I’ve been alerted to the presence of a video on the web labeled with my name, which is not by me, nor does it feature me–I say this with confidence even though I haven’t viewed it, as there was a (possibly bogus) requirement to download a new version of a player I already have–and I have the latest version of the player now! Just wanted to let everyone know 1) this has nothing to do with me, and 2) it may be a set-up to get you to install malware, so please don’t click on it. I wonder if this is a manifestation of Neptune/ Chiron opposed Ceres, as she is my special friend (involved in a natal Grand Trine with Venus and the Moon)–wounding deception (Neptune is also video) that ‘feeds’ off the reputation of the Ceres individual, perhaps? So, take care, everyone who identifies with the power and authority of Mother Nature–someone out there may be pulling a fast one in your name!