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'Nordic Summer Evening' Richard Bergh {{PD}}

‘Nordic Summer Evening’ Richard Bergh {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, dear Gemini! As the new Solar year dawns for you, you’re looking toward new forms of personal empowerment, new ‘power’ roles or roles that will convey status, and you may be searching for that special someone to partner with. You’re feeling strong, adept, aggressive–but how does this mesh with your natal approach to emotion, interaction, and with your internal wisdom? Look to the natal signs that hold Pallas and the Moon, then look at how comfortable those signs are with direct Self-expression, a ‘me first’ attitude, and a willingness to lead–that will tell you whether this year will go smoothly, with expression that feels natural, or whether you will struggle to feel comfortable in your own skin. No matter what, though, you’ll have plenty of energy to heal your wounds this year, and to use skills to create or establish something real and lasting in your life. And that potential partner? He or she should show up before your next birthday–but it’s up to you to recognize the possibility, and make it happen. Good luck!

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