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Dear Seeker,

I noticed you searched yesterday for the term ‘Juno conjunct Jupiter marriage.’ I have no idea who you are, so I hope you won’t feel intruded upon that I’m addressing this directly; after all, the only thing you were doing was looking for answers.

I admit, I felt a little start when I saw the phrase; the first thing that went through my mind was, ‘This person may have big trouble!’ I know, it’s not a very diplomatic thought! But the concept of an expansion or magnification of the Juno nature within a relationship is not necessarily a pretty one. ‘Why?’ you ask, ‘Isn’t Juno a marriage indicator, and contact is a positive sign that two people are meant to be together?’ And my answer to that would have to be, No.

Briefly, here’s why: Juno/ Hera and Zeus/ Jupiter enjoyed a three hundred year honeymoon, but the second they returned home to Mt. Olympus the fur started to fly (literally: Zeus had a taste for ladies-as-animals). The after-honeymoon relationship consisted of Zeus doing whatever he wanted, and Juno angry, vengeful, and punishing over his transgressions. His lack of respect for the marital relationship in general, and his goddess wife in particular, is the core of the potential downfall of a strong Juno connection.

So, much would depend upon the sign, situation, and aspects of this conjunction–is it between the charts, or within one partner’s chart? If it’s interchart, which partner has the Juno, which the Jupiter? Is this a man and woman, or two men or women? It’s important to ask the right questions, as Juno functions differently in the chart of a woman than it does in the chart of a man. In a woman’s chart Juno is about Self-empowerment, specifcally that enjoyed through relationship, while in a man’s chart Juno suggests what kind of person and behaviors he will see as ‘wifely’ or appropriate to a mate or other partner.

Now, one possible exception to the more negative scenarios would be that this shows a true uniting of Juno and her husband (Jupiter). With positive contacts with other planets and points, and with no stressful attitudes related to the Juno of either chart, there’s some chance that Juno in one chart conjunct Jupiter in the partner’s chart would be a very good, even a prime instance, when Juno does indeed promise marital bliss (or at least, it might keep the relationship in a perpetual honeymoon period, which is probably the very best thing we can hope for with an interactive Juno).

So, Seeker, if you should happen to wander back here, and would like to know the skinny on your situation from my point of view, please leave the horoscopic particulars in the comments section, and I’ll take a look and offer what I can.

And if I don’t hear from you, I wish you the very best of luck and happiness.

Julie, your Astrologer-in-Waiting

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