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‘Healing Simon Peter’s mother-in-law’ from the Codex Egberti 10th century {{PD}}

For Friday the 1st of June:

4:30 PM brings the Scorpio Moon quincunx Uranus and soon thereafter sextile Pluto. Emotions may be radicalized by what we experience; feelings run deep, and soon are launched on a trajectory toward transformation or destruction. Make sure you are the one taking aim and guiding the Plutonian effort. By 8-ish PM PDT we see whether that choice healed or hurt (Moon trine Chiron).

For Saturday the 2nd:

The 2nd is a sparse aspect day, with the only new one formed a quincunx of Saturn to Sedna. This suggests we will sense a need for adjustment to our physical environment, but will be lost as to just what these changes should be! However, Chiron is still within sesquiquadrate of Saturn, and tells us that anything done to heal our surroundings (especially to aid Mother Nature, with Ceres so close to conjunction with Sedna) or to foster positive interaction between authorities and those in their charge, or between mother and child, is a good thing to do, especially if it involves accommodating a relationship by tailoring the physical realm to it.

And for the 3rd of June:

The 3rd sees Mercury trine Saturn and the Sun trine Zeus; agreements become solid, contracts materialize, words hold real weight, and we may find it easy to suppress ourselves or others, or be suppressed ourselves–and at the same time we are oh-so-aware of our ambitions and desires. It’s almost a given that our communications will shine with these wants, and so what we may see are a thousand permutations of those desires as they materialize or are taken away.

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