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Many of us ‘live’ more fully within other charts energies with which we identify more strongly than we do within the Sun. We may be highly sensitive, preferring the changeable shelter of our Moon, we may be highly attuned to the ‘face’ we present to the world and identify strongly with our Ascendant or with our chart ruler (which is another name for the Ascendant ruler), or we may vibe to Venus if we closely identify with our role as a woman, or Mars if we are a man, or the Moon if we carry the label of ‘Mother’ as primary identity. There’s nothing wrong with this, and sometimes an ‘alternate’ identity is what we need at a certain point in life (the sensitivity, dignity, and orientation toward study of our Chiron may get us through school, for example, our Mars may get us through our time in the Army, our Jupiter may help us through a time of social demands and scrutiny–think high school!–or our Pluto may get us through a major death or loss), though it should be said that we’re all not comfortable ‘living’ just any energy in any situation. For instance, a zeitgeist that calls for cool and laid back may not be an easy fit for the Jupiter in Capricorn individual, and wearing our Mars in Leo to a meditation circle won’t fly well, either!  All the energies play at identity issues, to some degree, but we must always re-orient ourselves to the Sun; it’s our core, indeed, it represents our Purpose, and the essence of our Beingness, and as such has a special role, indicating specific notes that the harp of our Soul must strike.

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