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Thoma 'Mercury' {{PD-Art}}

Cursing the darkness, of course, follows trying to move through it without putting on a light, as we are bound to run into something–and that’s what we can anticipate initially with this entry of Merc in Scorpio–we are bound to be caught by surprise by some message, communication exchange, or with what bursts out of our own mouths (or runs through our own minds), and this can be dangerous: we are tempted to react to something momentary and passing as if it’s permanent, and what’s more, we are tempted to over-react, with rage, vengeance, the keeping or exposing of secrets, or the destruction of something–and it’s all, essentially, on a whim, prompted by this quick-change energy emphasis.

But what about that light, the one that would keep us from crashing into an object invisible in this dark? Probably the best way to understand our thought processes and motivations at this time is through our feeling nature; contra-intuitive, I know, to inspect the mind with the heart, but as Scorpio is a Water sign, we can access what’s hidden from us quite successfully by using feelings and intuition to ‘open the door.’

Tumult is almost guaranteed, especially early in the transit of Mercury through Scorpio; just remain conscious of the Mercurial quickness with which all can change, and try to access the emotion behind what’s communicated–this will help us understand, and allow a truer response, rather than a reactionary one.

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