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‘The Gossip’ Gestel c1905 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Gemini at 11:41 AM PDT.

Right away the Moon forms a T-square with a square to Neptune and an opposition to Mercury. It may be tempting for those so inclined to drive communications off into a ditch full of tall tales and outright lies; everyone else will be frustrated in getting their message across and everyone will be prone to misunderstandings. Though with Merc going retro soon the sense that we must  be heard (or make the agreement, or draw the contract) immediately strong, insisting at this time will only cause difficulties. Relax, retreat, and re-group before going forward.

8 PM PDT the Moon trines Venus; we can enjoy ourselves at this point, though the question is, will money be flowing to us or through our fingers? You know who you are, so you know which one it will be–proceed accordingly.

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