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King Solomon and His Court, India, Artist Unknown late 19th century {{PD-Art}}

For 15 September:

It’s in communications, and our own thought processes, where we may run into trouble. We may be over-focused on details, hyper-critical, or too concerned with accounting and/ or lists–and so miss the point entirely. We also may be highly resistant to taking suggestions from anyone, if we see them as holding some sort of authority over us. Falling into old ways of being and seeing are, as they say, easy as falling off a log. Try to remain astride yours. (Mercury square Ceres, trine SN).

And for the 16th:

Authorities and those who felt they had nature on their side may find that their path isn’t as clear as they thought (Ceres quincunx NN), and acting as an individual, or a leader, will definitely have social pitfalls (Mars quincunx Jupiter). Those who are willing, however, to think with others in mind (who are willing to give them equal weight to the Self) will gain both co-operation and empowerment through the social sphere. That’s really the magic formula for today, and is accessible if we can keep cynicism to a minimum (Mercury into Libra, sextile Juno, Juno into Sagittarius).

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