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Rembrandt Van Rijn ‘The Philosopher in Meditation’ {{PD-Art}} Wikimedia Commons

Though I’ve already covered the Moon’s movement for today (please see previous post), I ran across this and thought it was worth pointing out, as the idea’s timeless: a deliberate, periodic need to remove oneself from the influences of technology, which seems to demand a form of shallow and artificially urgent attention. Astrologer Verena Donath discusses it and shows some of the NYT article here http://verenadonath.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/astro-notes-on-august-16-2010-let-the-light-inspire-you/ Even though this was first posted a couple of days ago, I found it perfect for today, as the mood seems to call for mild, semi-withdrawal from the usual information and technology onslaught.

We’re at the beginning of a dynamic period I’ve already discussed in ECLIPSE that centers on those five Libra energies (Saturn, Vesta, Venus, Mars, and Zeus) and it’s one we should attend to carefully, as it will affect relationships and, for some, artistic and aesthetic expression (the Venus influence)–but it also pulls in the past, rules and boundaries, Self-discipline, and achievement of goals (Saturn) and all of it, relationships, reality, and desires (especially the ambitions and passions–Zeus), will be affected in the extreme by these energies. Understanding, harnessing, and using the push is what this period is all about, and today you may want to take a moment of solitude, a brief time for meditation, that will help you handle the rush of energies, especially in light of the upcoming retrograde of Mercury, which will be even more disorienting than usual (again, see the mag–I’m not a big Self-repeater!) http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/ If you really want a more detailed take on events, it works out to less than $7.00 per month–or browse the blogroll at right for a wide variety of forecasts and opinions!

Also: the Juno book is almost here! I’m getting some beautiful cover art from someone new on the scene, and finishing up on odds and ends, bits and pieces, adding examples that help explain how she works in the chart. Expect it within about 2-3 weeks at most (yes, I’m aware that would put its emergence in the midst of the Merc retro–still haven’t decided if I must avoid it at all costs or not–likely may drag it out to direction)–I’ll keep you updated!

Taking some time today for introspection is truly important–the optimum point might be 12:30 PM-ish today PDT/3:30 PM EDT–in fact, it might be a good idea to dedicate the whole day to deliberateness of Being–movement, thought, attention, choice, intent all becoming very much ‘on purpose.’ Don’t think of it as retreat, and don’t think of it as a patch of time that must be stolen from ‘real’ life–instead, think of it as what it really is, time management in the Universal sense, where we are one with Time and events, where there is complete control and complete submission, creating harmony in perfect proportion and form.