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The Moon moves through the latter half of Libra today, making a couple of startling (or exciting, or dismaying contacts, depending on your point of view): by 1 PM PST the Moon makes a T-square with the Nodal axis=the emotional perceptions are required to face the implications of the current Path; a square to Mars simultaneous with a trine to Venus and a quincunx to Sedna (3 PM PST)=emotions serve as the impetus to action, which is beneficial in some way, but the circumstances we create may be outside our ken at the moment–we just can’t understand the way this all will play out, or who it may affect; by 10 PM PST a quincunx to Uranus=the temptation to emotional rebellion is present, or we exercise our uniqueness and suffer emotionally because of it, or vice versa, we express emotionally and then find we must adjust in order to remain part of the group, or so that we preserve our true individuality. By 11:30 PM PST the Libra Moon trines Chiron and Neptune; it may be easy to succumb to hurt or delusion, especially in relationship–or we can be proactive (the Moon is in a Cardinal sign, after all) and put skills and imagination to work. With this aspect it’s very much a choice of approach that will make the difference–the key is a willingness to be responsible–then everything else falls into place.  

Probably a Libra lady, 15th century {{PD-Art}}


If you’re heavy in the Cardinals, or have a lot of Air (myself, guilty on both counts) the day appears to hold interesting developments, so smooth and natural feeling that it’s difficult to say whether or not they’ll be of major impact; things might just move along at a good clip, with lots of action and mental activity. For everyone else, the trends are a grab-bag, largely filled with the same energies that have been around for some time now, punched up with impacts to the natal chart. The Moon begins her Void at 1:28 AM PST on the 4th, at which time we would be wise to retreat temporarily, let go the reins, and allow things to take their course. 

Today’s Link: Mandi offers an account of Void-of-Course Moons for the month, and also a succinct and well-stated description of the meaning of the recent Leo/ Aquarius Moon activity http://mandilockley.blogspot.com/  

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