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We may want to think it's all hearts and flowers (and sex!) when Venus and Mars get toghether, but this time it's anything but--by Ernst Klimt pre-1892 {{PD}}

We may want to think it’s all hearts and flowers (and sex!) when Venus and Mars get together, but this time it’s anything but–by Ernst Klimt pre-1892 {{PD}}

So Mars and Venus meet on Martian home turf (Aries) and as my subscribers know (from the forecast in ECLIPSE), I’m not one to rhapsodize about this combination. This is a meeting where one of the parties is distinctly uncomfortable–and the other is possibly overly-sure of himself or overly-assertive about uniting–making things even more awkward, even coercive. Internally this can mean we strong-arm ourselves in Venusian areas, perhaps demanding something of ourselves that doesn’t quite come naturally at this time; we may insist on beautifying, earning, or the exercise of values that are having a little trouble expressing in the present situation. Or we may play one part and externalize the other, with the person wearing Mars being entirely too aggressive and ‘I want’, while the one wearing Venus may be feeling aggrieved and believing that one more seductive push or tantalizing taste may force the Love or Money out of others (particularly that Martian she’s engaged with). Self-focus makes the whole encounter dissatisfying. If only there were something we could do? There is! Look to the Houses in your own natal chart ruled by Mars and Venus; the matters of these areas are the ones that you can act to successfully combine that will result in reward or pleasure. Take advantage of this while you can; there’s a last hurrah for this combo as the Moon passes over them April 10th–and by the 13th they’ve broken off the collaboration.