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The ‘FREE HUGS’ guy, at speaker’s corner, Hyde Park London UK http://www.flickr.com/photos/meesterdickey/ Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic via Wikimedia

For the 23rd of July we meet a challenge: Mars trines Ceres but opposes Pallas, and this almost certainly says that someone with power or authority asks us to act in a way we know is wrong or unwise. The authority may be the rock, our own conscience and good sense may be the hard place, and we are stuck between, though one thing to keep in mind is that whatever it is ‘they’ are asking for, ‘they’ will change their minds (Merc retro)–so all we really need do is delay, in order to avoid disaster.

The 24th may be a tough day: the social order may be inflicting a particular kind of hurt (Jupiter square Chiron) possibly through gossip or rumors (Gemini, Pisces) that, if they hold any kernel of Truth at all, are probably grossly exaggerated. By 6 AM PDT the Moon opposes Uranus, quincunxes Chiron, and trines Jupiter, sending the emotions on a wild ride where they might reject any hint of uniqueness, believing hurt can be avoided in the shelter of the herd. Sometimes that’s a valid idea, and this may be one of those times.

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