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From 'A B C Trim' by LGF Rattisbonne {{PD}} from Wikimedia Commons

Hard to do, really, as a New Moon is so fresh and tenuous, barely reflecting any light–and yet, we feel it, as a major energy shift comes into play. Since the Sagittarius setting for the Sun and Moon meeting seems to have freed us all, I’ll just offer up a little advice on current energies in play. For access to more detail, and daily and monthly forecasts, articles, and more, please get ECLIPSE for only $4.95 for 3 months (Nov, Dec, Jan) http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/the-latest-new-fall-2010-eclipse/ Thanks for your support!

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Venus trines the SN in Water through the 6th–remember that now’s the time when we might finally see the true effects of the retrograde–and this suggests both a tendency toward sentimentality (even when that’s not our usual mode) and an urge to follow old familiar ways and paths. Make a real effort to stay focused in the now; remind ourselves that the current reality is what’s really in force right now. Venus is also sextile Mercury/ Pluto/ NN, and this can be both positive and negative: positive as we communicate beautifiully and welcome change that enhances our Path, and negatively in that we may paper over unpleasantness with pretty nothings and may be too welcoming of something that’s ultimately destructive. It’s a balancing act, one Venus is all too familiar with via her Libra rulership, and that may hint that in this period a partner or other with whom we can share and bounce ideas off of may be the best way to avoid overdoing in some vital and far-reaching sense.

Mars is now planet of latest degree, in an agreeable Fire sign, and that spells action! Is that a good idea now? It almost doesn’t matter, as action may precede thoughts–just be careful you don’t get burned by the freewheelin’ spontaneity that will feel like a great notion but may not be one, in the end (as those are only sometimes)  🙂