A conflict aspect between two serious heavyweights such as these, not surprisingly, has stirred a great deal of concern, but really shouldn’t. It’s a clash of the titans, a rough meeting of forces with ancient origins–and as such, it will affect most of us as significant background, rather than up front pressure or confrontation. It brings to bear on the life general energies that require discipline and effort (and if we don’t discipline ourselves, circumstances come along and do it for us! Such is the influence of Saturn) and that will require the utmost seriousness and honesty–as Pluto will rile the depths until truth be told.

No wonder many people are worried about this! But, not to fear–it’s an excellent long-term opportunity to make significant, down-to-the-roots changes that can immensely better your world. Will it take work? Yes, Saturn’s involved; Will it be dramatic and messy? Yup, Pluto can bring forward the secrets and question the theatrics that have been protecting them like no other. Is this bad? Only if you don’t want to do the hard work–but this doesn’t have to be especially hard, with the difference between difficult and relatively smooth being one’s willingness to address what comes forward. It’s that simple.

Parsing out the effects of this square over time is best done in two ways: an inspection of the ways it contacts the natal chart, naturally, and in watching what through transit touches the square. This latter will give a tenor to the square, giving the energy clash a certain flavor–and right now, that happens to be provided by a sesquiquadrate formed by Jupiter in Aquarius. This stimulates a strong desire to understand the square intellectually (but the majority of its energies are more primal than that–sensing them works better), and it makes us prone to project the effects outward, into our social sphere or society at large. Tensions generated by needed change will find expression in one’s role or interaction in the group arena–which could be unsettling, as everyone changes partners and shifts position, drawing lines in the sand, demanding the bare-knuckles truth, and overall looking to reflect inner changes in significant change to the surroundings.

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