This turkey appears to be paying attentionThought I should have something for my friends who come by here on our day of celebration–since I can’t offer you a slice of pie, I’ll give you a wee glimpse of what we must be on the lookout for as we gather with those near and dear here in the US. Jupiter is square Sedna, and Venus is square Neptune, and both spell difficulty knowing just where and how our abundance is coming to us–making it hard to give thanks to the real source of our love, luck, and survival this holiday season. It’s enough to consider that there may be fortuitous forces at work, and to be thankful that the Universe works (brilliantly) the way it does. A Grand Trine among Venus,Uranus-the Moon- Juno conjunction, and the South Node suggests an excellent time to reminsce and gather with important people from our past. The Moon conjuncts Juno, and Venus is trine Juno and Uranus, generally saying that emotions are empowering and in tune with truly loving relationships, and that we just might be surprised, likely by something very good, unless it’s this: but, and this is a big ol’ but, Mercury is trine Mars, making a sharp, aggressive tongue far too easy to employ. So, watch your words, go light on the sweets and alcohol (Venus-Neptune), and enjoy your time with family and friends.