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At 8:09 AM PST on the 21st we see the Taurus Moon just past square to Vesta; from my viewpoint, the start of the Taurus Moon Void. 10:47 AM brings the Moon into Gemini and ends a period that we’d best spend relaxing–we could probably all use it. It’s not until the 2 PM hour PST that the Moon makes its first aspect, a sextile to Mars retrograde in Leo–the ego may urge us to action, the emotions concur, but the most we may be up for is talk. We shouldn’t underestimate the value of exchanging ideas, networking, chatting, making connection, discussing, even jabbering pointlessly–for it’s in allowing the thoughts to flow that we may stumble upon important ideas, or come to some useful and happy realizations. Allowing a kind of free association in interaction will lead us in the right direction, whatever that may be.

Approximately 4:30 PM PST the Moon moves into T-square with the Sun/ Earth axis, and trines Saturn–if we’re looking for a time in the day when we can make the absolute most of our efforts, this is it, providing we can reconcile the tension that naturally arises between the emotional and intuitive perspective and the viewpoints of the identity, the spiritual Self, the material needs, and physical demands on the individual. Constructive action that respects the past, status quo, and rules will bring all facets into harmony, and allow us to make the most of this time.

6:30 PM PST finds the Moon quincunx Pluto, and the two energies want to, what else? talk it out. Discussion on the sharing of power, what must change or be destroyed and how we feel about it, take center stage. Those who resist opening up, whether they try to keep power for themselves, or because they find open talk threatening, will have the toughest time.

We don’t see another emotional wrinkle in things until 10:45 AM or so of the next day, the 22nd, but what a kerfluffle: the Moon in Gemini trines Zeus and squares Venus–here we must watch for the tendency of those who feel vulnerable (the Moon) to side with power and ambition, with the strivers (Zeus), even when this is not in their own best interests. Love, relationships, earning the reward or using the talent may seem too hard (square to Venus), but don’t let making a little effort sabotage what could be an excellent opportunity.

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