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Love this painting by Charles Courtney Curran–even used it in an early issue of ECLIPSE. For me it perfectly evokes the heat and humidity of a languid summer day. 1888 {{PD-Art}}

Just needed to come up for air in my quest to 1) finish client work, 2) finish the Vesta book, which will be free to current subscribers, 3) finish an extra for subscribers (that will also be for sale to non-subscribers) on Chiron’s elevation in 2012, and 4) enjoy a little bit of summer before it’s gone. It’s beautiful weather right now, the garden’s in full bloom, we’re harvesting zucchini, carrots (it’s the Northwest, there’s really only one gardening season!) tomatoes, bell and hot peppers, Swiss chard, and just today, some delicate, pink-skinned fingerling potatoes–I hope you’re enjoying the atmosphere (and eating as well) as we are right now.

The 9th of August we see Vesta sextile Pallas  (we work to balance what the social sphere reveres and what we know is wise) and Venus quincunx the North Node and trine Neptune. This latter grouping promises some ‘dream come true’ or ideal conditions, especially in love and/ or money, but we will be made aware of how having that dream may interfere with (or even change) our destined direction. Consider carefully, with full awareness that having your cake will alter whether you can eat it in the future, too.

The 10th of August brings spanky fresh Mercury direct trine the North Node, and communications seem to come to life, up and running with messages flying all over the place, especially messages pertaining to plans and the future. It feels like prime time to get all those things going we put on hold during the retrograde–but we’re not there totally until Merc is back out past the point at which he made his turnaround (reached on 22 August)–just keep this in mind.

That’s it for now–I may pop in again before my hiatus is over, but if you’ve been missing these posts, the thing to do is order ECLIPSE–that’s where the material above is from–it’s inexpensive (only $5 per month) and tres useful–look! you made me pull out some exotic charm, just in the hopes you’ll give it a try.