The obvious answer to that is, Why must you see something in order for it to have an effect? That’s the situation we’re facing right now: we can feel it, but getting a handle on just where the energies are being generated is nearly impossible. The biggest problems, though, are twofold: we may attribute effects to the wrong sources, and we may insist on things that aren’t necessarily so (the most pronounced of which might be the mantra, ‘Venus square Jupiter means everything is great, dammit!’)

The dynamic in play is a Venus/ Ceres conjunction (strong women, or strong animas, or two values sets, with very different agendas, but both focused on having a power-effect on the situation–look to your values, finances, or relationships for the arena where this appears personally, or in the matters of the natal House where this conjunction is happening for you) opposed Sedna (the ‘blind spot’) all in a T-square with Jupiter/ Chiron (exaggerated hurt or PR, hurt from the social sphere, skills tested under duress–the square–in the social sphere, learning what wounds, or those wounds inflicted by religious, educational, or cultural differences).

This can have about a million different forms, but the essence of it is this: we’re bound to identify hurt coming from somewhere, and get both the nature of the upset and the origins wrong. Sedna makes us unable to see–it’s not a matter of being willing to see, or of making a special effort; the energy of this body removes our ability to accurately pinpoint the conflict (though some number of us will guess correctly in spite of ourselves! It’s just the odds). What, then, can we do about this? How to cope?

Even our coping mechanism comes with a caveat, as Neptune, the Great Obscurer, is involved. We can look to innate wisdom and common sense for guidance (Pallas), as this energy is accessible through feedback from the social realm and from our own attempts to reach out or expand (Jupiter), and through application of the unique Chirotic skills, and our ideals, creativity, and imagination (Neptune). The trine between Pallas and Jupiter/ Chiron/ Neptune allows a funneling of our ‘smarts’ and our most competent attributes so that, by observing the products of actions and thoughts based on our ideal and imaginings, and on the feedback we get from the social sphere, we can determine in what way our perceptual equation is imbalanced. We can pinpoint the relevant power, authority, values, relationship, and financial issues that are really in play at present, and discern whether they truly are injurious, as well as in what way they may serve to help us expand and ‘get the word out.’

Wish I didn’t have to be so vague, but with the involvement of both Sedna and Neptune, nebulousness is almost required! And a word about the Venus/ Jupiter square: don’t forget that a square is a conflict aspect, at least initially–there will be discord within attempts to expand in Venusian areas. If we accept this, we’ll be much more likely to stop insisting that this is a great influence, and start working with it, so that we can resolve the tension and actually make it work for us, likely with great success.