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It feels like the weekend doesn’t really kick off until about 1 AM PDT on the 14th as the Moon sextiles the Sun; at this hour the heavens try their best to form a Mystic Rectangle, but it’s fleeting, with the Part of Fortune as one leg–so no go, though it does offer a nebulous version of the MR’s almost magical ‘helpful’ energy. At the same point the Sun is quincunx the transiting Midheaven–will this bring an event? If it does, it may be Neptunian, a seminal moment for imagination, fantasy, or ideals brought to life (wide Neptune/ Earth conjunction as another leg of the MR that wasn’t). Or maybe some of us will just be busy dreaming 🙂

Uranus has returned to Pisces, though, and that may suggest what of a Neptunian nature we deal with will be surprising, probably for the fact that we thought we’d already ‘imagined’ this out, visualized an end picture or point, or otherwise created a final result–but Uranus says, No, dream about this again. Look to the matters of the Houses ruled by both Uranus and Neptune for likely areas of activity, and the placements of both transiting Uranus and Neptune, as well (which may or may not be contained in these Houses) and anything they’re aspecting for a picture of what may come forward.

5 AM-ish PDT the Moon quincunxes Sedna and we may hit an emotional wall, a ‘blind spot’ that limits our emotional or intuitive understanding. If you’re aware there’s something you’re missing, you can hold back on a judgment or other action that could, in the end, hurt yourself or another.

By noon PDT the Moon trines Neptune and we can become conscious of that Neptunian dream material in a way that shows us who can help our dream happen (Moon in Libra). By 2 PM the Moon is trine Chiron, and we may get a surprise, an unanticipated hurt in approaching or trying to partner with another–for a lucky few, this signals skills will be mustered very effectively in service of the dream (or, for a very unlucky few, as slave to the fantasy).

The Libra Moon quincunxes Uranus around 4, catching some emotional part of us off-guard, and the Void begins at 5:25 PM PDT and ends at 5:26! The Scorpio Moon will, during the evening for Pacific zoners, quincunx Jupiter and sextile Pluto–along with its natural tendency to encourage depth, intensity, and attention to the darkness, this seems a recipe for a little bit of bad judgment going a long, possibly destructive, way. Take care.

More details for this weekend, and the months to come, can be found here  http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/ and the last page of the article on creativity gives the password for a private page just for ECLIPSE readers here at the site, where you can read more articles, take polls, and ask questions about your own chart in the comments section (I’ll draw charts privately and remove all identifying data when I answer). Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!

Special Note: I do like the way Venus is chasing Mars, for a change. It’s as if he’s saying, That’s it, girl, work for it! She catches him, one way or another, on the 19th.