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JW Waterhouse 'Circe Invidiosa' 1892 {{PD-Art}}

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Typically, Mercury through Aquarius centers us so firmly in the intellectual that we may find feelings a surprise; this time, we see the Moon hits the Aries point when Merc has been in his new sign for only one minute, and that unites the energies by sextile in a potentially meaningful way. With the Aries Point suggesting revelation, and mentality rising to a new level of understanding in the sign of the Waterbearer, we might see some huge ‘Aha!’ moments that bring us clear realization as well as clear and deeply felt emotions. This would be unusual for anything involved with either Aries or Aquarius, where the dominant thrust of ‘I AM!’ Will, aggression, and the alternating compulsion to be rebellious and to process only through the intellect can leave the feeling function adrift, and severely neglected or denied, in a worst-case scenario.

Though this transit has the benefit of focusing the mentality on the Higher Mind, and thus making it much easier to align efforts with ideals, it also urges our minds to write checks our emotions, efforts, and bodies can’t cash, with depletion in all departments often the biggest danger.

Mercury enters Aquarius at 10:12 AM PST on the 27th of January.