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Bull Franz Marc 1911 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Taurus at 3:22 AM PST of the 9th; right away there’s a sextile to Chiron, setting either a hurtful or healing tone for the Taurus Moon–you must decide consciously–if you leave it to the unconscious, you could end up deeply wounded, mostly at your own hand, before this Moon leaves the sign. Chiron’s change to Pisces, plus the preference to either Cap or Aquarius energies for each individual, will inform the course of this Moon. (See ‘Been There, Done That’ for more on Chiron into Pisces).

By 11 PM PST the Moon squares Mercury and kicks off major emotional contact across that Aquarian gathering. It brings sensitivity, pulls the energy into the emotional picture, and stirs the intuition, which, if we are intellectually adept (and I don’t think you’d be one of my readers if you weren’t!) can be cross-processed through the mind for maximum illumination.