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'The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun' William Blake {{PD}}

‘The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun’ William Blake {{PD}}

This is an excerpt from the Grand Cross article in the current ECLIPSE:

The aspects don’t actually perfect all at once; in fact, I don’t think that’s possible, with Mars traveling in the opposite direction to the other three, and with Pluto-Uranus being exact on the 21st and Jupiter closest to them on the 20th. Mars is the hold out; every other body has to wait for him to create the Cross (a very Martian, ‘the world revolves around me!’ attitude!) though by the time he arrives, Jupiter is already poised to flee and Uranus and Pluto are parting So, the T-square is actually stronger prior to hooking up with Mars, and that implies that, depending on where in the personal chart each arm falls, we may already be in the midst of developments when the Martian energy arrives—and that suggests that things that have occurred have accumulated so that, with Mars in the picture, we are prompted to choose or act definitively on the concerned circumstances.

Something to consider in the personal chart is that two of the Cross factors will be below the horizon, and two above; this means that the above horizon elements are much more likely to involve others directly, to be ‘visible’ to onlookers, to involve contact with the world, institutions, businesses, or to involve one’s own job or vocation. The below horizon elements are much more likely to be processed at an internal level and to drive one’s own impulses and choices but not necessarily be obvious to others.

We can speak in general of what one of the energies above or below the horizon might mean, always keeping in mind that the particular House it rules in the natal chart, as well as its natal situation and any aspects it’s currently making to natal factors, can all figure in to meaning. For instance, Jupiter in Cancer above the horizon in the Whole Sign 10th=the broadcast or public ‘reveal’ of sensitivities, knowledge, beliefs, or the Jupiterian facet of the Cross/ T experience comes from others or is ‘out in the open’ in some way, definitely affecting the reputation or career; Pluto is then below the horizon in the 4th, suggesting that the change, upset, destruction, rage, or transformative facet happens on the inside or ‘close to home’ in some way, and may be a factor in what’s revealed, in this case coming either from the deepest Self or through the family relationship or actual living situation.

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