal level of expression (at least temporarily). Depending on our own typical viewpoint, we may at this time credit relationships with being a major source of pain, see relationship as the only thing that can heal us (and thus become a tad desperate or demanding), view love, money, or our own talents as the only thing that can heal our hurt, or see any or all of these as perpetual sources of wounding, playing into the primal hurt and seeing our opportunity for love, money, or reward as swallowed by our injury. The Pisces placement brings up the possibility that we may project our hurt, or our ability to heal, on the Collective, and make others responsible for what happens in our personal situation–better to see that our pain is not unique (an immature Chiron can sometimes persuade us that we are the only ones who’ve experienced such profound injury), that indeed we share our wounded nature with all others–and that this commonality should lighten our load considerably, as we realize that these wounds have been handled and healed by many many people throughout time–and so there’s a good chance that we may heal, too.

Venus, of course, is playful, and wants to enjoy life; if we take our wounds too seriously, insisting that a good time is unavailable because we must take time to suffer, we may get a surprise, in the form of a desired or desirable person or object that will not play the game, who instead takes our pain lightly–and with good reason, as acceptance of a Venusian lighter attitude would (at least in the moment) soothe, and heal, at least a little bit. We may also make the enormous mistake of seeing Love as the wounding agent itself; if we do, we should realize that this suggests what we are calling Love is not really Love at all, for real Love cannot harm–and so we may want to redefine a mislabeled action or feeling. This all kicks up on the 15th.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 14 January 2012: ‘Can’t We All Just Get Along?’


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Depiction of an 1871 battle at Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, burial place of Chopin, Pissarro, Proust, and Door Jim Morrison, among others. Philippoteaux {{PD-Art}}

2 AM PST the Moon opposes Ceres–here the emotions may push us to contradict or confront a maternal energy, or an authority who demands acquiescence or negotiation (the latter for what we likely feel are our rights!) Just know that you will not change this person’s mind; they believe in their own authority, and their right to be an authority over you. Stick to the facts and insist that others do so, if you want to actively maintain your autonomy.

4 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Neptune, suggesting that we modify our feeling in order to deal with illusion, deception offered, or delusion, all likely of an intellectual nature. Imagine an encounter where someone tries to persuade you of something by appealing to the logic and reason of the intellect–and yet does not embrace fact or make sense! Clear thinking will help you navigate this, along with a willingness to see what’s really in front of you.

Void begins at 4:15 AM PST; the Moon enters Libra at 5:28 AM PST. First aspect is the Moon quincunx Venus; we may be wondering how our emotional perceptions varied so much from our concept of love, and we are reminded of how to put the relationship right again. The dissonance came about through the petty narrowing of focus that it’s easy to fall into when working things out with others (Libra)–now we are re-focused on the Love principle, with positive results. This is the start of a Finger of God with base of Venus/ Jupiter, apex of Moon, that suggests taking a more Universal approach (Pisces) on the social scene (Jupiter) may be the key to emotional fulfillment in relationship at this time, with Taurus implying a material, nurturing, or artistic component to the equation.

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Just a Little Astro Essence for Today 13 January 2012: ‘Magic’


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Yoshitsuya's 'The Battle of Magic' with one contestant transformed into a serpent, the other into a bird of prey c1860 {{PD-Art}}

From the newsletter:

The 13th Venus conjuncts Neptune at 29 degrees, then moves into Pisces; this could take whatever relationship, love, money, or talent issues raised yesterday and apply a thick coating of delusion, fantasy, or creative mo-jo, then move it into full embodiment. Whatever Neptunian form we apply to our current Venusian matters will straight away enter our Collective experience–which means we will be able to see and experience the Neptunian applications of others, as well as see our own in living color! A very interesting period, when we might be surprised, mislead, or even deceived by what we see manifesting for and around others.

For much more, please subscribe! I have available consultation spots–subscribers will receive a significant discount–please keep in mind that astrology as I do it is a personal service, and that means that I accept commissions at my discretion, and may have to refuse if I cannot give you the best consultation possible. Spots will fill quickly; if I have worked with you in the last two years in a private, paid capacity, I ask that you do not apply at this time–I want to give some who have missed the window previously a chance! I will be accepting two kinds of work: brief single question or topic analysis, or more in-depth exploration of a single issue, problem, or topic, with subscribers paying $15 for more simple issues and $25 for more complex; non-subscribers pay $55 and $65, respectively. These consultations aim to answer your question completely but succinctly, so if you’re looking for volume, you’ll be happier with someone windier! Typically it amounts to a couple of exchanges between us, with no extra questions tacked on at the end allowed, so it’s worth it to know as precisely as possible at the start what you are really interested in knowing. I may use horary, transits, Solar Arcs, Secondary Progressions, or other tested methods, my choice, and do not provide detailed explanations as to how I work as this is not specifically a teaching session, though I usually give general information when warranted–if you are uninterested in the astrological workings of things, and just want an answer, saying so wins subscribers a $5 discount, non-subscribers $10. Contact me at my name no spaces at hotmail dot com with your intended question–please do not pay anything before we have reached mutual agreement. If all these conditions sound okay to you, talk with you soon! And please check the latest post or on the services page whenever checking on my availability–I’m typically unable to answer requests for service that happen outside times when I’m available. If you are a fan of ‘Born Today’, I can do a brief (one-three paragraphs per month) year long assessment in this style keyed specifically to your chart and transit picture–$50 for all.  AS OF 3 AM THE 14TH I’M BOOKED–THANK YOU ALL–I’LL TRY TO DO THIS AT LEAST EVERY COUPLE OF MONTHS

Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 12 January 2012: ‘Workin’ Your Virgo Moon’


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A Virgo Moon inclines us to detailed work and a practical attitude. del Cossa c1470 Fresco at Palazzo Shifanoia {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 12:24 AM Pacific time; the Moon enters Virgo at 1:45 AM PST. We kick off the Moon’s transit of Virgo with a trine to Jupiter, suggesting that the entire passage may present us with exaggerated accounting, attention to detail, focus on the harvest and results, and a propensity toward criticism and dissection of situations. Virgo is not a friendly sign, in the conventional meaning, but it does find the breaking of bread and sharing of results worked for particularly rewarding–and this is the way to relate when nitpicking or critique threatens to separate us from one another.

Post-noon Pacific time the Moon trines Mercury, then moves directly after to trine Pluto. This brings emotional awareness to a deep knowing that has been building and moving toward consciousness over the past 4-5 days, and inaugurates a period of radical (and perhaps destructive) honesty and revelation. Some with natal inclinations to use words as weapons may succumb at this point, but for most of us, this is a chance to contact intense and possibly buried feelings and thoughts that will help us to a much greater understanding of ourselves and our world. Note what comes to the mental surface–this is vital and useful information.

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