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A Rainbow Gathering Photo by Dirk van der Made Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported via Wikimedia Commons

You may have noticed (or seen me mention) that the Sun/ Jupiter conjunction in Aries has perfected (at 1 AM of the 6th the Moon will semi-sextile these), and that this is semi-square Neptune freshly returned to his home in Pisces. Though the Sun/ Jupiter connection happens once a year, this time it seems both exceptionally strong (perhaps due to the recent New Moon within conjunction of this meeting) and in some way endowed with a certain Neptunian magic–or is it that the ‘Big Bang’ promised by a Sun/ Jupiter meeting will be transformed by the grace, spiritual power, imagination and creative surge, and compassionate mandate of Neptune’s energy? Neptune in Pisces is virile, at his best, and can manifest in his most ideal forms–and we have the chance to use this creative power as it contacts the Sun and Jupiter; like a magnifying glass refining the pure energy of the Sun, Jupiter exaggerates, expands, and pulls us all together on a social level, making for a massive energy burst on the social scene that can be infused with creative energy and ideals–we can make what we wish for all a reality, if we are willing to focus our efforts and perhaps put aside our attention to the Self and Self’s interests, if only for a short time. A major expression of compassion and spiritual ideals is possible–and if we can all channel our energies into healing on a mass scale (imagining the ideal) we may be able to achieve great things. I’m planning on dedicating several hours tomorrow to a meditation focused on imagining a healed planet, on promoting empathy and a recognition of spiritual connectedness among all who are here–and I hope you’ll join me–even a moment dedicated to expression of a pure and compassionate Neptunian energy can, I believe, do wonders–and the Taurus Moon is the perfect time to do this. I don’t expect anyone to surrender their day to dedicated spiritual practice–it’s an unusual choice for me, to say the least–but I do feel moved to concentrate my intention on repairing, and loving, the planet and those who occupy it–and maybe in the process something good will come of it :)