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Or is it happiness? We can feel an almost unreasonable joy right now, spilling out of us unbidden, and based in the intellectual (Aquarius) and acceptance/ feeling (Pisces) moves into new signs of the Sun and Jupiter, respectively. Both start out the day at 00 of their signs, putting them semi-sextile each other; and once the Moon leaves her Void in Pisces and enters Aries (10:37 AM PST), we have the symbol of intuitive, nurturing, and feeling energies placing Jupiter at the midpoint of the Moon’s relationship to the Sun, bringing us a moment (or really, about 2 hours) of radiant emotional and social illumination, a brief religious or spiritual ecstasy, an expansion of the mate relationship, or the point of perfect balance that allows us to successfully reach out into the world. A time to plan for, I think.

Then the Moon moves on to sextile Venus, giving us that ‘icing on the cake’ feeling, and after proceeds to a Cardinal T-square with Saturn and Pluto, and we may be wondering where both the hard-core dynamism to act and the sudden feelings of tension and upset are coming from. We may find ourselves emotionally conflicted at being asked to keep a secret, or at being faced with the reality of some less-than-wholesome scenario, or at the surprising need to contain our rage–but if we’re attuned to the flowing, ever-changing nature of the Moon we’ll know that this, too, shall pass, as the Moon moves to quincunx Vesta in the 8 PM hour PST. This requires we pull out of the serious distraction of the T-square in order to adjust the emotional perceptions so that they are in harmony with those things we find sacred, and so that they serve the needs of our home situation, and perhaps those of the sex life. This aspect offers us a chance to ‘take the lead’ (Moon in Aries) in our day and in our lives, a welcome change from recent stresses, and a chance to course-correct without leaving any damage in our wake.

Today’s Link: Here’s a beautifully done site I’ve recently found that concentrates on the asteroids http://ravenesque.me/

And here’s the link to the page for my new magazine, available shortly! http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/