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There seems to be a trend of late wherein what’s often being said (or expressed in some form) is dressed up with what we want it to mean, rather than with the words or expression having a decent relationship to the facts that are evident. This is likely due to Mercury’s relatively disconnected status at present, which leaves us searching for meaning, looking to attach something to our words and thoughts that give them depth–it’s probably why I’m writing this, even, putting my own spin on what comes to me.

The suicide of alleged ‘Craig’s List Killer’ Phillip Markoff brought forward lots of commentary on the news like this: ‘He couldn’t face his future, therefore he ended it all.’ When I heard this extrapolation, the kind of assumption rooted in a personal viewpoint (and rooted in the assumption that the rest of the world thinks as the commentator does), I had to take a look at this man’s chart, and see if that’s really the likely impetus behind his demise. And my conclusion was: absolutely not.

Markoff (12 February 1986 no time known Sherrill New York USA) had a strong ego, particularly intellectually; if anyone could rationalize Self-serving action, it was this Sun/ Jupiter/ Venus conjunct in Aquarius (and with Venus at 29 degrees, Self-worth would’ve been a front-and-center issue).

But my thought was that his suicide was actually a final expression of power: taking the power to direct his fate out of authorities’ hands, power to take some measure of justice/revenge from the families of the victims, and exacting some revenge of his own, by killing himself on the anniversary of the date he and his fiancée had planned to marry–could this last be any more angry, any more determined to exact a toll from a major figure in his life?

So I looked to Pluto, the main symbol of both rage and power in the chart. Pluto is trine Mercury (‘smooth talker,’ powerful words, and a likely ability to influence others), semi-square to Uranus (a constant, subtle irritation to be different, be unique, to express the individuality), sextile to Neptune (like most everyone for the past hundred years! enhances the ability to visualize power situations and outlets–but is highly dependent on House rulerships, which we don’t have here), a quincunx to Chiron (power expressions may be driven by hurt–more on this in a moment), a square to Vesta (power expressions are in conflict with what’s sacred in life–likely driving him under pressure to choose one or the other–to honor vital areas of life or to express personal power–a seductive quandary), a sesquiquadrate to Pallas (more irritation–he knew his power expressions weren’t wise), a conjunction to the South Node (roots in the past) and to the Vertex (fated expression of the energies–coupled with the South Node, we may be seeing something compulsively acted out, driven by distant events). Pluto is also opposed the Sedna/ North Node conjunction, suggesting that he was unable to see how his power-needs might drive his life path.

But Pluto/ Vertex is quincunx Chiron, suggesting that the primal hurt continually stimulated the fated power needs–and through Chiron we see something else: the asteroid opposes Juno, Saturn, Mars, all conjunct in Sagittarius. This suggests that he may have seen women, especially those seeking to empower themselves (Juno), and those looking to find that empowerment through marrying a god (himself, in this scenario), as a source of extreme pain, and perhaps as entities who sought to suppress him as a man (Saturn conj Mars), and he may also have seen authorities and ‘the rules’ (Saturn) as suppressive to the masculine Archetype on which he modeled himself, in this case a Sagittarian one of active ‘bachelor’ and seeking behavior. This Chiron is also sextile Vesta (the wound is sacred) and square Ceres (conflict with Woman as a force of nature–may see women in general as something to be controlled, resisted, and perhaps treated as a threat). Here we may have the source of both his extreme aggression toward women and his choice of death date, lashing out a final time at the fiancée, a woman he likely saw as carrying a Juno/ Ceres Archetype, and thus believed by him to be a very powerful Being.

I know I’m in good company when I say that, like many of my colleagues, I’m finding more and more of my material stolen and published elsewhere. I’m given credit, listed as a ‘contributor,’ or the material is otherwise presented as if I’m a willing participant. Apparently, I’m supposed to be grateful and pleased, as my name is still associated with my work. Somehow these individuals fail to see that, as they reach into my pocket and help themselves, they are depriving me of control of my work, and in some instances, they, not I, profit from it. I think the reasoning goes: it’s already on the internet, you should be flattered that someone wants to read it! Just to let my readers know, any authorized sale or presentation of my work will be announced here, and anyone who claims to be authorized to sell my books or ECLIPSE, or who presents an article, in whole or part, has bootlegged them–they’re only available through me http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com with a Juno series available through http://sasstrology.com

Speaking of unauthorized access, yesterday morning, after awaking from what felt like a coma (and truth be told, it was already noon), I was sitting near the garden window when suddenly a man appeared, wanting to know if he could take flowers from my yard. Normally I would’ve said, ‘Take some,’ but it struck me that this man had not come to the door, but had instead crossed the yard from the road and was in essence on the verge of helping himself when he saw me. I have some real issues with boundaries–my Pisces Moon symbolizes my life-long challenge, and I’m repeatedly reminded that to claim what is my own, and to do with it what I will (whether it’s my work or a flower in my garden) is bound to attract those who will be angry because I don’t allow them to take. This may especially be an issue now, for many of us, with Mercury poised as it is, and relatively isolated. Even if someone tries to make you feel bad about it (and users will), don’t hesitate to claim what’s yours.

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