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So I promised I’d update this week if anything spoke to me, and I just heard something: a Finger of God with Pluto as the apex and the South Node and Mercury, as it’s poised to retrograde, as the arms in quincunx. First, this suggests that if Pluto (at 3 Cap 02 retro) currently aspects something in your natal chart, you need to really pay attention: the Lord of the Underworld is pointing right at you, and he doesn’t take no for an answer, nor does he go along with that spacey thing, where we pretend we don’t notice looming change, transformation, or profound and deeply affecting endings as they present themselves. pluto-and-persephone

What venues are speaking to us with Pluto’s voice? And note, even those who are not receiving an aspect to a natal placement from Pluto will be at the very least witnessing this intensive energy, this deep wave of quantum change. So Pluto is the targeted outlet for all the energies and memories we carry from the past (the South Node) and what is likely our highly over-active and agitated mental process (Mercury); this latter is an energy under stress right now and will remain so through its retrograde, direction, and its pass back out to the retrograde degree (1 Gemini), just not so dramatically or obviously, as it moves along its course.

This Finger configuration focuses Pluto’s intensity and power, its ability to re-energize and re-create, to demolish and destroy and change matter in the closest thing we have to alchemy, on the mind and the memories. Being open to what it offers may feel scary, but it’s probably the best thing we could do, considering the current tense state of our minds and all communications as the Trickster pauses and turns around. We must also note that one of the outlets for the Plutonian energy may be our relationships, as Venus is currently still within square to Pluto–and sometimes we are prone to funnel energies into those areas we feel passionate about, without looking too closely at whether these are deserving of our upset or not, and the same goes for the past–we must be clear about what is triggering our feelings, so that we’re slaying actual dragons, not charging at ghosts from our past.

Illustration, Pluto and Persephone, courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy, link at right