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‘The Lesson’ Renoir 1906 {{PD-Art}}

In the 26th of October at 7 AM Pacific time brings the Moon opposed Venus and trine Mercury. If you’re thinking of making a purchase, make it now, and if you’re contracting for something, paying as little as possible is on the current agenda. If, however, you are negotiating to be paid in some form, or are hoping your words will fall sweetly on a loved one’s ear, think again–you will likely not be paid what you’re worth (or what you could get elsewhere) and your loved one may not be feeling the love behind the message.

October 27th features the Sun trine Chiron and Mars sextile Zeus. It’s a day for healing, and this might either apply to the restoration of some dream or desire that had in the past been damaged and upon which we can now act (the dream itself healed) or that by pursuing our ambitions and desires we may find this a healing action. The suggestion is that there is something within our ambitions that can correct our own misperception about ourselves, whether that misperception comes from external or internal feedback.

On the 28th at 11:30 AM PDT the Moon hits the midpoint of Pallas-Sedna, suggesting that our emotions and ‘intuitions’ may right now just be expressions of Will (Moon in Aries) and so not at all trustworthy. We won’t recognize wisdom at this point if we fall in a bucket of it–so chill and wait a few hours, then take the emotional temperature again.

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