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I’m noting some interesting trends in communication; or should I say, trends in what’s communicated. The retrograde of Mercury seems to be causing nary a blip for many of us, in part, I think, because other influences have been mimicking a Merc retro period for so long that everything actually seems to be flowing better now! No matter, though, because with Mercury re-tracing his steps in his own sign of Gemini, it’s the message that draws our attention now, and rightly so. The trend seems to have been toward a kind of show we see more often in the animal kingdom, a spreading of tailfeathers to intimidate, a dance to beguil, a peck meant to show authority that more often than not shows fear of not being seen as an authority. People are drawing the line, but few have done it in the right way or for the right reason; I say this as I see some coming forward in quiet authority, actually making change and fighting the good fight in the most humble way, and I watch as some stumble from the shadows, declaring they’ve always been present and accounted for, while I see still others whose message now becomes a fear-driven splash in the direction of those who threaten (and who threaten, by the way, by their mere existence).

I’m not speaking of real engagement, contradiction, or interests at odds; the expression of those are both normal and healthy. I’m talking about the communications that have a terrible shriek as a sub-text; it’s been sotto voce for a while now, but recently became blatant as retrograding Merc drew a quincunx to Jupiter in Capricorn. The quincunx is still in effect but will be gone in no more than a day; with what will we be left, message-wise? Media guru Marshall McLuhan said that the medium is the message, and that’s a good thing to keep in mind during this period; the form and means of delivery will carry their own facets of meaning, apart from the words used, perhaps shown by Uranus square Mercury. Two forms of communication engage, and modern technology and/ or the ‘group voice’ is the likely delivery system.

Mercury is square Uranus in Pisces, and exactly trine the North Node and Chiron, both in Aquarius, and though technically still trine Neptune it’s pulling away from orb at a rate that soon spoils the aspect; right now it’s weak, at best. The square suggests a certain tension between our communications and the urge to be modern and progressive in terms of the Collective; many feel pressure to uphold ideals that they have not fully embraced, or that do not truly fit the situation. I see those who are normally the soul of honesty, and who see themselves as scrupulously honest, standing behind lies, because they see this as what’s needed to protect, guess what? their own image of themselves as honest! And it’s so with many traits and beliefs. As for me, I like to see myself as very reasonable, but I find myself short-tempered lately–snappish, if I have to dress it just so. In my own mind, this is not me; but clearly it is! And I don’t even have the justification of ‘I’m tired of being handed a pantload!’–instead, I’m refusing the pantload, the moment it’s offered! And this doesn’t sit well with those who insist that’s not what they’re offering, at all.

Mercury’s trine to the North Node and Chiron bring us into rougher territory, and may be a big part of the form these communications are taking. Consider that we’re in a retrograde; then think of how we are feeling pressured. In particular we are feeling the need (maybe even a kind of desperation) to make our messages count, to further our journey along the Path (NN). But we are in a retro, we are feeling rather than thinking, and our sensitivities may come forward in two distinct urges: to protect ourselves and our wounds, and to make efforts to heal (Chiron). The fear that we will be thwarted in this may cause us to draw the line prematurely, and perhaps defensively (though this is not always unjustified, considering the fear-driven thrusts of others to which we may be subjected).

The real upset, though, may be coming from those who fear being left behind. Lately I’ve discerned that the line being drawn can also designate those who are moving forward on the one side, and those for whom this is either threatening in itself, or who fear they will not progress themselves, on the other. Again, a fear reaction, perhaps seated in the Ceres/ Neptune trine, with Ceres in Gemini talking the ‘authority’ talk while unsure (Neptune) he or she has the needed intellectual strength (Aquarius) to pull it off. There is also the possibility, of course, of sheer delusion taking the reins, but also inspiration, and with a little calm and a willingness to negotiate and to acknowledge that everything has its season (Ceres) we can use ideals to guide us.

So I promised I would keep you informed about the four horaries (cast over the span of about ten days) that I used when my husband’s job was scheduled to be eliminated. They all pointed unequivocally to May 20th as a date of resolution, or at least major development, but just a little over two weeks after being told about the elimination, and before actually leaving the current job (he’s still in place at this point), he received another job offer, for a better position, which he accepted; but this penciled out as approx. four days pre-20th. We waited for the 20th, which came and went without a peep. Then two days later, he received a call from a large government entity that deals in the same issues (housing) with an offer for a job, but since the pay offered was not enough more to make a move to a big expensive city in our interests, he declined; having the in-place, previous offer meant that there was no pressure to accept what was seen as inadequate, and then the personnel director said wait a minute, we can pay you a lot more. And he took it, with final paperwork in place about three days after the 20th. The only thing I can come up with is that the charts were pointing to a midpoint, rather than a resolution point. So what’s the moral of the story, besides all’s well that ends well? That not acting out of desperation or fear, but instead from a well of confidence and sure priorities, brings its own rewards. Or something like that.