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Another day, another time. 'Rainy Day, Boston' Childe Hassam 1885 {{PD-Art}}

Another day, another time. ‘Rainy Day, Boston’ Childe Hassam 1885 {{PD-Art}}

The bombings in Boston yesterday are, like all such events, horrific, and asto enthusiasts may note this occurred with the Sun-Mars conjunction in Aries–a fiery and martial placement and combination–and with these two sextile Vesta, and widely conjunct a distressed Venus at 29 Aries. This points to values as the motivating force, and, considering the kinds of injuries involved (shrapnel and limb, especially lower limb) and the choice of place and time (Patriot’s Day, a world-renowned marathon) my thought was that this was sparked by rage at such injuries, which are distinctly the kinds created by war, and especially by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device). I believe the perpetrator (and I think there’s only one) has either suffered this kind of loss him- or herself, or that this has happened to a loved one, and shattered their respective worlds. No matter what their pain, it is no excuse for inflicting the same on others. I send my thoughts and prayers to those who were injured and traumatized, and my gratitude to those who ran toward the blasts, to help–and I’m sure most, likely even all, my readers do, too.

The bombing can be seen in the light of the Pluto retrograde, as part of the need to express that often surrounds a change in direction point. I had planned to talk a little about venting those smaller matters that we bury until such an astrological event cracks open the cellar door, as described in the previous post by the retro’s sextile to Chiron, signifying mild hurts; but of course this applies to deeply seated rage, to passion and obsession, as well, if that is what has been suppressed or ignored. I think we’ll find our personal subjects for the retro period in the House(s) in the natal chart ruled by Scorpio; at least, that’s where I’m finding mine! What House is Scorpio on for you, and what experiences have you correlated with the Pluto retro over the past few days–and are these the same areas, or do they differ?

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