Hans Holbein the Younger 16th century {{PD-Art}}

This evening Pacific time we begin the Dark of the Moon period that precedes every New Moon. It’s always a time of contemplation, when the spirit does best to retreat from the world, just a little, and live more within the inner life than the outer one. This spiritual withdrawal is possible, no matter what your daily life is like; it’s purely seated in a mental stance that allows us some distance from the whirl and stress and demands that surround us. It is a practice of inner awareness, and so requires a shift of attention, even though one may continue involvement in the everyday; it’s a chance to practice calm within, no matter what is happening in our world.

To see this period as requiring physical retreat from the world is to miss the point, and to squander its effectiveness at allowing us to be in the world but not of it. Anyone can sit in a quiet place with calming music and chimes and incense and drift inward; a true meditative spirit carries that state of serenity within, and presents it in the check-out line, in dealing with a squalling child, in speaking with the credit card company, in traffic. The Dark of the Moon offers an influence that makes that internal drift much easier with the conscious mind employed than it usually would–and that is the point: practice the very difficult balancing act of summoning serenity and internal quiet in the midst of worldly chaos when the Universe encourages us to, and it becomes easier to summon that calm anytime we need it.

It seems to me especially important that we pursue this spiritual exercise before this New Moon in Virgo, as what begins with it is likely to ask us to use our powers of discernment, our critical faculties, and our ‘mission’ in life as guides from which to respond to events, specifically to whatever is conceived at this point. The Sabian Symbol is ‘Mary And Her Little Lamb’, suggesting, at least in part, that guradianship of, and possible loss of, resources could be at stake–and that means we need to be centered within ourselves and our values in order to deal with challenges presented effectively.

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