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‘Canvassing for a Vote’ Bingham 1852 {{PD-Art}}

From the latest ECLIPSE; get it now to get your upcoming Solar eclipse influences in order!

November 6th: Besides the retrograde of Mercury (at 3:03 PM PST at 4 Sagittarius 18) we have Juno sextile Zeus, Venus sesquiquadrate the South Node, the Sun quincunx Jupiter, and the Earth as apex to a Finger of God with base of Juno-Zeus. What a tidy little package (most of ) this makes! Though Mercury may be taking a great deal of our attention, we really should keep an eye on that Finger, as it describes a power struggle by a pair of Olympians (the US election?) one of whom feels terminally disrespected and who’s out for revenge, while the other holds all the real power–you figure out who’s who! When we look at the Sabian for the Earth at this point, we get this: ‘Head Covered With a Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against the Cold, A Man Braves A Storm’ That says to me that Frankenstorm Sandy will not succeed in keeping voters home–and possibly suggests a minimum of Merc-style problems, at least for the election.

The Venus-SN aspect, as well as the Sun-Jupiter one, describe an active social arena where both the past and the reality situation will have to be respected if anyone is to gain. Obviously, adjustments will need to be made by all parties–but in the end this will be worth it–and I have a sense that, at least on a smaller scale, this may usher in a new era, one that is both more practical, more kind, and more rewarding for all concerned.