Pluto in Sagittarius has fueled any number of adventures in destruction and transformation since it first touched base in 1995. With Pluto supplying a kind of background noise for faster moving events, we can note the way its time in Sagittarius was full of people, singly or collectively, trying to institute change in a way that’s almost missionary in its zealous insistence on a new course. The current Iraq War, and the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, are only two of the toppers on a cake that’s served a lot of different groups with a slice of someone else’s philosophy. ‘We’ll teach them,’ seems to be the global battle cry, along with the dark Plutonian insistence on breaking boundaries, dissolving resistance, imposing one’s own Will or ‘knowledge,’ whatever that may encompass. We’ve also seen a trend toward exploration that had the same persistent spirit; perhaps the mysterious disappearance of one of its most visible proponents, Steve Fossett, months ago in the Nevada desert is symptomatic not just of the kinds of excesses we see with Pluto in Sag, but of the idea of adventure that forces nature to accomodate our ambitions, that says, ‘No matter what limits you show me, I’ll go past them.’ Some mistake this for bravery, or vision; it’s really a case of those who must act out their Plutonian impulses in letters writ large, and they come in only two flavors: those who are so in tune with the Pluto in Sag ‘vibe’ that they literally play a part in acting it out in the world, and those who so fear looking into the personal darkness within that they will draw the world into their own frightened turmoil–these are the people who are dangerous on both a large and small scale, who will demonize the ‘other’ rather than acknowledge the beast within themselves–we can all think of people who fit the bill.

As Pluto moves into Capricorn, we may hear a collective sigh of relief from those with Pluto in Virgo natally, as it will feel to these natives that Pluto is back in Earth ‘where it belongs.’ For those with Pluto in Leo, there may be a feeling that ‘the fire’s going out,’ and fear of being left in the dark may be driving them just a little batty right now. The solution for these people is to understand that though the ‘climate’ is changing, they aren’t; it will help for them to focus on other Fire placements in the chart, and to at least temporarily train their energy like a laser on making these placements function optimally. Use these Fire energies as a positive and productive conduit for the energy that feels displaced by the Pluto change. For those who have planets, lights, or points currently being aspected by Pluto, the amount of tension involved is astounding, with high-pressure almost too relaxed a term to describe the effect! These are the people who must directly allow the transformation of elements of their world to occur, no matter how out of left field, or out of control, they seem to be right now. They need to know there’s no way to get a handle on this energy at this point, so we need to go with it, confident that the Universe knows what it’s doing.

So how can we expect things to be different with Pluto’s move into Capricorn in late January? Since Pluto can act as an atmospheric backdrop to quicker moving energies, we may see a shift from the open-ended, knowledge for knowledge’s sake, ‘we’ll teach them’ stance to a more buttoned-down philosophy overall. Expect the emphasis to shift to what we have, how to keep it, and how to make more of it. We may also see the idea of repression, restriction, and boundaries put forward as solutions to problems as varied as those concerning border and immigration issues to those of very personal arenas such as international adoption (currently all the rage with celebrities) and same sex marriage–this change to Capricorn won’t necessarily deny progress in any of these areas–it may in fact cause codification and create specific channels–but may delay interminably any solutions that feel both fair and reasonable. We may see the strengthening of large institutions and big business (I can’t imagine many who will see that as positive!) and we may see the flowering of a rather paternalistic attitude on the part of government and those in power on a large and small scale. ‘The Rules’ may become very important, but this isn’t entirely negative, as might be our initial impulse to the idea, as nature and the spirit have Universal rules that need to be discovered and honored on both an individual and Collective basis. Too, if your Plutonian impulse to transformation and destruction can be aligned with the Capricorn propensity to build, organize, and realize, sweeping and significant change can come about at all levels, and the creation of those long-envisioned life circumstances can become our reality.

By the time Pluto reaches Capricorn (January 25th at 7:25 PM PST), Jupiter will have already been there for approximately 6 weeks; this means that the two, who’ve been fellow travelers now for some time in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, will not reach conjunction again (after their mid-December 2007 meeting) until March of 2020. This happens at 24 Capricorn, after Jupiter has made another full circuit of the zodiac. Whatever we were wrestling with, consumed by, and the changes and transformations that were front and center mid-December will play out on a large scale over the next 12-13 years. We may not at present see, recognize, or understand the import of the Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction in Sag’s meeting, but the themes are guaranteed to play out over the coming decade plus; approach these matters as if they’re ‘Big Picture’ and will deeply effect the life circumstances for some time to come, and you’ll deal with them in a way that will make the most of them, and will give them the gravity and psychic ‘weight’ with which they deserve to be handled.

Bonus info! Pluto returns to Sag in mid-June ’08 (after already being retrograde for 2 1/2 months), goes direct in early September and finally re-enters Cap for good in late November ’08. Expect the time from mid-June through to December 2008 to be filled with ‘ghosts of Pluto past,’ a re-hashing of things we’ll have long since thought buried. Look to what has come up October-January as a preview of the subjects that will be back for one more round in the months Pluto returns to Sag.