We see a Solar (New Moon) Eclipse on January 14, 2010 at 11:11 PM PST at 25 Capricorn 01, and what we can expect is the unexpected, symbolized by the sextile of Uranus to the eclipse (and for eclipse aspects, sticking to our usual strict 2 degree orb). Part of the surprise is that Venus joins the pairing of Sun and Moon at the degree and only 49 minutes from exact, traveling ahead of the combo (the exact conjunction is past). This places Venus combust the Sun, and though we must consider that Venus in such a state is weakened as a distinct entity, it’s also melded with the Sun, and so becomes one with it. The ultimate effect is such that the Sun seems to absorb Venus-ness into itself, and in my view, in this instance this is only good. It promises that the eclipse sparks a pure and luminious love effect whereever it falls in the natal chart; by love I mean that this force will take whatever shape is needed for the individual (but remember, what we think we need may not be what we actually need!) and this can be reward or recognition, actual love, money, assets, discovery of talents, expression that is one with the senses, an artistic revelation, fulfilling relationship, illumination of where one’s treasure lies–in short, a payoff for being who we are. Semi-sextiles to Neptune and Chiron suggest that ideals and/ or delusions come into play–dreams can come true–and in the case of delusions they may come true only to show us that our real assets or goals lie elsewhere. There is also the potential for hurt or the discovery/ exploitation of innate and unique skills (Chiron); you can see that, though no matter what happens it will be of benefit to the individual, it may involve the discovery that what we previously valued isn’t truly in our own best interests. The gift of the eclipse is the chance for illumination of the Venus principle in a way very particular to each individual. Take what comes with a response of gratitude, as even the end of a pleasant illusion is something to celebrate; it allows us to put our attention and energy into what will affect our reality, and so change our lives for the better.

A semi-square to Ceres by the eclipse rounds out the direct Sun/Moon involvement with other bodies, signalling that nature and/ or authorities may place a vital role in realizing our eclipse potential; for many this will involve the recognition that one must assume authority for oneself and one’s choices, at this point.The Sabian for the eclipse and Venus degree is ‘A Nature Spirit Dancing in the Iridescent Mist of a Waterfall’ This suggests that the wholistic and organic will be venues for expression of the unseen, again emphasizing the materializtion/ expression of ‘what is,’ which is just another name for love.

Also active at the time of the eclipse is stationary Mercury in Capricorn, which trines Vesta, sesquiquadrates Sedna, and forms a T-square with Juno and Saturn (here we note that Merc will not meet Pluto before direction–its proximity is a red herring). This implies Mercury is attempting to ‘do the right thing’ but is pretty confused right now–if we’re trying to make a statement about reality or the concrete (Capricorn) based on our very best intentions that honor the sacred (Vesta) and that define our own sphere of empowerment (Juno) as well as ‘the rules’ (Saturn) we will be unable to do so with any veracity–not because we’re trying to deceive, but because we’re unable to see the situation at all (Sedna). These statements of ‘this is what I am, this is the situation I’m in control of’ must wait until Mercury is direct and out of contact with Vesta–then we’ll have a much clearer and more accurate idea whereof we speak!

Also of interest is that Uranus is making only easy aspects: sextiles to Moon, Sun, and Venus, a trine to Earth and South Node. This is why the surprises will be largely happy ones, and 100% positive, even if they’re a bummer in the moment; ultimately they will be all for the good. And Mars retro is just within reach of a Grand Trine with Juno and Ceres, making issues of empowerment, authority, and stymied, delayed, or misdirected action the biggest, hairiest fly in our ointment–but considering the sheer positive candlepower of what’s coming with the eclipse, we won’t have much to complain about (unless we’re going in completely the wrong direction–but those people don’t read this blog, do they?)

For more dimension on the eclipse, please see http://www.starsoverwashington.com/2010/01/solar-ecl-jan-15-2010-and-mercurys.html by the esteemed Jude Cowell!