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'Reading by the Shore' Charles Sprague Pearce 1883-85 {{PD-Art}}

‘Reading by the Shore’ Charles Sprague Pearce 1883-85 {{PD-Art}}

For Friday the 15th:

6 PM PST the Taurus Moon sextiles Chiron, offering us some healing energy–or some very useful knowledge. 10 PM PST the Moon trines Pluto, making emotional purging very easy–just try to do it in a positive way. Can be very comforting, getting rid of the dross. Midnight the Moon opposes Saturn and sextiles Mars, suggesting we may find ourselves lacking in emotional restraint, and acting on our impulses. If that previous emotional housecleaning went well, the witching hour could find us taking action on something long delayed, put off, or denied–and it sure will feel good. If we resisted letting go of ‘old’, outdated emotional views and reactions, we may act in a way that’s simply contrary to our usual discipline–with poor or mixed results.

For the 16th:

10 AM PST the Moon sextiles Mercury, opening the emotional spigot and spilling all that we have to communicate. Take necessary pre-cautions should you find yourself in inhospitable territory. 2 PM the Moon squares Venus, bringing sudden confrontation in relationship, financial worries, or some distinct discomfort. Addressing the problem with the intellect (Aquarius), rather than through material perceptions (Taurus) is likely the answer.6 PM PST the Moon conjuncts the South Node and semi-sextiles Ceres. Nostalgia and a trip down memory lane may end up empowering us, as we review the role authorities used to play, the way Mom used to be in charge, or the way we used to have to negotiate for what now we can just take when we want it.

For the 17th:

Noon Pacific time the Moon makes her final aspect in Taurus, a T-square to the Sun-Earth axis; all are at 29 degrees. Tension may be what we’re breathing and eating at this point. Again, don’t let emotions push you into life or circumstance changes you don’t want–we’re certainly in no position to judge ‘new moves’ today.

Void begins at 12:31 PM PST; the Moon enters Gemini at 1:50 PM PST.

And on the 18th:

February 18th is an active and somewhat difficult day. It may feel as if the atmosphere is shifting, and it is, as the Sun enters Pisces and the Earth enters Virgo; this change highlights discrepancies between our life direction and our ambitions, goals, and desires (Sun sesquiquadrate Zeus). We also have Venus square the Nodal axis, stressing relationships and/ or finances. DO NOT PANIC. View it all as simply informational; NOTHING needs to change at this moment–but if it does, those in authority give needed assistance (Venus trine Ceres).

From the article ‘Saturn Retro, Relief and Personal Review’:

We may actually perceive this retro of the Old Man as a relief; Saturn turns around on the 18th at 9:02 AM PST at 11 Scorpio 31, and the result might be a lifting of the ‘rip-tide effect’: contradictions drop away, with all info/ circumstances ‘flowing’ in one direction (or that things are subtly withdrawn or shut down), OR we see the sublimation of everything, and find ourselves with a sense that there are no restrictions or withdrawals, but also with no ‘real’ material with which to deal, argue with, or grab on to–and this latter condition might include some roiling emotions (Scorpio).

From the article ‘What’s Your Unicorn? Finding Energy Wasters in the Chart and the Life’:

Unicorn status isn’t for those things we can work toward and achieve; we reserve this fantastical designation for those things that we are more invested in idealizing and identifying through than actually attaining. What’s distinctive about a unicorn is the way in which we don’t, in any significant sense, try to make this ideal a reality, and yet we may spend a great deal of time talking and thinking about it, fantasizing about it, and letting others know that we have a personal connection to it, and so using it as a personal identifier. We may tell everyone that we hope to catch our unicorn one day–but what makes it a unicorn is the way we make sure we will never make significant steps to capture it and ‘make it real’.

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