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Juno opposed Zeus, trine Mars, quincunx Pallas offers an energy of conflict or face-off that flows from aggressive urges and is unwisely motivated, to say the least. We don’t have to indulge, but it may be hard to avoid a spat, as gender roles may put us in a position where we’re hard-pressed to walk away without engaging. It may seem we’re the only one around empowered to do something about what seems the opposition’s egregious advantage-taking; but we may do better to abandon the stand-off and choose up sides in the other conflict that features material matters v. emotional ones. 

The Sun, photo courtesy of NASA

The tension is a version of old versus new, with Jupiter at 00 Pisces ushering in an expansive and optimistic approach, especially to social causes and our own attempts to expand our world; Jupiter represents the new. ‘Hope’ might be our keyword as Jupiter in the sign of idealism and the Collective can feel like a personal and societal spring–and we could all use an emotional lift right now. The old is represented by the Sun as it spends its last day in Capricorn before the move into Aquarius. The element of Earth and the tension inherent in a 29 degree placement combine to make us feel an urgency to material matters that may be less important than it seems. The idea here is to focus on what’s fresh and to, just temporarily, let worry about the material plane go. Today we’ll definitely divide up into those who’ll put their energy into a fight (and motives won’t make a bit of difference; this is about where and how you will choose to add to the world) and those who’ll embrace a more positive energy.

Today’s Link: A lyrical take on Jupiter’s journey http://laurenlesko.com/9509