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'Card Game' Rombouts {{PD-Art}}

The 10th sees a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) at 18 Gemini 10 at 6:35 AM PST (with the eclipse following soon thereafter). Using our strict 2 degree orb, we have only two aspects, to Venus and Ceres, aside from the opposition to the Sun, but we’ll be adding a third in a bit (available in the newsletter)–first, let’s look at these strongly female-oriented energies as they connect to a ‘moment of completion’ involving a principle symbol of woman, the Moon. This suggests a culmination point of immense  power, as the Earth, balanced exactly between Moon and Sun in alignment, blocks the Sun from offering light to the Moon–and thus the Moon cannot perform her usual reflective function. She is prevented from her usual method of taking in animus light and shining it back into the Universe. Receptivity involves being open and willing to take in another’s assertive (animus) energy as one’s own; it’s a stance that requires a certain ability to put the Self to the side and use one’s own energy to support another–but what does the Moon do when she is not receiving the light of the dominant Sun?

Our clue is in the aspects this Full Moon/ eclipse makes; the energies it touches tell us the character the Full Moon will adopt when her typical way of relating is unavailable to her. The quincunx to Venus says that relationships, assets, or finances must be adjusted to the circumstances presented at the Full Moon; the square to Ceres says that authorities may be involved, but in particular, one’s own authority may be tested, perhaps in a contest between those ‘in charge’ and ourselves. But, when we consider that the Moon, a normally nurture and maternally focused energy, is in a tense situation with Ceres, a light bulb may go on: our maternal role, instincts, nurture function, or relationship to external maternal energies may present a conflict (the square) with another entity’s instinctive, maternal, or power role that is a culmination of some situation, likely long-brewing, over territory, responsibility, or influence. By removing, in a sense, the influence of the Solar orb, Moon/ Ceres energies that might typically be overshadowed by assertive ones can come out to play–if we can consider some serious sorting out of power positions a game!

All the above is from the newsletter. To see the material on that third, slightly larger orbed aspect, and to read about the Sabians for this Full Moon/ Eclipse, please subscribe, or try ECLIPSE by purchasing a single, current issue, which contains the Full Moon analysis, here–Thanks!