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10 AM and the Moon freshly minted in Capricorn quincunxes Mars retro at 00; we find ourselves assessing the material realities and looking for the best move to improve them, but with the action principle still reluctant to express we may do more mulling and planning than anything else–and that’s not so bad, as Cap makes us able to focus on reality to a strong degree, useful when we hope to make situations more suitable to our needs.

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11 AM PST and any suppression of the Venus functions we’ve been experiencing (and this can be anything from love or relationship issues, to financial or asset ones, to health matters involving lack of function, calcification, or blockages of the kidneys or blood sugar difficulties) is freed up (in a sense) by the Moon’s square to the opposition of Venus to Saturn. Emotions may react to the difficulties, and the results can run the spectrum from ineffective tantrum all the way to emotional revelation that brings us the reason for the upset; there is also the possibility of intuitive response without emotional trauma that offers either a material answer to what we’re experiencing or a purely intuitive understanding of the whys and wherefores of the situation. In any case, a chance for, at the least, release, and at the most, significant enlightenment.

6:30 PM PST brings the Moon into contact with Pluto, and plummets the emotions to the depths; this can be a massive downer, where suddenly our life circumstances seem heavy, as if they’re disintegrating, or oppressive to the point of death–but let’s not be dramatic (though certainly the Moon/ Pluto combo inclines us to be). This can also be the spur to real change to the life, and a real overhaul of the emotions, paving the way to clearing out emotional dross. This conjunction could also bring emotional light, reflecting and illuminating our darker side, or the secrets or machinations of others–and this is good, allowing us to contact reality and informing us in a way that is similar to arming us–once we know what we face, we can handle it.

There’s another Plutonian possibility here, one where this contact may allow us to change or reform the emotional outlook to our benefit, and empowerment can be ours if we’re willing to deal with Pluto first (Moon trine Juno in Taurus, 11 PM PST). By 7 AM PST on the 9th, the Moon sextiles Jupiter, and all that we learned and experienced on the 8th can be used/ presented, either to the social sphere or broadcast or taught in our particular arena.

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