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 As outstanding astrologer serennu points out in her recent Tweets (follow her, me, and many others at http://twitter.com and see her blog, http://serennu.com ) Mercury has entered its shadow.

Photo courtesy of NASA
Photo courtesy of NASA

Mercury’s shadow is made up of the degrees over which it will pass during the upcoming retrograde; this means we’re feeling something that will echo familiarly when Mercury does his turnaround and touches these degrees once again, then goes direct, right where he is now.

It may then serve us to look at Mercury’s current state in light of what it could portend about the next six weeks or so. Located at 23 Taurus, Mercury is square Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune, sextile Uranus, and semi-square Pallas. This says communication difficulties centered in assets and the material (Taurus) will appear on the social scene or in attempts to expand our world (Jupiter), in the re-opening of old wounds, as well as in messages as to how we can heal (Chiron), and in ways that challenge our fantasies, delusions, deceptions, and ideals. Our most unique characteristics may assist in dealing with what comes forward, but there may also be a continual temptation to rebel against what we’re facing (Uranus) or to think we can handle things totally on an intellectual plane–and using only the mind when the Trickster is present is a mistake. The semi-square to Pallas balances us on her double-edged sword: we know the wise course, we know what’s practical, what skills we may call on, but the aspect itself says we may chafe at the feedback we get on what we know to be smart–and that puts us off our game, if we’re too vulnerable to others (the social pressures of the Jupiter square) or if we’re hell-bent on being ourselves, whatever that means (Uranus)–and to muddy it all up, we mustn’t forget the influence of Neptune, which can (and maybe should) make us question our assessment of things, particularly once Merc is retrograde.

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