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Two interesting and dynamic individuals take a stand http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/mia-farrow-ends-fast–richard-branson-takes-her-place-1514520.story/?gt1=28145  I’ve written on both Farrow and Branson before; now I’ll post both charts and add extended remarks later. We can note, though, that both have that behemoth of idealism, Neptune, in Libra (others, or acting as a partner); Farrow has a natal Neptune/Chiron conjunction, perhaps stimulated now by the current Neptune/ Chiron union in Aquarius (group welfare, trine by sign), while Branson has a Mars/ Neptune conjunction, signalling the willingness to act on ideals. Farrow may be motivated as much by intense empathy as by anything else (Chiron), while Branson embodies the true activist whose actions follow his principles.

Both have a ‘warrior’ energy, he through Mars, she through a Pallas conjunction to the Chiron/ Neptune combo, and both have these idealism in action significators below the horizon, suggesting personal, internal motivations behind their efforts.

Mia Farrow










Richard Branson