I don’t want to make too much of the moment Pluto enters Capricorn to stay (early afternoon Pacific time November 26th); it’s a background influence, and a backdrop to all the other energies, which are faster moving, which dance into and out of aspect with the heavy hitter, but I do want to take a look at the sky as it will be on the day. The surrounding situation during a moment of change can be illuminating; it’s almost as if circumstances impress themselves on the ether, both shaping and reflecting the zeitgeist. What surrounds Pluto’s entry into Capricorn gives us some idea of the immediate challenges we will face, and the climate that will greet such a fundamental shift in consciousness.

Pluto enters Cap during the Dark of the Moon; will this make the change resound like a deep boom through the earth, for one long moment, no other sound heard, or will the Dark period mute the transition, like an explosion in space: no matter how violent the spectacle, there’s no atmosphere to transmit the sound to listening ears–so which will it be? During the Void the Moon will be in Scorpio, which Pluto rules, and that suggests to me that effects that typically find no impetus will instead vibrate through the Scorpio Moon and rebound on the ‘new’ Pluto energy, giving us all some version of an earth-shaking moment. Remember, though, that earthquakes come in many forms: a little shake, a deep, long, rumbling freight train, a vigorous thunderclap, an abrupt series of shakes, rattles, and rolls–and of course, if Pluto will be aspecting anything that sits at 00 of the Cardinals in your natal chart, you’re looking at a probably unprecedented effect, a once-in-a-lifetime transformation or experience of change.

Pluto moves into Capricorn just after the Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius at 3 Sag 55, and this adds another dimension, one that likely gives us a platform of accomplishment, or some sort of ending or wrap-up, from which to launch the ‘new’ Pluto energy. When Pluto hits 00 it trines Vesta in Taurus, which is retrograde, suggesting that immediately we may be challenged by the material face of what we find sacred, of the home, and/ or of the sex life.

One final thing that stands out: our judgment may not be the best at this point: with Venus quincunx Pallas=values, relationships, and assets must adjust to the wise course, and/ or what the skills can support or accomodate; Saturn quincunx Neptune=the material reality is challenged by inspiration, imagination, delusion, or deception; Jupiter semi-sextile Neptune=the possibility of exaggeration of those Neptune influences; Jupiter sesquiquadrate the Earth=the social sphere, educational or travel potentials, and/ or the ability to ‘get the word out’ must adjust to material circumstances; Ceres square the Earth=the will of authorities, or nature itself, conflicts with material reality; and Pallas square Uranus=the wise course, or individual abilities, conflict with one’s desired expression of uniqueness, or one’s ability to mesh with the group.

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