The Aquarian vibe can take us by surprise; at a personal level, this will almost certainly be highly dependent on what Jupiter will aspect in terms of natal placements as it passes through Aquarius (please, don’t ask me to interpret the meaning for you personally, either in the comments or at my email, unless I specifically solicit this–those days are over, for my own sanity! –consultations are available at very low cost–and this is why they are so low cost, so that everyone can afford them–please see WANT MORE? for details). If you happen to have placements very early (in the first 2 degrees) of any sign, though, you will receive an initial effect that lets you know just how thoroughly the social ‘background’ to your personal situation is changing. For once this effect is not reliant on transiting Jupiter being in hard aspect to the natal placement; it is much more about Jupiter’s ‘new’ character casting its big, unavoidable shadow onto specific portions of your nativity. For everyone, whether Jupiter moves into Aquarius and aspects something or not, the place where this occurs in the natal chart will be a symbolic point of upheaval and change, bringing revolution of one kind or another, your own mini-Age of Aquarius.

Jupiter is ushered in to Aquarius at 6:49 AM PST on January 5th. Think back to late January of 1997, when Jupiter made its last foray into the sign of the Waterbearer (but keep in  mind, despite the symbol for the sign involving water, this is a Fixed Air sign–and thus mentally oriented, and a wee bit determined/ stubborn!) At that time it was on its way to conjunction with Uranus, and had recently conjuncted the Sun, Ceres, and Neptune; this suggests an atmospheric picture that was highly charged with the spirit of change in the name of a new order, of rebellion that offers a fresh perspective, of challenges to and Self-adoption of authority’s role and privileges, and that served as a major outlet for imagination and inspiration (with the added possibility that major delusion could’ve been adopted at this time, as well). astrological-signs-5

Now Jupiter enters Aquarius when the Moon is Void (at 29 Capricorn 28)  and it squares Vesta at 01 Taurus 00. To me this suggests we will be subjected to a sudden shift in the atmosphere that may frustratingly lead nowhere, or that could spawn unforseen events (especially emotional ones) of an Aquarian nature, that leap forward as if cut from whole cloth. The home front, the sex life, and all that we hold sacred may conflict in some important way with our social role(s) or the social milieu in which we find ourselves; the prevailing attitudes that surround us may all at once have a very different tenor than they possessed just a day before. The primary effect, then, may be more disorienting than anything else, a feeling of ‘There’s no going back’ in some important area of our lives (likely represented by the House in which the move occurs, or possibly by matters of the House Jupiter rules natally). The changes may test the social order as you currently perceive it, and maybe even challenge you to re-define what, precisely, you want on the home front, in the sex life, and what you will be willing to dedicate your life to (Vesta effects).

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