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At 5:42 AM PST the Moon enters Libra and rushes to meet Saturn–why? She has no choice, and neither do we–by noon PST they’re solidly together, and we’re sensing ourselves suppressing feeling in relationship–and this is probably for the best, as the Moon will be square Pluto (like you didn’t see that coming!) inclining us to be destructive, either from resistance to change or from insistence on it, and the Moon has just made a quincunx to Jupiter in Pisces–and it’s likely that something in our social circle, or the Collective at large, has rubbed us the wrong way. We may not even be conscious of this, thanks to the Moon’s unconscious function, but we’ll certainly do the human thing and channel our irritation into the nearest outlet–which may be a relationship–and so we should, for once, thank Saturn for offering to put a lid on it, with the soon-to-follow sextile to Mars (6:30 PM-ish) keeping us more than ready to express ourselves throughout the day–and as we’ve seen, what we’re inclined to share is, for the moment, better kept to ourselves.

At around 9 PM PST the Moon slips into the midpoint of Saturn and Zeus, all three in Libra. This is a time when we have an excellent chance to balance our ambitions and desire nature with both the reality of our lives and our own cautious inclinations, all done through the emotions–specifically through reflection on our own emotional perceptions, especially as they come to our realization through relationships (Libra).

During the wee hours of the 3rd PST, the Moon moves on to conjunct Zeus–for those of us who are up at this time, no matter where we are on the globe, the emotions may feel a surge of Will, a forward-pushing wave where we may be tempted to assert ourselves guided by our own wants and feelings–just make sure that the emotional framework used is the most positive available–Self interests justified by unacknowledged need, anger, or other ‘unacceptable’ feelings may work against us, in the end, and bring about nothing so much as a tangle we’ll have to work hard to extricate ourselves from.

Though here in the daily astro diary I’ll concentrate on the Moon and her movements (other material on aspects, and emphasizing the asteroids, is available in the magazine at http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/ along with this quarter’s other in-depth topics: Zeus theories examined in real-life examples, chart interceptions and their hidden meanings, and the historical perspective on two of England’s most memorable queens, sisters whose interaction holds a puzzle of its own), I’ll include occasional aspects here that catch my eye, such as the Juno exact T-square with the Nodal axis active now–this suggests we’ll be testing our own empowerment as it affects our life direction. We may hesitate, as we draw from the past and feel cautious, unwilling to risk upsetting the direction in which we’re moving; for others this same blast from the past will bring a surety from experience that propels us toward our goals. For all of us it will likely be a time of measuring how empowered we dare be in the face of all that our course demands, and is certainly a test of what we are willing to open ourselves to.

Today’s Link: much more to ponder on the recent eclipse and the rhythm of the Moon and Sun http://laurenlesko.com/9752#more-9752

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