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10 PM of the 15th sees the Scorpio Moon sesquiquadrate Jupiter in Aries, kicking off the week with an eye to expansion of Self-interests–it’s ‘me’ time, for each of us, and rightly so–a kind of suspension that allows us to look long and deep (Scorpio) into what we really need as individuals to assert ourselves beyond the usual horizon. A tall order, not necessarily to be accomplished in a single leap–this is a point when we can get a great intuitive measure and emotional ‘feel’ for our own needs–take advantage of this, as often as not we aren’t really aware of our own best interests, or what we really, truly want.

1 AM PDT of the 16th the Moon sextiles Mercury, which will be retrograding in Virgo in a scant five days (ECLIPSE readers see commentary on this and particularly the direction, which coincides with Pluto’s). Communication will be disjointed, now and for some time, and to some extent each of us may feel isolated–this Moon contact may only highlight what will become very familiar over the coming weeks.

8 AM and the Moon opposes Sedna–don’t expect to know what you feel at this point, and don’t rely on intuition right now–you will simply not have access to it, and by 10 AM PDT the Moon forms a T square with the Sun/ Earth axis, presenting an ‘assessment moment’ in terms of effort and the direction it’s taking you. This may be relatively minor, but serves as a small check-up for how effectively you may be choosing and whether actions are actually taking you where you want to go. 

5 PM-ish PDT the Moon squares Neptune, perhaps delivering a reality check on some point we’ve glossed over or ignored up to now, and by 7 PM the Moon squares Chiron, inviting us to either meet the Neptunian challenge with our most unique skills or to crumple into a sad heap, hurt that everything isn’t handed to us, just so–your choice.

By 9 the Moon trines Uranus in Water, both bodies at 29 degrees, suggesting stress to the emotions and to the matters of the House ruled by Uranus in the natal chart. This upset may wiggle under consciousness and seem unreasonably hard to pin down, and may as well bring emotional surprises or shocks–just remember, a current running through water shocks much worse than the voltage implies!

The Void’s once again not worth mentioning; the Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:33 PM PDT, with 2:30 AM-ish on the 17th bringing the Moon semi-sextile Pluto, sextile Saturn, and trine Jupiter–is there no rest, as the saying goes, for the wicked? Or the rest of us, for that matter!  The emotions may seem both solid and expansive, filling up the room and immovable–and that may be a good experience or a not so good one, depending on what’s come to the emotional surface from the inner life (Pluto). A time when, whatever the outlook, it’s likely to be exaggerated.

My apologies for skipping Sunday; I have a bad cold and literally slept most of the day–sorry if it threw anyone off. ECLIPSE fills in when I’m not available, with forecasts for August, September, and October, special sections on events such as the upcoming Venus Retrograde, and much more! And many thanks to all who’ve already purchased ECLIPSE; I’ll be adding to the private page sometime this week–I’ll post it here (password at the end of the first article, on creativity, in the magazine). http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/