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'The Gathering of Manna' c.1550 by Bacchiacca {{PD-Art}}

Around 12:30 AM PST the Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter; if we’ve been looking for some clues as to the emotional effects of Jupiter’s sign change, we can get them now, chiefly by reaching out, through the social arena, and/ or through what’s published or broadcast, and also possibly through a religious (as opposed to a spiritual) experience (not always one and the same).

1:30 in the afternoon Pacific the Moon reflects that gathering of Sun, Ceres, and Mars in Aquarius. This lasts well into evening, and gives a large experience (I can’t think of any other way to put it!) that is revealing for what it tells us about our identity, our sense of authority, and our willingness to assert and aggress. The question is, how much will we do to promote and protect our own interests, and how much will we bow to the identity issues, sense of authority, and ego and assertion matters of others? This period should be surveyed with that in mind; gather information, about yourself and others, as it will make knowing what to do (or choose) later much easier. The trine to Earth just after 2 PM PST will make material matters come forward, all in the light of the ongoing reflection of the gathering in Aquarius.