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‘Self Portrait as Jean Valjean, with Emile Bernard at right’ Gauguin 1888 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

November 1st brings Venus quincunx Chiron and opposed Uranus, while the Sun sesquiquadrates Vesta. We would like to be spontaneous, but it just doesn’t go well, and someone or something discourages us in the Love or money department–and I’m not sure they have a right or a reason to. We may be seeing all the inconveniences of having a strong values system at this time (we would really just like to not re-cycle, or stop for pedestrians, or wipe down the exercise bike, just this once) but our sense of pride won’t allow it. The urge to act out is just a re-channeled reaction to that discouragement we were given–and when we realize that, we can take the reins and not be a victim of unconscious impulses. Assess the discouragement and you’ll likely see someone unhappy offering you the downer–so just ignore them.

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